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With “Progressives” Like These

By: SenatorGovernment Saturday November 10, 2012 11:52 am


So the election is over, and as predicted the President won reelection handily.  The electoral college victory President Obama won over Romney was an open hand slap to Mitt’s campaign and after looking at some of the other election numbers; a rebuke of CONservative principles and a tolling of the bells on the inevitable demise of the Republican Party as we know it.  Those are all good things, and as some of my colleagues have pointed out to me there are other positives too.  The continued increase in the Latino voting population likely means a more progressive voting block for years to come; and I must concede that if this continues, it seems likely that eventually Congress will be forced to enact some sort of real immigration reform.  I thought it impossible at first and argued that, even with the numbers grossly against them, that CONservative politicians and the big businesses they represent would do everything in their power to hold onto the cheap labor source of undocumented immigrants and the added bonus of wage suppression this has on the wider domestic economy.  But they may not be able to stop it, maybe.  We’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out, I will submit though, that this state of affairs may push the 1% and their henchmen into other forms of wage suppression in order to recapture any profit loss this may entail, but again, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Open handed slap to Romney and CONservatism aside, the reelection of the President was also an embrace of the NeoLiberal policies advanced by the modern Democratic Party, privatization of schools nationwide and deregulation of everything from the transportation system in Atlanta Georgia to the continued deregulation of genetically modified food labeling in California, irresponsibly low taxes on businesses and wealthy individuals, the continued fleecing of the working class and the beginning of the dismantling of what remains of the social safety net with the “Grand Bargain” aiming directly at Social Security, Medicare and set to nearly eradicate Medicaid.  **Here is a video of The Young Turk’s Cenk Ugyr talking about, you guessed it, the Democrats betraying the working class ALREADY! Sadly, Cenk STILL thinks Dems and Obama are somehow the less evil, and somehow thinks that the path forward is to go after overturning Citizen United to get money out of politics….[the flaw I find in his "logic" is that he is relying on the same bought off crop of 'public servants' in Congress who brought us this mess and many more to reverse it]……with “progressives” like these who needs CONservatives?**

[Mmmm, perhaps Cenk and many others should read this column by Chris Hedges entitled 'Why I'm Voting Green' in which Hedges explains why he voted for Jill Stein in the presidential race and points out the historical truth that almost every major advancement in actual progressive legislation in the U.S.....has come on the strength of third parties, third parties who did not win the elections but who acted as a mechanism with which to punsih one of the major parties and to force them to adopt progressive policy.   I don't know how much simpler the case has to be made.]

I know that most of the folks who cast their vote for President Obama and the Dems did not have this in mind, and that many voted simply out of fear of the other side; but it is impossible to separate one from the other, every vote cast amounts to a co-signing of the aforementioned policy positions.

I believe I mentioned it once before, but I once joked on a thread at another site when we were arguing about the Democrats being corporatist that, if folks kept co-signing and endorsing the rightward drift of the Democratic Party that ‘progressives’ of 50 years from now would be arguing for a “tax increase of 1/1000th of a percent on the wealthy for all income earned over a gazillion dollars!”  A ridiculous position of course; but why not?  After all, where exactly is the line that liberals and progressives of the United States will not cross?  I have yet to see one; and neither has the corporatist, right-wing, NeoLiberal Democratic party.

As for the death of the Republicans, I honestly don’t know what sort of party will spring up in their place. Whatever it is, it must be less racist, less bigoted, and less religiously intolerant than the current GOP if it hopes to survive. The destruction of the GOP is certainly good in and of itself; but I think that is a decade or two in the making.

In the meantime, as the right implodes it will get meaner and scarier and nastier than ever, and the corporatist Dems will be there to suck up votes and move the country further to the right ever more stealthily as they appear continually better than their counterparts.  The question is what kind of right-wing, NeoLiberal  laws and precedents will be put into place throughout this period?   This pattern of lesser evilism has already brought us Citizen’s United, a nonexistent middle class and a working class under seige, it’s already brought us massive tax cuts on the wealthy and cuts to social programs across the board for average citizens, it’s already brought us the financial ruin of 2008, the loss of millions of working class jobs andworking class homes and the bailouts of the same folks who caused the mess in the first place. The wage of the average worker hadn’t increased in over 30 years before the crisis in 2008; and the jobs coming back to the economy are lower paying than before.  And the list goes on.   And I haven’t even touched on the eradication of civil rights or the blood thirsty “foregin policy”we’ve come to expect from this President and his Dem counterparts.

So.  What happens now that there is essentially no firewall between the wants and wishes of the multinational corporations and the wealthy individuals funding both wings of the UniParty….and the legislation they want enacted on their behalf?

