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This Is How Gun Loving Radicals Shut Up Gun Using Moderates

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How do you maintain message discipline in a group? Behold one method.

Recently a Maryland gun dealer, who was planning to sell a smart gun, got death threats from gun-rights activists. The threats worked! He dropped his plan to sell smart guns. This is why the government tippy toes around their activists at Bundy protests and locks up ours at Occupy events.

Here is the video, cued up to the point where he talks about the response he got from the gun loving radicals in charge of messaging: Warning Strong Fucking Language.

“Obviously I received numerous death threats today. I really fucking appreciate that. That’s fucking classy. That’s a great thing for gun rights when you threaten to shoot somebody. That was really splendid.

“If you’re going to kill somebody, shoot the politicians who make these fucking [gun violence prevention] laws. If that’s who you want to fucking go at, shoot the people who make these laws. Take ‘em out in the street, and gun ‘em the fuck down. There’s a goddamn reason why we got these fucking things [guns]. There’s a fucking reason why we got ‘em. And that’s to defend our fucking freedom. Don’t fucking come at me with this shit. That’s to the people who called up and threatened to fucking kill me.”
– Andy Raymond, owner of Engage Armament LLC in Rockville, Maryland

Here is a piece with some back story from the Washington Post. and here is a piece from the Chris Hayes show that should air this evening where they talk about how smart gun technology will have an impact in New Jersey. (I’ll link to it when the video is up.)

If you watch the whole video you can hear him explain how he was for smart guns as a way to bring people on the fence into the fold. He saw this as a way to make money, and convert some people. You see his anger at people he thought would be supporters.  He’s saying “Take the bulls eye off of me! Why not put it on the people who are the real threat? If you are so eager to threaten and kill, why not do it and see what that gets you?”

He starts the video explaining “I’ve been drinking” and says he doesn’t know how to edit the video. That’s bad for him, but insightful for us. Who knows how this will hurt him, but it is helpful to us to see the kind of pressure moderates are in in the gun culture. Remember when we heard RW radio and TV hosts complaining that the moderate Muslims should “reign in” the radical Muslims?  Maybe people who are moderates have more stories to tell but afraid. I don’t blame them.

It’s too bad that he didn’t capture some of the death threat calls with phone numbers or identifying IP information. I suppose ‘ratting out’ those people is seen as less honorable than shooting yourself in the foot on video before the nation.  Besides, who would he turn the information over too? The FBI? Local law enforcement? What would they do to them? Take away their guns?

Each and every step he might take would repudiate what these people stand for. Sometimes I envy the hierarchical right with their “everything is on the table” discipline options for people who don’t toe the party line. But most of the time I don’t. I’m not a death threat kind of guy. I think it’s illegal, but don’t quote me.

Oh and by the way, if you want to help out the people who are trying to deescalate the violence? Take these actions suggested by my friends at the Center to Prevent Gun Violence.   But I won’t threaten you if you don’t.  That’s not how I roll.

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Trayvon’s Family Might be Required to Pay Zimmerman’s Lost Wages

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My friend Lisa Graves, the executive director of the Center for Media and Democracy and the publisher of ALEC Exposed, was on Disrupt with Karen Finney this weekend. Here is a link to the whole show. 

I want to share with you a part of the story I haven’t seen anywhere else. 

..if Trayvon’s family does not prevail in a civil suit and this claim is invoked, under that law, they would be required to pay George Zimmerman’s attorney’s fees and lost wages. It would require the victim’s family to pay the killer. And pay for the killer’s wages. That’s the law in over two dozen states in this country now.

So ,for everyone hoping that the Martin family might have a shot at winning a civil case, it’s not going to be easy.

I also want to point out that the Center for Media and Democracy is a GREAT group, I’ve been a fan for decades. They were responsible for getting 33 corporations to leave ALEC by showing them that the disgusting “Kill at Will” laws pushed by the NRA were not in line with the companies’ brand.  If you donate to them you are supporting a group that is taking effective action in exposing and blocking organizations that push nasty bills like “SYG” all over the country.

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I’m Hiring NRA’s Lobbyists to Work for Me!

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I’ve long held that the most powerful force in the country right now are lobbyists. And the lobbyist’s lobbyists are the NRA’s lobbyists.

Winning scratch off ticket

If Spocko won the lottery ...

People always ask the boring ol’ question, “What would do you do if you won the lottery or a genie granted you one wish.”(For the record if I won the lottery I’d start a Progressive think tank that attacks right wing think tanks. If it was a genie I’d like a working spaceship.)   But what would you do if you had NRA’s lobbyist power at your fingertips?  I know what I’d do. I’d hire them to work against the weapons manufacturers and the NRA’s leadership.

I ask this question because on Thursday at 12:00 Noon EDT my buddy Cliff Schecter and a great group of people are protesting the K-Street Lobbyists in DC who are paid by the weapons manufacturers and the NRA to subvert the will of the people.

