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In Haley Barbours good ol’ Miss Right Now!

By: solerso Tuesday December 21, 2010 4:47 pm

If  your  not familliar with the case of the Scott Sisters here’s a quick rundown. Two African American sisters  were convicted of armed robbery  in Mississippi . The robbery netted $11.00, and no one was killed or injured. Both sisters were convicted and  each recieved a double life sentence . DOUBLE-LIFE.  I shouldnt need to say any more. here is a link to the NAACP.

The American Communist Party is doing what it can .

Help out.


“Austerity” is Theft by Means of Politics

By: solerso Monday December 20, 2010 11:01 am

I am a partisan leftist. I am so because my reading of leftist analyses matches up with my reading of history, and both readings match up with my lifelong experience and observation. I am not an expert on any subject, but I believe like Bob Dylan, that “you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”. What is  “Austerity”, as it pertains to the American media discussion of policy? As far as I can tell it means cutting social welfare spending to “pay for” tax cuts (although in regard to the recent Obama tax cuts no amount of non military spending cuts will pay for them). The cuts in taxes seem to be skewed to favor the highest income earners. As I said, I am no expert.  Alan Simpson says the sky will fall if this doesn’t happen. Many other experts, such as Paul Krugman say that’s a lie.Thats all well and good, but in a Democracy, even a representative one, shouldn’t the Majority get to say how the money is collected and spent? Especially since the Majority pay most of the money in. There are lots of dishonest and misleading “arguments” that the rich pay more, but they don’t, not really. And when I say more I mean the whole enchilada. They pay more individually but their contribution to the total amount collected  is  only about 40%  The Middle class pay the most. I should point out that the poor pay the least, but it’s still more than they can afford. So what do the majority want? Time and time again I think  that the majority (of voters and the majority payers) want value for their dollar.  It took me about 3 minutes to find these links, with respect to some big ticket public spending items. Some things are just obvious even on the Internet.

A very popular Public Option:

On cutting social security (not at all popular):

On Extending the Bush/Obama tax cuts  for the wealthy. No, not popular with tax payers:

But what about fly over country? Sarah Palins “realamerica”? Apparently, when it comes down to put up or shut up time, they are sick of paying for Jamie Dimons caviar and foot massages too:

But how do the “overtaxed”,urbane Californians feel about the system? What do Ronald Reagan’s original “sage brush rebels” want? Higher Taxes:

OK. I’m sure Austerity boosters have some pie charts that “prove” the American people want to pay more and get less so that the rich can save the economy, by pushing the average numbers up on paper, by getting richer faster than the rest of us are getting poorer. LOL.They’ve relied on that “growth model” for decades now. So if WE don’t want their slimy scam, how do they get away with it??!! Like any other criminals, they simply take it and bet that we won’t do anything to stop them. The Obama administration knew the public wanted its option back during the HCR “debate”. The Obama admin and every politician in Washington knew that the Majority wanted the Bush/Obama tax cuts to expire. But they ignored our pleas to put down the money and back up slowly, because they can. They got the Majorities money, and they’ll come back for more without asking, anytime they want. In my book that is theft.

One more time

By: solerso Saturday December 18, 2010 6:35 pm

Ok this is the last one. But its uncanny, no? Anyone who believes (even a little bit) that the corporate/media/government axis of evil dosent have “a plan for your life” , or is going to be even remotely responsive to the needs and will of working people, then you should access the archives at FAIR yourself, and keep reading till it all sounds familliar. From the BACK OF THE RACK,  “Austerity in Europe. What a Glowing success”.

Yesterdays Predictions

By: solerso Saturday December 18, 2010 6:11 pm

 I havent read a recent post at FDL  written specifically  about corporate/media/government collusion. Possibly because that  type of story line was buried under the weight of  the appalling, shocking, stomach turning performance turned in by Obama and the Democratic Party circa first 2 years. In 2008, every day  the press openly begged  Obama not to hurt the rich.Such stories were run ad nauseum by all the ”serious” media players . Most went out of their way to to  admonish the new president to “avoid the mistakes of Bill Clinton” and to…. well, behold this vintage 2008 post from “FAIR” blog. Its reads like a two day old retropective, not a two year old warning.   Maybe these suckers wont be so hard to beat, at least we know what they are going to do or say  in any given situation:

Sick of the TSA and long lines?

By: solerso Tuesday November 16, 2010 4:19 pm

What is the TSA’s aggressive screening operation really there for? They use fear of terrorism to justify them and suppress public outrage, but I think its main functions are to drive down insurance costs, and to condition us to being treated like cattle. BTW Those insurance execs don’t fly with us anyway. They board their private and corporate jets at the general aviation entrance, or small private airports where the security people(when there are any) all call them “m’am” and “Mr.- sir” , and collect 100 dollar tips for carrying their bags. Since I posted this suggestion on two other threads, for consistencies sake: STOP FLYING. Take a train, or E conference, or (gasp) drive to your relatives Christmas gathering. I generally support less car usage not more, but lets be real; Americans aren’t going to give up their cars (at least not for several generations and with lots more govt coercion which would present other, perhaps, worse problems). Its not long distance trips which are the main problem anyway, its 3 car families buzzing around all day locally to places they could take a bus, or bicycle, or walk to. Cars Operate more efficiently at high speed over distance and taking more time means supporting local jobs when you patronize hotels and restaurants. It also ends the fly over culture and forces one to take a look around this country and interact with people different than us. That’s something that was taken for granted (when it wasn’t being romanticized) when I was growing up.