Song:   Phonte  ‘Not Here Anymore’ 


800 lb Up-Armored Gorilla (in Wisconsin and probably YOUR hometown)

By: SenatorGovernment Saturday June 9, 2012 3:45 pm

‘one day, all them bags, gon’ get in your way’ – Erykah Badu

Here is something you likely haven’t heard in the news.  Here is something that you may have thought about, and then thought better of, or thought about and then rejected it, put it out of your mind…and dismissed it.  Here is something you may have been aware of on an instinctive level, and yet never brought those pangs or feelings up into your conscience thoughts and speech.

As the corporate media dissects, and as many many people in the state of Wisconsin and nation wide commiserate on the fact that even the heroic efforts by folks in the state of Wisconsin and across the country to recall the corrupt, regressive, lying, and possibly criminal governor did not succeed as hoped…..there is something you probably haven’t heard talked about too much as to the ’why?’.

Unlimited monies and negligent, lackluster performance by establishment Dems we have heard shouted from the rooftops.  All of which IMHO is true and absolutely part of the answer as to why Scott Walker is still in office.

I don’t want to take up too much of your time so I’ll try to be as brief as possible here.  Do you believe that racism played a part in what happened in Wisconsin? Do you believe that racism plays a substantial role in the politics of this nation?  I do.

Did you know that Wisconsin is ranked among the top 10 WORST places to BE BLACK in the United States?   It is.

Did you know that there is a very robust link between CONservatism and racism & bigotry?  There is.

If anyone reading this diary has ready any of my others then you know that I am of the firm and vigorous belief that there are only 3 pillars which prop up the organized crime syndicate known as the GOP.  Those pillars IMHO are:  Racism, Bigotry, & Religious Intolerance.   Without these, the tiny, tiny handful of rich folk who benefit from the GOP would not be able to sustain an organized crime syndicate in the form of a ‘political party’ known as the Republicans.  AND.  Without the GOP; there would be no political space for the smooth talking, backstabbing Democrats, without which; we would have enough political space for a real party of the people.

I’ve heard the term ‘post racial America’ and I have found the term and the concept wanting.  If anything, we are a post OVERTLY racist America.  Let us NOT deceive ourselves on this.

My reason for writing this post?  Very simple, let us at least acknowledge the problem, in our analysis, in our planning and in our calculations.  We do ourselves a disservice if we do not.

And I know that is pitifully inadequate, but I also know that no problem ever got solved or even addressed…..without first being acknowledged.

We’ve come a hell of a long way.  We still have a long way to go.

The dirty, bloody, bag of racism is still holding us back.  And we have to realize we are carrying it around in order to have enough sense to let it go.

Scorched Earth Doctrine (the untraveled road)

By: SenatorGovernment Thursday May 17, 2012 6:24 pm


Kiss Progress Goodbye

With great sadness I must find the current political system in the U.S. severely wanting and utterly  incapable of making, maintaining or improving any positive legislation or institutions.  At this juncture, the political infrastructure in the U.S. is capable only of responding to the wants and whims of the rich and powerful, there isn’t much room for anything else. Occasionally one group or another will raise such a fuss that the UniParty will have to pay lip service to them in some form or fashion.  Like the President’s recent evolution on the right of gays to marry.  Notice that the President has yet to do anything to actually advance the goal of legalizing gay marriage, he has only, after three years in office, said that he thinks gays should be allowed to marry.  How brave of him, just look at all the political damage he’s opened himself up to for taking this bold stance!  Strike that last bit, it appears that most of the country already supports gay marriage or don’t give a damn one way or the other; so it looks like the President actually took a position that is politically advantageous.  Remarkable; and even this pittance was three years in coming.  And yet, there is a segment of the population which holds this up as an act of courage and leadership. Fascinating.

It’s times like these my friends.  Bad economy, sky high income inequality, corrupted political system, mockery of the rule of law by the wealthy and powerful, etc etc. It’s times like these that make me wonder just how short the national memory is and just how gullible, stupid or apathetic the U.S. population is in the aggregate.  When it comes to Republicans, their mere existence is a constant source of amazement to me.  That is how terrible the GOP is; in a decent society they simply wouldn’t exist due to a complete lack of support among the populace. When it comes to Democrats; the fact they can be allowed to halfway speak the language of the people but do the bidding of  the rich and powerful plutocrats year in and year out without consequences is just as amazing to me.

It is times like these that make me realize something else:  It’s all fucked up…..and it’s our own fucking fault (collectively speaking that is).

In terms of numbers, about 40% of Americans identify as Republicans or Conservative; since the vast majority of this group are NOT rich, this would indicate that the vast majority of this group ARE either complete morons, racists, bigots, theocrats, or some combination of all four.