WASHINGTON, DC –Riding a wave of public anger at the Senate’s failure to pass even minimal gun control legislation, a coalition of activists, advocates and campaign finance reformers will lead a march on Washington firearms lobbyists this Thursday, April 25 at NOON. The goal is to drag the lobbyists out of the shadows where they prefer to operate and expose exactly how the National Rifle Association subverts democracy.

The event will begin with a news conference in McPherson Square, where gun violence prevention leaders will lay out the web of influence controlled by the NRA and unveil a new anti-NRA artwork by Shepard Fairey, who produced the most memorable image of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

The protest will then move along the K Street corridor, symbolically holding up giant checks from the NRA made out to key lobbying firms and delivering crime-scene photos illustrating the devastating effects of gun violence to those firms’ offices.

(More here at The Political Carnival)

Now you’ve all heard the old saying, “Nobody is the villain in their own life narrative.” I’m sure that the people who convinced the senators to defy the desires of 90% of their constituents don’t think they are doing a bad thing. When I get the photos from the event I’ll put up pictures of the big checks made out to their firms. (“You are already a winner Mr. NRA Lobbyist!”)

Did you ever see the movie, Thank You for Smoking? It’s based on a very funny book written by the only funny conservative I know, Christopher Buckley.  It’s about a tobacco lobbyist and how he convinces himself that what he is doing is right, and how it pays his mortgage. He works with two other lobbyists. One for the gun lobby and another for the liquor industry. They call themselves the MOD squad for Merchants Of Death.

The other day I was telling my friend Cary Grant (not his real name) about how sad, but unsurprised, I was that the NRA lobbyists had ensured that the Senate couldn’t pass a bill to increase gun safety. He said, “Why don’t you become a lobbyist?”

That kind of blew me away. I’ve been fascinated with the power of lobbyists for awhile now and like to hear and read stories how it’s “really done.” Not the TV versions, but the behind the scenes stuff where someone sends you a check for 200 million dollars and says, “Block this bill” or “Get the votes for this bill to pass, don’t tell me how you do it, just do it!” and then the team sits down, plans the strategy and then starts setting up meetings for doling out money to politicians, belief tanks, writers, pollsters, golf trips and restaurants.

I’ll bet there are the Power Point presentations with statistics and 3D Graphics with great ideas for Op-Eds to write.  Do they still use hookers and blow these days? Do they come up with bumper sticker slogans? Catch phrases? (“When seconds count the police are only minutes away!” Is my current favorite.) I know they set up fake grass roots groups, I’m sure they have social media methods to amplify the words of true believers beyond their actual numbers.

They really are powerful, and if they are anything like the rich powerful people I know, they are pretty thin skinned and try hard not to be self reflective. So they will ignore the protest, won’t look at the giant checks with their names on it or the photos of the kid killed by guns.  Why? Because 1) these people aren’t paying them 2) they are depressing. 3) mortgage is due every month.

Nobody wants to see pictures of dead kids mangled by guns, that’s so pre-Boston marathon.  (BTW, I just watched the movie 9/11: The Falling Man and I wonder if seeing photos from Sandy Hook would have made a difference in the vote. I think showing them to the public wouldn’t have made a difference, but what if they were shown to the NRA lobbyists and our “representatives?”)

Now to do some lobbying jobs you need a certain amount of moral and intellectual flexibility, especially if you don’t believe in what the client is pushing. But most people doing this are either believers or can rationalize the belief for the mortgage.

I’m not going to throw stones at anyone (or should I say throw bullets?) I have my price, it’s in Quatloos, but I have one.  If I was them instead of focusing on all the damage that weapons do, I’d focus on what I saw as all the good that they do. I’d never want to focus on the dead for three reasons. 1) They aren’t paying me.  2) they are depressing. 3) Mortgage. So I’d focus on positive things and abstract things. Don’t think of the 10′s of thousands of dead, think of the millions of non-dead. Don’t think of today’s headline dead:

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The Disgusting Lack of Empathy of Gun Owners of America’s Michael Hammond

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Today there was a very calm discussion on guns on KQED’s Forum radio show.ThanksNRA

It was exactly what the NRA wanted; a discussion a month after the last big shooting so that the conversational focus can move away from the emotional pain of 20 dead kids.  It was all very rational. And that pissed me off.

During the conversation Hammond threw in the perfunctory line, “our hearts and minds go out to the victims of that horrible shooting.” How many times have you heard that line right before they switch to talking about the needs of a small group of entitled, self-indulgent jerks who think their desire to go “pew pew pew” with real army weapons outweighs everyone else’s rights?

Here is the link to the question, his response, the perfunctory line and then the pivot away from the tragedy to his figures on gun deaths in New Hampshire.