U – Cubes

By: solerso Monday November 15, 2010 6:48 pm

This is a neat-o site begun by laid off members of the Machinists Union. Anyone can join and its not only about jobs, its also about solidarity, and building Communities. Take action for free.

There Is No “Tea Party”

By: solerso Monday November 8, 2010 3:57 pm

“The Tea Party” does not exist. It has no Platform, no officeholders, no policy proposals, no employees,no budget, no “party” structure at all. It doesn’t even have a physical address. Most of its “chapters” are web sites that are updated rarely or not at all. Over 70% of its self identified membership has never participated in any “Tea Party” activities. It is a Koch Brothers/Dick Armey/FOX News shadow puppet. It is a decrepit echo chamber propped up by globalist corporate media, like a hollow CIA front company, to spread the morally and intellectually bankrupt old neolib talking points,”smaller government” and “less taxes”.  Its “members” are the same Rush Limbaugh and G. Gordon Liddy talk show listeners that have been blowing up AM talk radio phone lines for 15 years .It is a completely, hollow scam. For your edification and reading pleasure:

Forget Political Parties, For a Just Moment

By: solerso Tuesday November 2, 2010 9:35 pm

 With respect to Labor unions, I’ve seen all of the opinions, commonly encountered in America, here on FDL. Opinions that are formed occasionally by experience but are mostly informed by American Imperialist consensus making institutions like corporate, for profit News outlets, (TV and print), but also blogs, official history and the word of mouth  opinion handed down by relatives, friends and coworkers. Hyperbolic opinions are common. Any post that has anything to do with labor unions will unfailingly attract a cadre of reactionary commenters with the general opinion that Unions “destroy civilization” or something like that. In tone and content they resemble the kinds of comments that were made by antebellum supporters of slavery about abolitionists, and for the same reason; the very existence of unions is a threat to the unchallenged power of the employer class, as the abolitionist was to the slaveholding class.  Based on the amount of time effort and money they spend on crushing dissent, our capitalist class seem to   live in fear of a general uprising just as slaveholders lived in fear, and also for the same reason; they know the system that upholds their wealth power and privilege is morally and also, probably, practically unsustainable.
   On the other hand, most people here on FDL seem to recognize unions as an ( at least historically) important part of an American left coalition that was responsible for pushing the prosperity which Americans and Western Europeans enjoyed for a few decades after WW2. As the realization sets in that the left coalition was not inevitable after all  and has all but disappeared, and after 30 years of neoliberal ascendancy, that time seems more like a lost golden age ( even though it wasn’t, of course). It was the failure of the American left to hold to its anticapitalist raison d’etre in face of a ferocious “counter reformation” by the right, that has dropped us off where we are today: our version of a  “national choose your own adventure” story book (thanks IOZ whoever you are) on Election day 2010. I can’t help but notice the righteous anger of those among us who perceive that we are abandoned by media elites and a professional political class who are far more interested in maintaining their privileged position of power. So much for the traditional left. Or, maybe not. We are still here after all. Wealth distribution inequality is getting worse and not better. Our lives are becoming harder, not easier despite Jon Stewart, and Steven Colbert, and establishment democrats urging us to “calm down” and “quit whining” and “get real” by which they mean I guess, to  accept our ignoble powerlessness in the face of their eminently sane and “realistic” pursual of  riches and power through graft , corruption and corporate and political intransigence. Despite their pleas for meekness and cheek turning I perceive that many of my co nationals are seeking ways to fight back. Some hope to achieve this by reforming the Democratic Party.Some third partier’s talk of re-forming the Democratic Party. 
    Please consider another possibility for a moment. The American left really began (as Karl Marx said it would) as a workers movement and not a movement of political parties and factions. It was led by Factory workers, mine workers and agricultural workers,by people like Gene Debs,  Emma Goldman , Dorothy Jacobs Bellanca, or William”Big Bill’ Haywood”. For decades the real work in civil rights, workers rights, the work of the Left, was done through strikes and locks out, marches and ‘direct” actions taken against employers. The Democratic and Republican Parties were more openly, in word and deed, the protectors of borgeouise capitalism. The expectation that the Democratic or Republican party would take up the cause of workers or womens rights was as absurd in 1889 as it would be, well as it would be to expect that of them now, I guess. I don’t believe America is a “center right” nation. American Media may be “center right” and Wal St. is way over there, foaming at the mouth-reactionary right, but ordinary Americans, if almost every single- issue pol ive ever seen can be believed, are an indiviualist-leftist people. Its no surprise  then that the Left movement that was most popular and most developed in America is Anarcho Syndicalism a very democratic form of Anticapitalism, with its central form of organization and political expression the Labor Union. Perhaps what we need now is not more party activism. Political parties have a use but they tend to divide, not bring together. Divided is how the employer class, the capitalists want us. Divided we are useless to each other What the American left needs now is an organizing principle that can bring us together. I suggest  that anyone interested in Anticapitalism work  should consider joining a radical Labor Union, BEFORE joining an alternative political party, and or commiting to more Imperialist – electoral system  machinations. In the US that really means the IWW.

Read more about the History of “Red” and Anarchist Labor Unions in America.Organize your workplace