Another 40%  of Americans identify as Democrats or liberal, progressive.  Good news and bad news here.  The good news is that this group represents the only hope the U.S. has of not becoming a 5th world country in the near future.  The bad news.  This group is suffering under a delusion that their political party of choice (the Democrats) actually believe what they believe.  This delusion persists despite Democrats best efforts to show their base that they don’t give a damn about working people.

[20% of Americans identify themselves as independent or swing voters; but as the numbers show, they make up 20% they aren't nearly as important as the two big voting blocks no matter what their political intentions].

Back to why Democrats are delusional.

Example:   In 2009 a Democratic President assumes the oval office.  In short order the Democratic Party that boasted a Democratic President as well as  a House and Senate controlled by Democrats, managed to hamstring themselves and the nation in short order.  The one thing the Democrats did (actually didn’t do) with the longest lasting effect was managing to NOT pass a budget.  Let me write that again, they managed to NOT pass a budget.

This put the Republicans in a position of power they had no right to occupy.

It was a gift from one side of the UniParty to the other.

Later on, the budget, and even later on, the fake ‘debt ceiling’ fiasco would be used by the Democrats to sell out with ‘dignity’ to Republicans on issues including everything from additional stimulus, cuts to Medicare, Social Security, food stamps, assistance to the poor, to refusing federal aid to desperately cash strapped states etc.   The single act of NOT passing a budget when the Democrats controlled the House, Senate and Presidency, was done intentionally in order to sabotage the very legislative goals that people voted Democrats into office in order to achieve.

SO.  The 40% of Americans who identify as Democrats and liberals represent the best hope the country has……and at the same time they are delusional, putting their support and energies into a political party that is NOT on their side.

The only thing the current state of affairs accomplishes is to provide an elaborate cover, under which a relative handful made up of the rich and powerful impose their will on the great mass that is the working class.  This impacts nearly every member of the working class in much the same way, regardless of what each individual believes politically.  This situation produces the kind of frustrating, unresponsive, corrupt, pathetic excuse for a government we have come to expect.

Scorch the Political Landscape

So what to do to tip the balance of power in favor of the people?  Glad you asked.  About two years ago I came to the conclusion that the only way to break through the power blockade that is our modern Fascist Kleptocracy is to expose the outright fraud that our current UniParty perpetuates.  We must bring the whole damn charade shattering down, breaking it into a billion pieces so that citizens from coast to coast may see the charade for what it truly is.   Then and ONLY then can any real progress be made in the U.S.  This can easily be done peaceably but thoroughly, by way of the vote.

We have already seen what happens when the Democrats;  (limpwristed fake dogooders that they are) get control of the Federal Government: they give lip service to the people and Faithful service to the 1 percent.  This is perhaps the most dangerous of all outcomes as it provides a false sence of security to great swaths of liberals and lefties who wrongly assume that Democrats are on their side.  These loyal Democrats are often so appeased by having Democrats in power that they forget, or don’t notice when the Democrats DO NOT accomplish the goals they voted them into office to achieve.  Instead, loyal Democrats make themselves busy as they happily attack Republicans and blame them for any lack of accomplishment on the side of the Democrats and act as attack dogs against their more progressive counterparts who dare lodge any complaint against the Democrats in power.  Democrats being in power actually maintains the charade of the UniParty because Democrats are, simply put, much smarter and much more subtle than Republicans.

But turn that power balance upside down. Put Republicans in power around the nation, give them control of the Presidency, the House and the Senate……and just sit back and let them do what they do.

Yes it will be difficult to watch and painful to experience, but due to the criminal, hateful and illogical nature of Republicans and the CONservatism they represent, they will undoubtedly render themselves obsolete in very short order.  Like a dying Star, they will expend maximal effort as they reach higher and further ascending to ever increasingly spectacular fuck ups until such time as they have managed to piss off and alienate every single demographic contained inside the U.S. except for the tiny handful of rich folks whom they actually represent.  They will rip the veil off of the charade faster and far more effectively than any work shop or advocacy group or even the Occupy movement ever could.

Drastic?  Absolutely.  Necessary?  Guaranteed.  In point of fact, it is the astounding lack of empathy that permeates the U.S. that prevents otherwise reasonable people from being able to identify the absurdity and cruelty of the catalogue of CONservative policies that is the playbook of the Republican party.  And it is the mere existence of the Republican party that creates the illusion that the Democrats are substantially better and allows for their pursuit of destructive NeoLiberal policies.  All of which removes ANY chance of actual progressive or, god forbid, socialist policies ever being proposed let alone passed into law.  This is the bedrock of the lesser evil quicksand that the U.S. seems content to drown itself in.