I’ve been listening to lots of gun enthusiasts’ podcasts lately. They are desperate to show how this shooting has nothing to do with their obstruction of sane gun laws and gun hawking.  If they didn’t personally put the semi-automatic into the person’s hand and said, “Go shoot ‘em.”  they think they are fine.  The reality is that they have spent years developing policies, blocking laws or creating laws that ensure these shootings happen on a regular basis. Their work ranges from laws blocking research on gun violence at the CDC to outlawing the use of computers to keep track of weapons.

My friend Anat Shenker-Osorio had mentioned a book, Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman about how when we switch to numbers and statistics during a conversation it actually removes the blood from our brain’s emotional center. In some cases this is a good thing. Especially if you know you will lose an emotional argument and you know that you can cheat on your “intellectual” argument.   In this case it helps the Gun Owners of America’s spokesperson because it enables him to transition from talking about dead kids to talking about abstract data. The listeners and others are then busy working to counter the abstract data. They are thinking, is what he is saying right or wrong?  What is the source?  What is my comeback?”  Julie Leftwich, legal director for the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, did a fine job of countering him and refrained from calling him a bald face liar.  Then, while we spend our time refuting them, the  NRA and GOA move focus away from dead bodies sacrificed on the altar of their extremist members who can’t be denied their fun.

Soon we will move into the policy discussions revolving around Biden’s recommendations. I want everyone to remember how we felt one month ago. My friend Cliff Schecter, who does work for Mayors Against Illegal Guns, says that things are different this time. I believe him. Cliff is usually right. Things will change. But let’s be prepared for the planned push back.

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Guns Don’t Sell Guns, People Do. How the NRA Turns Death Into a Sales Tool and How to Stop Them.

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Sales of AR-style rifles, ammo spike up

–Walla Walla Washington Union-Bulletin

Right now the NRA is primarily a marketing and sales organization. Sure they do other things like offer gun safety training programs and threaten politicians to push some laws and crush others. But I believe a lot of their power comes from the development and training of their members in communication skills and providing them with the right words, phrases and concepts to achieve their current goal: guns everywhere.

If you have become pro-public safety, like I have, you’ll want to figure out ways to convince others of your views and then develop ways to reach your goals. Also, when you see the NRA for what it really is, how they make the public less safe, and can work on ways to increase public safety.

The NRA has a $300 million budget, a large portion of that goes to “education and communications.”  And they are good. Very good. Tobacco industry good.  In a recent LA Times Op-Ed there is a story from a former NRA trainer about the psychological and linguistic techniques used on NRA members.

Ever since reading,  the brilliant and funny book by Christopher Buckley, “Thank you for Smoking.”  I’ve been impressed with the tobacco industry’s communications strategies.  Those of a certain age can complete this line, while singing the melody. “You can take Salem out of the country but…” If you sang the rest of the line in your head, their marketing worked.  In the book the guns, alcohol and tobacco lobbyists all meet and talk about their work as “MODs” (Merchants of Death.) The tobacco industry’s savvy communications, PR, advertising and lobbying led to their primary goal. Sell more tobacco.

The NRA didn’t just “take a page from the tobacco industries book” they went deep into the hearts and minds of men (and women) and so they could keep answering the same question of their actions, “How will this help sell more guns?”

The methods of the NRA-trained operatives vary from the subtle–like ALEC bill authoring and strategic lobbying/threatening of politicians; to the crass –”Cold Dead Hands” bumper stickers and rhyming “logic” for the masses. The New York Times says they also have “virtually unmatched ferocity in advancing [their] political and legislative interests.”

Anyone who has ever engaged someone on this issue knows they can expect debate techniques ranging from aggressive, threatening logic that blames the victims for not carrying a weapon, to well-thought-out positions. I’ve  seen how they use clever parsing of words in laws they create and how they attack terms or definitions to defeat laws they hate.  ”It’s not an automatic, it’s a semi-automatic. There is no such thing as an assault rifle! You have no credibility with me! (unless you use the terms exactly as we have defined them…)”

Bringing Words to a Word Fight

Over the years the NRA has gone from selling ideas like the importance of gun safety to selling the idea that your identity is tied to your possession of a gun. Linking your identity to a product is a very powerful thing to do, and marketers try to do this all the time.  ”We say the product is cool, when you own it you become cool –and women will want to have sex with you.” (I just added that last part because it usually goes unspoken, but it’s implied.) Because of this linking of identity to product, people are willing to pay more for a product, as well as create multiple reasons why they must have this product. But the marketers at the NRA also recognize that it’s childish for people to say, “I want it because I want it!”  Therefore, they suggest quoting parts of the 2nd Amendment and hypothetical life or death scenarios where the gun owner is the hero to prove their case to anyone who questions them.

But what happens when the thing that makes you cool or defines you is taken away? That will make them angry. And when they are angry they stop using polite words and turn to threats.  I sometimes wonder if the reason pro-public safety people don’t like to engage gun enthusiasts is because of this unstated (or stated) threat. For every responsible gun owner who will explain to me, “I’m not threatening you with my gun, I’m just having a discussion.” there are two who will tell me about their “2nd Amendment solutions” to “anti-gunners.”

