Barack Obama On A Roll

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U.S. Senator Barack Obama (Il)

U.S. Senator Barack Obama (Il) by Image Editor, on Flickr


I know this sort of summarization will set the fringe full mooners on the right all atwitter but the last month or so has been pretty good to President Obama:

1. He received a rock star reception in Ireland and now in England Barack Obama has made history by becoming the first American president in history to address both houses of Parliament.

2. Chrysler pays back bailout loan to the feds: “SERGIO MARCHIONNE, Chrysler: We have received confirmation this morning at 10:13 a.m. from Citigroup that Chrysler Group repaid, with interest, by wire transfer to the United States Treasury and by bank transfer to the Canadian government, every penny that had been loaned less than two years ago: Chrysler Pays Back Billions in Bailout Loans: Is the Comeback Complete?:

3. The unwinding of TARP continues with the federal government making a small profit on the sale of part of its A.I.G. stock: Treasury Gets Small Profit From Sale of A.I.G. Stock;

4. In spite of the far right-wing media bleating aloud that Obama had essentially “thrown Israel under the bus”, Benjamin Netanyahu in an address before both houses of Congress indicated that it’s his responsibility to compromise so as to effect a lasting peace in the MidEast.  Cablers Cover Netanyahu Speech to Joint Session of Congress While Netanyahu reiterated that he would not support a return to the pre-1967 borders or the wholesale return of Palestinians into Israel, his willingness to compromise is evident in his comments: “I stood before my people and said that I will accept a Palestinian state; it’s time for President Abbas to stand up before his people and say, ‘I will accept a Jewish state. Those six words will change history, With those six words, the Israeli people will be prepared to make a far-reaching compromise. I will be prepared to make a far-reaching compromise.” Netanyahu Gives No Ground in Congress Speech;
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