When folks who idolize the rich and despise the poor, the needy, the desperate and jobless  (either because they are rich or because they identify with the wealthy and powerful) actually Become the poor, the needy the desperate and the jobless; there quickly occurs in these people the most profound change in perspective and maturing of political awareness.  It is nothing short of miraculous!

I tell you this: give me the most CONservative, hateful, most stupid man that you know and arrange it so he actually has to live in the world that he and his Republican and CONservative buddies fantasize about.  There is zero question in my mind that that man will amaze even himself at how quickly he finds that he’s had enough of his little wet dream.

Only prolonged, unchallenged and widespread Republican rule can work that miracle upon the populace in numbers sufficient to shatter the charade of the UniParty and to thoroughly discredit CONservatism and NeoLiberalism perhaps for all time, but at least for several generations.  


So there you have it.  This is in my honest opinion, what I believe to be the  blueprint to building real and lasting change in the U.S.   Would you rather have the Republicans continue to drag U.S. politics farther and farther to the right while the Democrats play ‘good cop’ and they both slowly screw the working class and rearrange the U.S. into a 5th world country?  Or would you rather have the Republicans get in the driver’s seat, show their hand to the world, render themselves obsolete and make way for an actual political system with enough political space for an actual party of the people?

As always, the choice is yours.

When I cast my vote in 2012 it will be for ANYONE but President Obama or Mitt Romney.  I’m voting 3rd Party progressive in the presedential race and in every race I have the opportunity to do so because it’s what I believe in and it is what I will remain committed to until such time as someone is able to convince me of a strategy that makes more sense.

National Jobs Guarantee *Sign the Petition*

By: SenatorGovernment Sunday May 6, 2012 1:59 pm


“…Such nations, however, are so miserably poor that, from mere want, they are frequently reduced, or, at least, think themselves reduced, to the necessity sometimes of directly destroying, and sometimes of abandoning their infants, their old people, and those afflicted with lingering diseases, to perish with hunger, or to be devoured by wild beasts. ” – Adam Smith, ‘Wealth of Nations‘ 1776 (emphasis mine)

The Proposal

I recently asked a fairly right leaning coworker of mine what he thought about the idea of a National Jobs Guarantee in the U.S.  I specifically wanted to ask a CONservative their opinion about a jobs guarantee because I believe the idea should be fairly appealing to CONservatives/NeoLiberals and progressives alike.   I will post various links to documentation about what a National Jobs Guarantee would look like at the end of this post, but for now, here are the highlights of such a program:

As employer of last resort, the Govt will guarantee a job to everyone who wants to work.

The wage paid by the Govt will set and maintain the minimum living wage in the U.S.

Folks who are able to work and refuse to participate in the Govt jobs program and are not otherwise employed will lose access to various govt assistance until such time as they find employment in the private sector or join the Govt jobs program. [CONservatives should have a raging hard on over this]

And obviously, the creation of millions of jobs. A nationwide childcare program, the training of doctors and nurses to care for our aging population, and training for all types of needed skills could be part of a Natl Jobs Guarantee.

**Control of the program would be divided between local, state and Federal Govt with a basic minimum level of requirements from the Federal Govt and wide flexibility to the states and cities as long as those minimum requirements are met. **  [Also should give CONservatives a warm and fuzzy]

The Response

When I described this to my right leaning coworker he did exactly what I expected he would do….he immediately dismissed the idea outright.  However, to his credit, once I began to explain in detail and particularly when I highlighted the fact that the Jobs Guarantee would essentially act as the qualifying criteria for access to the Welfare State, he warmed to the proposal considerably.  By the time we were done he pretty much agreed that a National Jobs Guarantee was a solid idea and entirely superior to our current state of rampant unemployment and underemployment with what little jobs that are being created having NO semblance of an adequate living wage.

All of this was pretty much what I expected.  Because a Jobs Guarantee just plain makes sense.  And it is one of those rare bipartisany proposals that would actually work to NOT screw the working class for a change.

Going Forward

Q.  So how about a National Jobs Guarantee?  And more importantly, why aren’t we hearing ANY such proposal coming from the Dimocrats or the Rethugs?

A.  Because Dimocrats and Rethugs are essentially CONservative/NeoLiberal criminals.  They have NO intention of ever proposing, much less passing an idea as fair, as workable and as good for the working class as a National Jobs Guarantee would be.