Will You Become Ferocious in Advancing Your Political, Cultural and Legislative Interests?

Now let’s say that people have finally had enough with the way the NRA leadership is driving “the discussion”. Let’s also say that words like mine and the new pro-public safety public starts having a cognitive impact on the public at large.  What can you, (insert your own name here) do, to make a difference?  Well to begin, start thinking of what you are for, as well as what you are against.

I’m pro-public safety so when the details about the latest shooting comes out, I apply that view to the problem. In some cases the shooter will have a mental health problem. A pro-public safety person can push the states to have better laws that get violent mentally ill into the National Instant Criminal background check System. My doctor hunting friends in the midwest could easily get behind that action. If their buddies, who are extremists in the NRA, call them “anti-gunners” they can make it clear you want to protect people from those who are violently mentally ill, even if they also were going to kill someone with a knife, hammer or car, (since they love to bring up those examples of other “killing tools.”)

If the shooter obtained weapons though a gun show loophole you could support state and federal efforts to ban specific items as well as support the need for better tracking in general.

Every shooting is an opportunity for change for a safer future, if we act.

Here are some specific actions you can take to match your personality:

Like to march? Go to the January 26th March on Washington.

Want to help pass better laws and close loopholes? Donate or volunteer for my friends at the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. I worked with them when I was trying to figure out how to get NRA board member Ted Nugent busted for bringing guns to the Pima County Fair, right outside the town Gabby Gifford was shot.

Want to help convince corporations, other than gun manufacturers, to get in the game? Try my friends at The National Gun Victims Action Council.  Personally I always thought that Mars Corporation should be donating big corporate dollars to end gun violence, after all, there were Skittles in the hands of Trayvon Martin when he was shot. They might want more kids to grow up to eat candy rather than a bullet.

Want to help change some of the “Shoot First” laws that got Trayvon Martin killed? Try the The Second Chance on Shoot First campaign.

Want to know what your city is doing? Check out Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  See if your city’s mayor is a member, (list) If not, drop your mayor a line. My friends at MAIG would love more member mayors. That’s a four minute doable action. Go!

Want to get educated on issues and on policy? Go look at the Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence. Get on their mailing list, they provide great information if you want to engage a gun enthusiasts. If you want to simply go over the gun enthusiasts heads they have easy ways to help you go directly to people who can change laws.

Want to keep informed on the issue? Subscribe to The GVP Report -It’s a comprehensive, every other week e-newsletter. Sign up here or read it online.

I try to help a lot of non-profit groups in this area beyond the Brady Campaign because I believe in multiple strategies to reach difference audiences.   Donate or volunteer depending on your interests and how active you want to be. Remember, if you don’t do anything the terrorists NRA wins.



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Hey Jack S. Schmidt: Will Nugent Comply with Weapons Ban at Pima County Fair?

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Ted Nugent is performing at Arizona ‘s Pima County Fair on the Budweiser Stage on Saturday April 28th.

I wonder if Ted, who likes to refer to himself as a law-abiding citizen, knows an important fact about the Pima County Fair?

Weapons are not allowed into the Pima County Fair, with the exception of uniformed security guards.Ted Nugent Live

Pima County sound familiar? Jared Loughner killed six people and left 14 injured on the Safeway parking lot on Saturday January 8th last year. This happened in Tucson, in Pima County. U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords was one of the injured.

Will Nugent bring out his machine guns on stage during the show? If he does he will be going against the written directive of the Southwestern Fair Commission, Inc., a non-profit, private corporation who is paying him.

Will his security detail keep their guns locked in their vehicles?

Will they don uniforms and submit to the authority of the Sheriff of Pima County?

Or will they just ignore the Fair’s rules, strap on their guns to open carry or conceal carry?

Lately Ted has been complaining that he has to follow rules that “nobody knows about” (danger, Glenn Beck link!) You see Nugent just cut a deal for breaking the law while hunting black bears in Alaska (PDF Link to his plea to avoid jail time and $100,000 fine). I’m not a lawyer, but by reading this plea you can see that in exchange for a reduced sentence he is obligated to do certain things.

1) Be on probation for two years

2) Pay a $10,000 fine

3) Not hunt in the State of Alaska or on any United States Forest Service lands for one year

4) Make PSAs about the hunter’s responsibility for knowing the rules and regulations for the hunting activities they engage in

So now Nugent needs to REALLY pay attention to the rules, because if he fails it will breach his agreement and the United States which can them “withdraw from this agreement and may reinstate prosecution against [him] on any charges arising out of the investigation in this matter.”

I wanted to make sure that Nugent, his security staff and his roadies, knew about the weapons ban at the fair and if they would comply. So I contacted his PR person, Linda Peterson, and she said, “Of course.”‘

I asked, “So that means there won’t be people doing concealed carry backstage and he won’t be bringing any weapons on the stage?”

She said they’ll be in full compliance of the law.

