Urban Farming (something you shouldn’t miss)

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Companies have devalued poor communities—all over the country, major grocery stores have pulled out from low-income areas. What’s left behind, often, are corner stores that aren’t exactly selling healthy food. The USDA says that you must live within a mile of a retail grocery store, otherwise you’re in a “food desert.” And Growing Power is located in a primarily African-American community, and it’s three and a half miles away from the closest grocery store. So it’s really important that we recognize the issue of racism around food. One of Growing Power’s core goals is to dismantle racism and inequality in the food system. This work is really about social and environmental justice, so it takes more than just growing healthy food and dropping it off in communities that need it. It has to be a combination of other things: educating folks on how to prepare the food, educating folks on how to access the food on a regular basis, and educating them on the need to break down bigger structures. One of our goals is to lower the cost of food production. Will Allen – In These Times

I’ve just read the article above  in “In These Times” and I just want to be sure everybody at FDL is aware of urban farming. It seems to me one of the most practical and attractive fuel saving, ecological ideas around. Not only physically, politically and socially healthful, but culturally healthful as well.

Here is another good video about Will Allen’s project: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7417666n