You may wonder why I began this post with a quote from Adam Smith, the so called ’father of modern capitalism’ and Super Hero to many CONservatives and NeoLiberals alike.  Well, like so much that makes up the doctrine and rhetoric of CONservative/NeoLiberal ideals; most of what they have to say about Adam Smith and his signature work is complete rubbish.  For instance, you will never hear a rightwinger mention; let alone expound upon the above quote from the introduction to Smith’s classic work. To do so would require thought, particularly to the obvious belief by Smith that to abandon the old, the young,  and the sick  to die of hunger, neglect, and untreated disease was a bad thing, something allowed to happen only in a society of savages.

To reference the quote from Adam Smith…..We are NOT reduced to the kind of low wage, failing economy we currently have.  We HAVE THE MEANS to institute a National Jobs Guarantee today, tomorrow, next year,  5o years from now and on and on into infinity.

The Deficit is a NON ISSUE as relates to our ability to provide jobs, health care, and humanitarian living standards to ALL citizens of the U.S.

In closing, CONservatives and NeoLiberals love to talk about  and to completely misrepresent Adam Smith’s phrase ‘the invisible hand’.  To CONservatives this is the magic fairy that makes it ok for corporations, banks, and any other type of business or industry to operate without any regulation whatsoever.  [Note: CONservatives conveniently never mention the several times Smith warns that private enterprise MUST be regulated and kept in check, as the nature of joint stock companies (corporations) are to put profit over ALL else, with no regard to a given society].   I would suggest to the ‘invisible hand’ fairies simply to wait until about 5 to 7 years after the JOBS Act Free Fire Securities Fraud Act has taken full effect.  After the job losses, losses in private retirement accounts and overall contraction of the economy that will surely take place… one will have to look very far to find out where the ‘invisible hand’ is.

In reality, CONservatives and NeoLiberals exist to serve and represent the wishes and the will of the wealthy and powerful.  Those wishes quite simply are for the rich and powerful to remain rich and powerful, regardless of how much undue hardship and suffering is endured by the poor and working class folks of society.

They don’t give a damn whether you or I have a job or not, let alone a job at a living wage.  A very important part of the con game is to keep the working class earning just enough to where we will not take the necessary steps at the voting booths to bring about real and lasting change.

In the meantime, the response of the ruling elite is the familiar  “Screw YOU! I got mine!”  Out of work?  Screw YOU! I got mine! Can’t afford to take your kid to the doctor?  Screw YOU!  I got mine! Your boss making you work overtime and NOT paying you for it?  Screw YOU! I got mine! Work as many hours as the boss will give you and still qualify for food stamps? Guess what? We’re cutting them! ha!  Screw YOU!  I got mine!

And as I’ve expressed many times before;  it is my sincerest belief that if we continue to play in the rigged UniParty system, NOTHING will change.  3rd party progressive now please!

Please Sign the Jobs Guarantee Petition!

* a few articles from FDL and billyblog on a National Jobs Guarantee

A vote for Pres Obama…!

By: SenatorGovernment Saturday April 14, 2012 8:38 am


Catchy title huh?  Looks like some crap you will find over at dailykos or huffpo.

Thanks to Mr. Alan Maki for providing with me with a shot of inspirational outrage to write this short diary.  I just learned that communists are supporting Pres Obama! Lol!  As usual his post was  informative, accurate, and straight to the point.

Communists supporting Obama? LOL!   I guess words really have lost ALL meaning.

A vote for Obama is a vote for his CONservative/NeoLiberal policies.   Period.

In addition it puts a stamp of approval on fake liberalism and progressivism and puts a nail in the coffin of any real progressive voices.

I’m not down with that, not now and not ever.  I like how folks try to say ‘well Dims lost the
house in 2010′ like that’s an excuse for every sell out and backstab Obama and
the Dims did BEFORE 2010 elections. It takes either an extremely low memory
MoFragger or an extremely disengenuous MoFragger to try and run that nonsense
past the smell test.

When we cast our votes in 2012 we should remember many things, a few key things to remember are:

1.  With a DImocratic President, House and Senate these DImocratic ‘public servants’ somehow managed to NOT pass a budget….putting the Rethugs in a power position, just ouitright handing the Rethugs the fear mongering spectacle of the debt ceiling to use as a blunt instrument.  This coordinated move allowed the Dims to sellout with ‘digninty’ on issues like the budget, social programs, the Bush/Obama tax cuts etc.

2. The Affordable Care Act, ( You Know; the legislation they used as an additional excuse as to why they couldn’t work on anything else)  was a con job and a giveaway to for profit insurance companies from the word go.

3. The new ‘JOBS Act’ passed in a Bipartisany fashion is Gauranteed to bring about the next shakedown of the working class.

I mean really…..I ain’t the smartest man in the world but  Damn!  What do they have to do?  Come and rob me at gun point before I get the message that all they care about is finding a way to take money from me and other working class people and give it to rich folks?