There you have it folks. Nothing to worry about. Of course if anyone sees his security staff, his roadies or Nugent himself carrying weapons at the Fair they should contact Fair Executive Director Jon Baker or Launa Rabago, Marketing Manager 520-762-9100 jon or launa @ at the Southwestern Fair Commission about his violation of their rules. Maybe they will deduct the cost of his non-compliance from his fee.

But you should also contact his parole officer. Since I don’t who it is I’ll suggest you contact Jack S. Schmidt, the Assistant U.S. Attorney who cut the illegal bear hunting deal with Ted. Please send all backstage or onstage videos of Nugent with weapons or threats of violence toward people to @ usdoj. gov. I don’t think these videos would show him violating his federal agreement, but  it might show his violation of his agreement with the Fair people.

You see I want Jack to be kept informed about all the other times that Nugent knows the rules and regulations for the activities he engages in, but still violates them. It will be good for the “preponderance of evidence” for the next time Nugent “stumbles” (his euphemism for breaking the law) when it comes to weapons.

Nugent’s biggest fear is that his law breaking will lead to a felony charge that would cause him to lose his weapons. (Note to everyone: The NRA has been pushing state by state programs where violent felons can get their guns back, but it isn’t implemented everywhere–yet. “Today’s NRA: Working to re-arm violent felons for Fear and Profit.”)

Jack might also want to read Nugent’s latest post, “Ignorance of the Law is no Excuse.” It’s not his obligatory PSA, so he didn’t have to run it by Schmidt for approval, but doesn’t this article and his appearances on shows like Glenn Beck where he discusses the opposite of what he will say in the PSA mean anything? It’s like addict celebrities doing a “Don’t do drugs” PSA while joking on the Leno Show about all the coke they still do. Will people only watch court mandated PSAs and ignore what Nugent says on nationally syndicated radio shows?

When powerful people like Nugent get caught breaking the law or defying the rules that they agreed to, they pay a fine and move on like Nugent did the last time he got caught breaking the law.

Question: How many times do you get to break the law before you stop classifying yourself as a law-abiding citizen?

“I’m a serial law-breaking citizen and I carry a gun. ” Is the reality for many gun owners, but they don’t want to classify themselves that way.

Some will, however, classify other people as law-breaking and suggest they be arrested for doing or saying exactly what they have done or said. Below is Nugent on TV in 2008 with his good friend Sean Hannity saying people on the left who make threats are “reprehensible” he takes threatening comments seriously and believes people should be arrested for them.

Ted Nugent gets death threats, takes them seriously, says people who make them should be arrested. Video link.

Now, before Ted starts whining about the “lunitic left fringe trying to force him to comply to rules” I just want to state that this prohibiting of weapons at the fair is not coming from the Government. It is coming from the private corporation, the Southwestern Fair Commission, Inc. They have the right to do this. And Nugent and his agents signed a contract that said he would honor their rules. If he doesn’t honor their rules why should anyone else? What is it about breaching signed contracts doesn’t he understand?

What Happens When Someone Brings a Gun to the Fair?

If someone comes to the Pima County Fair gate and says, “I have a concealed weapon that I’d like to bring into the fair.” The staff can say, no weapons is our policy and ask them to remove the weapon and “place it in the custody of the operator of the establishment or the sponsor of the event for temporary and secure storage of the weapon pursuant to section 13-3102.01″; (link) In practice they usually are told to place them in their vehicle.

Since I wanted to know the law about what would happen if Nugent and his non-uniformed security people don’t comply I spoke to Laura Cutilletta, an attorney from the Legal Community Against Violence. It appears that if someone has refused a reasonable request from the fair staff, the staff can call the Pima County Sheriff. What will the the sheriff do?

To find out I called Dawn Barkman, the public information officer at the Pima Country Sheriff’s office. She said that if the Fair staff ask the person to comply or leave and they don’t, then the Sheriff’s office would come and arrest the person.

Arrested for what? Trespassing.

Now would the staff at Southwestern Fair Commission, Inc. want to use their resources to monitor Nugent and his staff? Probably not. They are counting on Nugent and all his staff to be reasonable people who will honor the rules and regulations they agreed to. As my collegue David Safier wrote:

I hope Nugent is willing to surrender his arms like a good, law abiding citizen. And I hope the people running the Pima County Fair are consistent enough to insist he does.

David is more of an optimist than I am. Based on observing the actions of Nugent, he and his staff will probably defy the rules with the hope that nobody videotapes them and that no one from SWFC, Inc. wants to bust them. If they are noticed and busted, they will whine about how “the Government is trying to take away my 2nd Amendment rights” instead of, “I didn’t want to follow the rules I agreed to in advance because I’m special and a serial contract-breaker when it comes to guns at the venues I perform at.”

This behavior should be noted by Jack S. Schmidt, the Assistant U.S. Attorney. but especially for all the other county fairs and festivals thinking of booking Nugent in the future.

What about the Venue’s Rights?

