Video Believed to show Ghonim arrest.

The video comes from a demonstration of  journalists in Cairo. At minute 1:04 as the secret police arrive and seize a man believed to be Wael Ghonim and take him away. While there is not yet confirmation that this is Wael, it looks like him – and is quite an example of how the security forces under Mubarak operate.

Ghonim is the head of marketing for Google in the Middle East and North Africa and has been missing since the date this footage was shot by Sky News (UK).

Global Voices provides a timeline:

On Twitter, friends express concerns for Egyptian blogger and Google Middle East staffer Wael Ghonim, who has been missing since Thursday. Ghonim, who studied in Cairo and is now Head of Marketing at Google’s UAE office, had tweeted his intent to be at the January 25 protests:

Despite all the warnings I got from my relative and friends, I’ll be there on #Jan25 protests. Anyone going to be in Gam’et Dewal protest?

Ghonim, who spoke at a recent Al Jazeera forum on Internet freedom, tweeted throughout the demonstrations on January 25. On the 26th, following the ban on Twitter, he expressed anger at the censors in a tweet that would become a “top tweet”:

A government that is scared from #Facebook and #Twitter should govern a city in Farmville but not a country like #Egypt #Jan25

On the 27th, he asked followers to pray for Egypt, noting his own fear for the day’s events. Since then, his Twitter feed has been silent.

The LA Times reported two days ago that the April 6 protesters have appointed Ghonim one of their spokespeople:

There is widespread speculation that Ghonim, who is Google’s head of marketing in the Middle East and North Africa, is being held by Mubarak’s government, though the government hasn’t confirmed holding him.

On Thursday, a leader of the 6th of April opposition group told CBS reporter Khaled Wassef that the protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square had elected Ghonim the group’s spokesman. Tahir Square has been the scene of violent protests recently, with pro-Mubarak supporters having attacked thousands of anti-government demonstrators.

According to CBS, the 6th of April group told Wassef that if the government leaders want to talk to the group they need to talk to Ghonim.

There are reports circulating on twitter that he is in custody but due to be released soon.

Here’s another version of the video showing just the arrest portion. The arrest

Remember that Ghonim is one of untold numbers who have been seized and are being held and likely tortured by the Mubarak regime.