My Philosophy

Either vote 3rd party progressive or sit down, shut up and enjoy the screwings you are sure to receive at the hands of the Uniparty corporatists you have voted for.

Fire away!

The Racket

By: SenatorGovernment Saturday April 7, 2012 3:58 pm


Racket – 4.  a dishonest scheme, trick, business, activity, etc

I often refer to the Republican Party as an organized crime syndicate, I believe it to be an entirely fair description of their activities both legal and illegal and of the trademark dishonesty that underpins about 98% of their legislative objectives.  Occasionally they will say something truthful or even pass a law that is not completely disastrous or a rip off to the working class, but these incidents are almost entirely by accident and represent a sharp deviation from the norm.

Whenever I have occasion to speak about politics, people are often surprised to hear me call the GOP a collection of criminals, this response continually amazes me. After all, the very heartbeat of CONservatsim, the very foundational ideas of the GOP have been proven to be nothing but lies.

Tax cuts for the rich create jobs.  Lie.

Privatization of everything under the sun is more efficient and more cost effective. Lie.

Rich people are virtuous, hard workers, and left alone would be benevolent actors bringing prosperity to all in their circumference. Lie.

Poor people are lazy, shiftless and only poor because they won’t work. Lie.

The myth of ‘free trade’ and the belief that trade agreements would benefit the U.S. and partnership countries. Lie.

The list goes on but you get the picture.  There have been recessions and economic downturns for most of the years I can remember being alive, every ‘recovery’ during that time (the last 25 years or so) has been a recovery of the working class to lower living conditions and wages than where they started from.  The flip side has been that the well off get more well off, with every boom and bust of the economy somehow magically working out to leave the rich even richer than they were before.

After a few decades of the working class being turned upside down to have the loose change thrashed from their pockets every 5 to 7 years, you either get hip to the game or you’re just a mark by nature, destined to be conned out of your birthright by the first fast talking politician that appears on your tv screen.

It is precisely because the 5 to 7 year stick up has been going on for about 30 years that I point to racism, bigotry, and ignorance as the chief reason as to why a Republican Party can even exist anymore.  As Sherlock Holmes said, once you eliminate all other reasonable possibilities, then whatever remains no matter how illogical or improbable, that Must be the answer.

Back to the Conservative fundamentals of low taxes for rich folks, privatization and eliminating regulations, how is that working?  More precisely, how is that working in New Jersey where Gov. Chris Christie (former Lobbyist) is living out several CONservative wet dreams?  Well it’s NOT working at all.  Listen to Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks as he breaks it down.

Add one more piece of evidence to the great mountain that is the empirical body of work that proves beyond question that CONservatism is destructive to society and beneficial only to a small and select few.  The remaining morons, racists and bigots who buy CONservatism hook line and sinker are, among other things, hopeless marks.

To be fair and accurate, I add to the ranks of marks the Democrats who cling to the party as if it were a life raft when in fact it is an anvil. President Obama’s clever repackaging of CONservative and NeoLiberal policies wrapped in an absurdly thin ‘progressive’ rhetoric is only fooling marks, marks who deserve to have their pockets turned inside out every few years.

President Obama represents the new racket, the racket in which the slow advancement of CONservative and NeoLiberal policies will be advanced by someone who appears before you as ‘sensible’, ‘progressive’ and most importantly less crazy than the other choices.  Buy this crap at your own peril.

As for me, well, my parents didn’t raise me to be a mark, I am hardwired to stand up, push back, and if I get knocked down, to bring a bigger stick next time around.

For the vast majority of CONservatives who are NOT rich, I have a little message for you:

To the rich and powerful who unduly influence our government, YOU are no better than the minorities of African, Hispanic, Arabic, or any other non white heritage that YOU hate so much.  YOU are just another unit of cheaply bought and easily replaced labor.  Get over yourselves and join the rest of humanity.

For the country club Liberals, I have a little message for you:

If you aren’t at least contributing time, money, or effort to a progressive organization other than the DIMS and their various surrogates, then YOU are wasting your time and YOU are part of the problem.  The Democratic party is actively pumping out CONservative and NeoLiberal legislation, if You are ok with that then all  really is lost.

New rules, either you are a part of the racket or you are doing something to make things better, there is no more room for half measures and ceremonial ‘compromises’ where the working class gets burned as sacrifice at the altar.

After so long putting up with bullshit you eventually have to do some cleaning.  When I vote 3rd party (which I will be in every race from now on) I will be taking out an Insurance Policy on the future my children and grandchildren will grow into. I will NOT keep the racket going, I will NOT prop up a corrupted Democratic party out of fear and leave the hard work of cleaning up this mess to the subsequent generations.

