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Way To Go Republicans! Keep It Up!

5:48 am in Uncategorized by Bill Egnor


mistake by doobybrain, on Flickr

Go Republicans! Go! You just keep doing what you’ve been doing this year, and by early 2013 you won’t have to worry so much about working on the problems of the nation. You will have lots and lots of time to spend with your families and at cushy jobs as lobbyist for the remaining few Republicans in the House and Senate.

After a month that has seen not one, not two but four Democratic wins in various special and regular elections that were supposed to be cake walks for Republicans, last night it was topped off with a Democrat beating a Republican in one of the reddest of gerrymandered-to-be-red districts in the entire North East.

Still, I know you guys. I have been watching you for a very long time and I know that today is not going to be about lessons learned. Nah. Today is going to be all about rationalizations found. You’ll say that it was the third party guy (though of course that does not explain losing the other four elections you expected to win). You’ll say it was outside money (which of course ignore the million or so your outside money groups spent, nice investment there Karl!). You’ll say it is anything but what it really is.

Why are you losing where you should be winning? Especially since you keep saying the American people on behind you? It is pretty easy really. You’re policies and the way you talk about them make you look like a bunch of mean assholes who want to help the rich and stick it to the poor at every turn. This has the added problem, for you, of being true.
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Help – I have The Andromeda Strain

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Okay, so it is not really the Andromeda Strain, the Dog’s blood is not crystallizing or anything like that; it is just this ass-kicker of a cold that is going around the office right now. Since the Ol’ hound is now at home, he thought he might write a little something to help those of you that have not gotten sick this winter avoid it. (Achhoooo! Aaaachhhooooo! Achooo!)

First off, a little advice from the Dog’s sister who is a nurse; wash your damn hands! Do it five or six times a day. The beasties that cause colds and flu’s get on the most unlikely surfaces and can live for ridiculously long times, so your best defense against them is clean hands. And just rinsing them is not enough. You want to wet them, turn off the water, soap them for about 25 seconds then, rinse them with hot water. Then be sure to get them completely dry. Yes, this is going to dry out your already dry skin, but which would you rather deal with, dry skin or the Andromeda Strain?

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