When a fair doesn’t book Nugent they are not violating his First Amendment rights.

A venue has a right to have policies that say no weapons. By doing so and requiring the entertainer or customers to follow those polices they aren’t violating anyone’s Second Amendment rights, they are asserting their own right to control their venue.

Based on what happens at the Pima County Fair other venues can see if Nugent defies their rules, and can decide if he is worth the hassle to book. They also need to understand that fans who attend might not follow their rules either. Yes, they say they are law-abiding, but then again so did Nugent before each of his law breaking events.

Nugent said that at 63 he won’t “stumble” (aka break the law) anymore, “Especially as a representative of the honorable hunting lifestyle and gun owners of this country.”

We’ll see.



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Hey, #NRA’s LaPierre, the Media’s Not to Blame, You Are.

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Last Saturday, Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association finally addressed the Trayvon Martin shooting— by attacking the media for covering the case, claiming they are “manufactur[ing] controversy for ratings.” Link to story with audio of speech
Wayne LaPierre - Lobbyist Loaded for Bear

LAPIERRE: But the media, they don’t care. Everyday victims aren’t celebrities. They don’t draw ratings, don’t draw sponsors. But sensational reporting from Florida does. In the aftermath of one of Florida’s many daily tragedies, my phone has been ringing off the hook. Now, the National Rifle Association will not comment on any story without a full understanding and a thorough understanding of all the facts. But if I were to answer a call from Diane Sawyer or Chris Matthews or Brian Williams or Rachel Maddow, let me tell you right now what I’d ask them.

Where’s your outrage? Where’s your outrage about Willie Brewer III from Akron, Ohio? Or Derrick Linkhorn from Decatur, Georgia? Or Daryl Adams from New York City? Or what about Antonio Duff? Just this past Monday afternoon, about the same time I got here into town, he was killed and murdered. And he’s not the only young man murdered in this city this past week. You reporters, you don’t know their names. You don’t care about those people. You manufacture controversy for ratings. You don’t care about the truth, and the truth is the national news media in this country is a national disgrace, and you all know it. And so do Americans throughout the country, and it’s getting worse every single day, and your dishonesty, duplicity, and moral irresponsibility is directly contributing to the collapse of American freedom in our country.

Here is my response from my human half, because as coolly analytical as I normally am, his inane remarks need something extra.

Yes, LaPierre, it’s all the media’s fault. You had NOTHING to do with those four dead black teens. Were they killed in car crashes? Because cars are a tool just like guns! Isn’t that what you always say? Maybe you are going to suggest we will want to ban cars because they kill people too, right? You know, the usual strawman crap your groupies try to put into our mouths every single time we suggest some reasonable, non-insane regulation. You know, like not legally selling guns to terrorists on the no-fly list.

And those dead black teens you suddenly care about, how did the killers get their guns? What policies did you push, or regulations did you block that gave them easy access? Will we see an, “I’m Outraged by Black Gun Deaths” twitter feed from the NRA? (@NRAHoodieDeathNews?). Do you really care about those teens? Or do you push the fear of shooting deaths because it sells more guns? My money’s on selling guns, and speaking of making money from guns…

Year after year you make up some imaginary crap about Barak Obama taking your guns so you can raise money to give your racist members an excuse to spend another $320 on yet another small penis compensator. You WISH Obama said a word about taking your guns. Amno-net already calls him “The greatest gun salesman ever“. The guns and ammo manufacturers would happily pay him millions for the billions in revenue a single “gun grabbing” comment from him would generate, but that would cut you out as the middleman. Read the rest of this entry →

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Why is Nobody Talking about the Good killings The “Shoot First” Law Encourages?

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Yesterday I saw a photo stating, “84, 499, 989 Firearm owners killed no one yesterday.”

I thought that was an excellent point. Why focus on the 11 people firearm owners did kill yesterday? I’m such a negative thinker.  So I started thinking, “If I was the gun lobby, or ALEC- their legislation vendor –how would I put a better spin on the Trayvon Martin shooting.”  Here are some of my totally fabricated parody stories and ideas:

“Why is nobody talking about the GOOD killings the ‘Shoot First’ law encourages?“-

A lament from ALEC member Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

“Everyone is looking at the one bad example of the law being used, but hundreds of people have used it to successful get rid of that annoying neighbor or rival drug dealer. That’s a big plus for any community. The prisons don’t get filled up either, that’s a win-win for a cash strapped state.

The down side? “I do have to remember to slowly take out my cell phone in public.”

Asked about future plans to extend “Shoot First” laws into Government buildings the Gov. hedged, “I have no plans to change the law that bans guns  at the Capitol building or to remove the metal detectors and full-time security guards where I’m at most of the time. My hands are tied when it comes to changing laws protecting me. If I did, my wife would kill me.” He then quickly added, “I mean she would be mad at me. She really wouldn’t kill me, kill me, or shoot me, shoot me–especially since I don’t let her have a gun, I mean what with the way we argue…” he trailed off.

