Yale Suspends DKE House For “No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal” Chants

5:52 am in banality of evil by Bill Egnor

stop rape

stop rape by Shira Golding, on Flick


In October of last year the Delta Kappa Epsilon pledges and the members who were “tapping” them went out and marched by the Yale Women’s Center chanting “No means yes, yes means anal” and “My name is Jack, I am a necrophiliac, I f**k dead women”. All good fun and games by a bunch of guys right? Wrong.

There is this boys will be boys culture in this country, and especially in some fraternities that is appalling. I get accused of being a humorless liberal, but there is no humor in statements and acts like that which can only intimidate.

Think about the mind set that you would have to have to think something like this was funny. You’d have to think you were being bold to make a statement like that, somehow charmingly shocking to go the Women’s Center and be a sexist jackass. Then to bring a whole group of men and chant about forcible rape (after all what else could No means Yes, possibly mean).

Try to put yourself in the shoes of a 18 year old female Freshman from a smallish city in the Midwest. What would she think about this? That is just a prank and there is nothing threatening to her or indoctrinating to the boys chanting it? Does anyone really think that is going to be the take away?

Yesterday the Dean Mary Miller sent out an e-mail to the entire Yale community announcing that the Executive Committee (made up of faculty and students) had concluded that the DKE chapter and individuals in it had violated Undergraduate Regulations by their actions.

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