Milestones, and Dreams in the midst of Reality

By: SenatorGovernment Saturday March 31, 2012 4:20 pm


Life is often measured and evaluated through what we refer to as milestones.  If you see life as a journey in the metaphorical sense, then the milestone is a marker, an indicator of distance between one place in life and another.  For practical purposes, all a milestone really is an occasion to recognize where you are, give some thought to where you’ve been and ponder just where it is that you are headed.  A milestone is often the birth of one’s first child, or one’s first girlfriend or boyfriend.  Milestones are subjective, belonging both to the eye of the beholder and the eyes of the beheld. A loving parent looks upon an adult son or daughter with eyes that see not only the man or woman before them, but the infant of times past and everything in between.   For soldiers in combat a milestone is often nothing more than the last phone call to a loved one, or waking up alive to fight another day.

Death is also a milestone.  As such, I would like to acknowledge the passing of Anna Brown, a soldier and victim of the  decades long offensive against the working class as part of the perpetual domestic and global class war that is the defining characteristic of the United States of America. Ms. Brown died on Sept 20 2011 in circumstances indicative of the institutional contempt and neglect of the poor and homeless in the U.S., a contempt that in itself is only an extension of the neglect and contempt for America’s working class, a working class which makes up the vast majority of the population of the U.S.

A tornado destroyed Ms. Brown’s home, she and her two children moved into another place of residence and soon afterwards, Ms. Brown lost her job.  She fell behind on rent, water and heating bills and soon lost custody of her children and found herself homeless. Throughout all of this, it is believed that she was suffering from untreated mental illness issues.   Her last moments on earth consisted of being thrown out of a hospital in debilitating pain, arrested and dragged into a jail cell where she died about 15 minutes after officers left her moaning weakly in pain on the cell’s floor.  And then she was gone, her plans for the future, her worries, her hopes and her dreams for her children, gone.

I would like to think that upon hearing the details of Ms. Brown’s passing that most people would think of their own children, their grandchildren, or even themselves, ANY human being or fellow citizen experiencing a similar fate.  In other words, I would like to think that there exists in the U.S. a basic level of shared empathy.  But there is no such shared empathy in the U.S.

If there were, would it not be reasonable to assume that someone somewhere would have intervened in such a way as to spare Ms. Brown her eventual fate?  Would it not be reasonable to assume that the hospital, instead of turning her away in pain, would have kept her overnight, just 1 night, under observation?  Would it also not be reasonable to assume that the responding officers, upon encountering a woman complaining of debilitating pain would have implored the staff to check one more time as to the cause of Ms. Brown’s agony?

Would it not be reasonable to assume that, in a nation with national health care (like ALL other modern nations worldwide) or with adequate unemployment insurance (like ALL other modern nations worldwide) that Ms. Brown would have had a fighting chance to have been treated for her mental illness and to  have survived the condition which eventually killed her, and to avoid being left on the street simply because a CONservative/NeoLiberal economy failed to provide her a job?

Is it not reasonable to assume that in a nation in which a privileged few make more money in one day than most could possibly hope to make in several lifetime’s that something more could have been done for Ms. Brown, and the countless Ms. Brown’s of the world?

If a real and healthy sense of shared empathy existed in the U.S. is it not reasonable to expect that perhaps, perhaps Ms. Brown would still be alive to raise her two children?

Is it not reasonable?  Or is expecting the simple of acknowledgement of a humanitarian idea like equality simply a dream in the U.S.?

And is it time to ask ourselves are we simply dreamers, or are we actually willing to do what it takes to realize the modest dreams we have for ourselves, our families and for our fellow citizens?

In my opinion, an empathetic, and reasonable nation would not suffer the collection of racist, theocratic, regressive criminal  con men, swindlers and bigots that is the GOP.  An empathetic and reasonable nation would also not accept a watered down, compromised and slightly less racist and criminal version of the same in the form of Democrats.  I include myself, naturally, as a member of the society that has created and nurtured the current state of affairs.

I DO NOT include myself as a member of society who will stand idly by and allow the status quo to continue.  By every legal and nonviolent means that is available to me I will resist the continuation of a society and a system devoid of equality, justice and empathy.  By every legal and nonviolent means available to me I will actively pursue the creation of a society that anchors itself  in equality, justice and empathy.

The hallmarks of a decent society are not spectacular; equality, justice, shared sacrifice AND prosperity, no ceilings on success, but a guaranteed, humanitarian and basic level of existence that is guaranteed for and by All citizens.

These things are attainable, I know it, you know it, we know it.  So what are WE doing about it?


Stupid Racists F@!ng up America (& the world) for the rest of us.