“How will this shooting increase gun sales?”

An NRA super lobbyist perspective on the George Zimmerman witch hunt, by Marion Hammer

“How will this shooting increase gun sales”, was my first thought. said super-NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer upon hearing of the shooting of Trayvon Martin shooting. “I’m color blind, except to green. The roles could have been reversed as far as I’m concerned, my next question was, “Was the shooter using a lightweight Kel-Tec 9mm or the heavier more expensive Glock? Is he a lifetime member or just a yearly member of the NRA? How many ‘safety’ classes have we sold him?”

“How To Legally Kill Your Annoying Neighbor In 32 States!*

A How To Guide.

Future joint ALEC/NRA Seminar: “How to Get Away With Murder. Legally” – The George Zimmerman Story. How to use language, the law and dress to avoid suspicion and prosecution.

    • The 3 Things you Must Know before talking to the police.Use the same language the police use for a “good shoot”
      “He angrily reached into his pocket…
      “I felt threatened for my life. I had no duty to retreat. It was my right to stand my ground.
      “This is a defensive wound…”
  • Know your real Weapon — The Law!
  • Why You MUST shoot to Kill – (Avoiding the, “His Word Against Mine” problem)
    • What makes you a law-abiding citizen shooter outside your home, vs. a law-breaking hood you might encounter? The surprising answer!
  • Clothing to wear outside your home while preparing to Defend your Ground
    -Avoid “ethnic” clothing, “bling,” hoodies, baggy pants
    -Pro-tip: Observe what off-duty cops wear and copy them
    -How to look like a banker out walking, not a gangster out robbing
  • Why it’s better to be wrong than dead by shooting first in the following states.

Twenty-five states, including Florida, have “Stand Your Ground” laws, containing provisions that generally allow the use of deadly force in self-defense with no duty to retreat when outside the home. The twenty-five states with these laws are:

Alabama Louisiana South Carolina
Arizona Michigan South Dakota
Florida Mississippi Tennessee
Georgia Montana Texas
Idaho Nevada Utah
Illinois New Hampshire Washington
Indiana North Carolina West Virginia
Kansas Oklahoma
Kentucky Oregon


Another seven states have limited “Stand Your Ground” laws that extend to specific locations outside the home, including a vehicle or place of business or employment. These laws, however, are not as broad as the Florida law:

Alaska Iowa Pennsylvania
Connecticut Missouri
Hawaii North Dakota

Other States Are Considering “Stand Your Ground” Legislation

In 2012, legislation is or was pending in six states (Alaska, Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska and New York) that would eliminate the duty to retreat outside of the home. The Iowa bill has already been passed by the House of Representatives; the Minnesota bill was vetoed.

Three additional states (Indiana, New Jersey, and Oklahoma) considered related legislation this year. The Indiana legislation, which has been signed into law, allows the use of force to resist law enforcement’s entry into one’s home.

* Source of list of states, Legal Community Against Violence

Of course Gov. Scott Walker NEVER said these things. They are totally a function of my overactive mind. However I will point out that Walker is a member of ALEC and did sign the Shoot First law.  And Marion Hammer NEVER said those things. However she does get $190,000 a year from the NRA and in 1996, Hammer told the New York Times that the solution to ending the gun control debate in the United States was to “get rid of all Liberals.”

Have a safe weekend. Hopefully you won’t be one of the 22 dead.

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2 Shot at Gun Show. NRA Supporter’s Response.

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This just in from BLOOMINGTON, Ill.

2 men shot, wounded at central Ill. gun show

Two men have been injured in what officials say was an accidental shooting at a central Illinois gun show.
AP,  12:15 p.m. CST, February 26, 2011. Read the rest here in the Chicago Tribune.

Did you know 34 people are killed every day with guns? --

Every time there is a new shooting tragedy the spokespeople from the NRA have to create a response. I’ve heard enough of them to anticipate their verbiage. Here is my impression of an NRA supporter’s response.  I think it will go a little like this:

“How come the media never report on all the guns shows where there are no shootings? Huh? One little mistake and suddenly it’s, ‘Oh we have to shut down all the guns shows, they are too dangerous.’  It was just a silly accident, get over it. It’s no worse than a forklift accident at a trade show.

I’ll bet this will trigger the Brady bunch to shut down all guns shows. What if they applied the same standard to car shows after someone was killed at a car show? They wouldn’t shut down all the car shows, would they?

Or how about a cookware show where someone accidentally cuts themselves with a knife?  Huh? What about that? Do you want to shut down all the cookware shows?

Guns shows are just like any other trade shows of deadly objects. You gun grabbers are just looking for an excuse to take our guns and stop our trade shows.

Why don’t you focus on the Rachael Ray Gusto-Grip Line of Santoku Knives? Did you know that every day 34 people lose a finger to Rachael Ray’s knives? Do you every read THOSE stories? No. It’s the dirty little secret of the cookware industry. But the liberal cooking show media won’t tell you that.  How do you think Obama’s man Rahm Emanuel lost his finger?  All the media want to do is talk about is the 34 people killed by guns every day.

