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Why Do Andrea Mitchell and Chris Matthews Hate Unions Practicing Democracy?

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(From TWD)

Village stupid elitist at it’s very worse, courtesy of the Bi-polar one and Alan Greenspan’s wife:

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You get that ladies and gentlemen. "Union leaders were so dumb," and "Blanche Lincoln was running against the establishment."

Let me repeat that last sentence for you, because I know it is hard for you to digest and not spit something out on your computer screen when you heard and read it.

"Blanche Lincoln was running against the establishment."

Only in the Village can the Villagers can say something so extraordinary like that. Only in the Village.

What makes this so appalling is that Mitchell and Matthews give the viewer their personal pathetic feelings of love for their Beltway friend Blanche, and how the White House should have protected her at all costs so their friend won’t have to leave the "House of Lords", I mean, the Senate. And they don’t want to be dejected to see their friend go because of the White House not giving her the type of backing they gave their other dear friend, Arlen!

And their feelings of anger at the White House (especially the wife of Alan Greenspan) at the Obama Administration is made furthermore stupid by the fact that the White House did, you know, back and support Lincoln.

Obama did robo calls for her. But don’t tell that to these Beltway socialites and their preference to never have a story leave their deluded and sickening Village perspectives.

(By the way, what’s the point of Obama going down there when you have Bill Clinton still be an influence there in the first place? That clearly made the difference.)

It’s people like this that make me marvel at people like Digby, Atrios, and Media Matters who digest this elitist nonsense every single day, and document it in the full detail.

And they still can’t leave Al Gore alone, it you didn’t notice.

Mitchell: "And you have to wonder if Al Gore had not trusted his instinct, and (if) Al Gore brought him (Bill Clinton) in 2000.

Man, they just won’t stop hating that man. It’s like their life’s calling card, "To hate Al Gore we must in order to be apart of the Beltway."

Oh, and one more thing Bi-polar Chris Matthews. Joe Sestak, if you forgot, beat the establishment in Pennsylvania just a month or so ago. Sestak doesn’t need Bill Clinton to win Pennsylvania, but your little Beltway arrogant mind always want the outsiders to follow your tired narratives.

If you ever needed a guide to how the Villagers think, I hope this post was a paradigm for you that was difficult to swallow.

The NYT & Chris Matthews: Apologize To Blumenthal ASAP!

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(From TWD)

After assessing over the situation from a variety of perspectives , it is without a shadow of a doubt time for Richard Blumenthal to be delivered a heap of penitence from a wide variety of people, including myself.

Most importantly however (because the campaign of the World Wrestling Entertainment group won’t even dare bother to do so), the apologies to this man and the fierce blacklash that he has faced from this highly sensitive issue should come first from Raymond Hernandez, spokesperson Diane McNulty , and the rest of the New York Times .

Just from a young fledgling journalist’s perspective, seeing the New York Times have another embarrassing moment highlights how much of an utter hell hole journalism has become in America (and continues to diminish by the second), and how mind-numbingly depressing it can get witnessing it.

But with how long they took to show any remorse for James O’Keefe and Andrew Breitbart scribing their ACORN story for them, I don’t expect any forthcoming pronouncements of "We messed up, we apologize to Attorney General Blumenthal" from the folks at the Grey Lady.

That shouldn’t exonerate them however, and it certainly shouldn’t exonerate the Tweety one either.

The last few days, Chris Matthews has been on this utterly bizarre "Blumenthal has shamed veterans" crusade that he even idiotically had on the potential opponent for the Connecticut AG in the general election this fall. How he and his producers thought it would make more sense to have Rob Simmons on the air yesterday instead of actually doing the reporting the AP and Greg Sargent did to follow the story speaks to how sad this situation is for "news reporting" in America.

Of course, with how he gets on his blowhard nature, I don’t expect the Tweety one to immediately do a 180 and say "I eat my words, I’m sorry Mr. Blumenthal" either. And that further exacerbates the problem of what used to be called journalism in this country, the ability to hold one’s self accountable for one’s own mistakes.

Even Ed Schultz (and I love Ed Schultz) hasn’t given Blumenthal a second look here. And though he has nowhere acted to the ridiculous level of the Times, or the guy that comes on right before him on MSNBC, he too (along with the great Bill Press as well) jumped on Blumenthal without giving the needed retraction that the situation calls for now. I mean, both him and Press listened to and agreed with Ron Christe of all nutcases, for goodness gracious sake!

All that I can say is this: Richard Blumenthal, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for all the half jokes that I made on Tweeter, and thinking facetiously of how Ned Lamont needed to replace you on the ballot. I’m just sorry at my profession basically making your life probably a living hell the last few days.

I just hope that the Tweety one, or Eddie, or Mr. Press give some apology to Richard Blumenthal. Because it sure as hell won’t be coming from the New York Times anytime soon.

Unless they have a rare, and needed, humbling moment of maturity.