By: SenatorGovernment Friday March 16, 2012 7:14 pm


I’m tired of this sH&.t.  Tired. Tired. Tired. Tired of the knock out combination of ignorance and racism that has been f#cking up the lives of every single person that has lived in the U.S. since the country was a colony and belonged to Native Americans.

Are you familiar with the game 6 degrees to Kevin Bacon?  It’s a silly game in which you name a movie and you try to link the actors in the movie to the actor Kevin Bacon within 6 steps; the theory being that Bacon has been in so many movies that it should take no more than 6 steps to link Kevin Bacon to an actor in any movie that you named.

For whatever reason, I started thinking about a new game….6 degrees to an ignorant, racist. And I found that the same basic premise holds true.  Just think of any f*cked up law or policy and within 6 steps you can trace it back to racism (usually within only 3 steps).

I’m not making this shit up folks, this is the United States…..I don’t have to.

Why am I all pissed off today (you may wonder)?  Good question, I’ve been pissed off all week and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until now.  So now I’ll tell you why I am all pissed off today.  A 28 year old white male who self appointed himself as ‘neighborhood watchmen’ of a gated community in Florida recently shot and killed a 140 pound 17 year old black boy who had the audacity to be carrying an Arizona iced tea and a bag of skittles.  And to this day, the ‘neighborhood watchmen’ has not been arrested, charged, or even properly questioned.

As I said before, I am tired.

The 17 year old boy’s name is Trayvon Martin. Only in a country chock full of racist fucks could the tragedy of Trayvon Martin’s murder play out in the pitiful and pathetic way it has so far.  After you watch the video, please take the 30 seconds it takes to sign this petition demanding Trayvon’s killer be properly investigated and charged.  It’s the absolute least we can do.

This is not to say that every white person in the U.S. is racist, or even that most are, but Oh My DAMN…it’s 2012 and this shit is still going on.  Obviously the non racist white folks need to have a SERIOUS talk with the remaining minority of racist fucks who seem to have more than enough power to keep the U.S. about 40 years behind the rest of the developed world and to suppress the investigation of a harmless black youth at the hands of a white man.

Just look at this weapons grade ignorant shit from racist white folks in Mississippi garnered by a correspondent for Bill Maher.  The worst part, the correspondent didn’t ‘cherry pick’ these neandrothals…it was pretty much everyone she ran into.  Another thing to note is…this is what these morons were saying on camera…..imagine the nature of their discourse behind closed doors.

These are the people who keep the Republican Party GOP organized crime syndicate in play. That’s it, that’s all there is and there aint no more; rich folks and poor, stupid, ignorant, racist white folks are the only thing propping up the organized crime syndicate known as the GOP.

And it stands to reason that a nation which harbors citizens that are stupid enough to vote for an organized crime syndicate, year in and year out (perpetually against their own interests) cannot help but be utterly fucked up and that a search for justice in such a country is likely to end in bitter disappointment.

Did you know that spending money on public education was hardly even questioned up until we began to integrate U.S. schools?  Racism.

How about the welfare state?  Well, between the early social programs of the 1930s and even on into the social programs instituted as part of Lyndon Johnson‘s Great Society, southern white folks benefited overwhelmingly from govt programs (and still do today).  For a long time, black folks couldn’t qualify for many govt social programs.  And surprise, surprise, it was ALL GOOD….until such time as black folks were made eligible for these programs.  Then, all off a sudden….racist white folks had a problem with these gubmint handouts.  See how that works?  Racism.

One last point, and this is serious.  Have you ever wondered why Republicans (in the year 2012 no less) can say the most racist, most ignorant, most preposterous things and NO ONE in the GOP says a damn thing about it, or even acknowledges that it was wrong?  I’ll tell you why this happens all the fucking time.   Because Republican Politicians (and a substantial number of Republican voters) are nothing more than an extension of the same people who used to own slaves, whip them, rape them, murder them,  split up families and everything else you can possibly imagine.  And these slave owners (while making their livelihoods off of forced labor)  thought nothing of riding around on horse back surveying the plantation and remarking on the ‘lazy nigraas’.    That is why, and there is no other explanation needed.

I could go on, but it’s Friday night and frankly, I am disgusted with the topic.

But I will tell you what I will do.  From now on, I will not tolerate racism or suffer a racist fuck to have comfort when in my presence.  I will call out any and every racist comment, thought or belief that I have the misfortune to witness.  I will purposefully make the person who displayed racism in my presence feel uncomfortable and awkward, and I will do everything legally within my power to publicly embarrass and humiliate them, EVEN if I personally like the person who does so.  I highly encourage you to do the same.

I’ll leave you with a song: So What by Haystak, for some reason I thought of this song while writing this post.