Or how about the new Chevy Volt. I’ll bet you didn’t know that the Volt is predicted to kill more people than any gun ever made! You can bet the Volt Owners of America won’t be putting those statistics out when they happen! Yet we are expected to acknowledge ever little shooting like it’s a big deal. It’s not! Shootings happen all the time, but why doesn’t the press do stories about the millions of NON-shootings! There wasn’t a single shooting on my block this week. Why don’t they cover that? The bias in the media makes me sick. If you folks would read American Rifleman or Armed Citizen you could see some real unbiased stories of lives saved by shootings and non-shootings.

Could the Media people write a story about the millions of lives saved by people who answer the door with a loaded shotgun? Sure they could, but NOOOOOO. They want to talk about how Jared Loughner shot 32 bullets in 16 seconds. Maybe one time in a billion someone handling a gun screws up. But the second that a terrorist comes knocking on your door suddenly everyone is in favor of guns all of a sudden. If you folks get killed in a home invasion trying to fend off someone with an AR-15 with a Gusto-Grip knife, don’t come crying to me. Because I won’t be listening, I’ll be cleaning my gun!”

Perry Latt Pierre. Real American.

I’ve noticed that when the media cover incidents like this the NRA isn’t ever tasked with a solution to the problem.  Why not?  Because they have defined their job as making the world safer for guns, not people.  So when there is a shooting tragedy nobody goes to them and demands, “Seriously, how would you fix this problem?”  They don’t have to actually come up with solutions that work, because they don’t care about real solutions  (a real solution isn’t, “everyone should wear guns.” That’s preposterous on its face.)

The NRA and GOA pass onto their members methods to counter any suggestions of sensible actions. They create strawmen, use specious arguments and redefine whole classes of objects, all in the continuing quest to never “lose” the conversation.  The majority of NRA members aren’t as radical as their leadership. But it is the leadership and the radical members who define them to the public.

Why do we have to solve the problems that they create? Because they don’t see it as a problem.

I think Sparky the Penguin said it best when he said to a gun’s rights person:

“Barring some seismic realignment in this country, the gun control debate is all but settled–and your side won. The occasional horrific civilian massacre is just the price the rest of us have to pay. Over and over again, apparently.”

I don’t know why you humans let the NRA supporters win arguments, it’s not like they are holding a gun to your head while they are arguing with you. One thing I do know–the gun people on your planet make it hard to live long or prosper.

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Guns Outlawed at Palin Speaking Events

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Half-term ex-Governor Sarah Palin’s next public speaking engagement is Monday, January 24, in the theater of the Lubbock Texas Civic Center. It is a fundraiser for the Lubbock Christian School.

The event was scheduled months before the recent tragedy in Tuscon, but the rules for the Lubbock Civic Center regarding firearms on the premises remain the same. No firearms for law-abiding citizens are allowed. This includes people with conceal carry permits.

If a private security team wants to have firearms they must get permission and coordinate with the Lubbock police department.  I asked Julia Gonzalez, the Lubbock Civic Center Event Coordinator, where do the rules come from, and she said,  “It’s a city facility, so no firearms are allowed inside the building.”  To confirm that I contacted the Lubbock City secretary and got a nice official note back saying, “The city of Lubbock is adhering to the firearms laws of the State of Texas.”  (link)

I didn’t make these laws. I’m not in charge of enforcing them. People who have a problem with this should complain to the chief of police or the people in charge of private security for Palin. Don’t tell me more armed citizens in an audience make it safer for everyone, tell Dale Holton, Lubbock Chief of Police — here’s his phone number.

Do you believe that you are such a crack shot and so vital to the protection of former Gov. Palin from crazy people that you must be able to concealed weapon inside the theater? Don’t plead your case with me. Talk to the Lubbock SWAT team. I have a feeling the current members won’t look too highly upon your 10 hours of concealed carry training considering what happened with their highly trained officers back in 2001.

Also not helpful are the current gaps in the federal background check system, where many mental disability records are never entered into the federal NICS database by individual states (see Virginia Tech) and criminals can get a gun without worrying about a background check, thanks to the gun-show loophole (see Columbine).

Photo David Holthouse from 2011 SHOT Show used with permission

Photo David Holthouse from 2011 SHOT Show, used with permission

Thankfully, today, Mayors Against Illegal Guns announced a comprehensive plan to address this problem, and included statements of support from everyone from Martin Luther King III to Kathleen Kennedy Townshend, former Bush Attorney General Mike Mukasey to NRA A-rated former Republican Representative Jim Kolbe — the previous Congressman from Arizona’s 8th District before Gabby Giffords was elected. Thirty-four victims of gun violence also weighed in, which I just found out is the exact number who are murdered everyday by guns in this country.  . . . Read the rest of this entry →