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Hilarious, Consistent Omission of Single Payer…

By: sporkovat Tuesday January 11, 2011 3:28 pm

from relevant health care posts.

Is there some Message Discipline order still in effect, one wonders?

The Chamber of Commerce announces it’s opposition to Obamacare with language like this:

We see the upcoming House vote as an opportunity for everyone to take a fresh look at health care reform—and to replace unworkable approaches with more effective measures that will lower costs, expand access, and improve quality.

To which an authentic Left/Progressive response could easily be: Single Payer, Medicare for All will provide the results the Chamber says it wants, and much more.

Huge Benefit for YOU and for the U.S.A. The lowest risk and an excellent economic BONUS can be realized by the United States due to it having the largest population among free-market countries and its opportunity to implement one health insurance plan via U.S. House Resolution 676:
— Lowest risk of having major medical bills and hardships (due to 1 health insurance plan for over 300 million persons)
— Excellent economic BONUS: recovered manufacturing jobs, recovered health care jobs, the best negotiated prices (due to 1 public agency that replaces bureaucracy).

But, anyone with an un-acknowledged, disastrous sell-out on their consciences might wish to avoid any mention of such proven solutions, especially if they are still “off the table” of the high ranking politicians of the Legacy Party to which they have loyalty.

One little disadvantage of pre-compromising ‘pragmatism’ is that the compromises have a half-life, and prevent effective rhetorical battles against your ostensible rivals of the (R) messaging machine.

Thanks folks, don’t say we didn’t warn ya about falling in line behind Obamacare!



By: sporkovat Friday January 7, 2011 2:27 pm

I have long had the opinion that the Democratic Party is unredeemable, indeed, is a major obstacle to achieving progressive change, social justice, or even mild, cosmetic reform.

~~ Ed. note: Edited for compliance with site rules; see http://my.firedoglake.com/aboutus.~~

Notably during the HCR ‘reform’ charade, Single Payer and it’s advocates were held to be verboten, and strict message discipline was imposed, in an effort to get Obama’s HCR bill passed, with or without the risible ‘Public Option’ Sparkle Pony.

Since  status is more important to many than facts and reason, I thought I would pass along today a couple links from high status, high profile writers who openly express these taboo viewpoints that I have been advocating for so long.

Glenn Greenwald hasn’t modified his principles or actions one bit since the election of a Democrat to the Oval Office, and here he has some choice words for the (D) captured ‘progressives’

They do the opposite; they proudly announce:  we’ll probably be angry a lot, and we’ll be over here doing a lot complaining, but don’t worry:  no matter what, when you need us to stay in power (or to acquire it), we’re going to be there to give you our full and cheering support. That is the message conveyed over and over again by progressives, no more so than when much of the House Progressive Caucus vowed that they would never, ever support a health care bill that had no robust public option, only to turn around at the end and abandon that vow by dutifully voting for Obama’s public-option-free health care bill.  That’s just a microcosm of what happens in the more general sense:  progressives constantly object when their values and priorities are trampled upon, only to make clear that they will not only vote for, but work hard on behalf of and give their money to, the Democratic Party when election time comes around.

Knee-jerk orthodoxy enforcers – head on over to the comments on Salon and try some of your standard rebuttals, ok?

But really, how is that ‘vote (D), no matter what thing

And then, there is William Greider, genteel and respectable, finally saying it as plain as can be:

Democrats are not used to governing aggressively. They haven’t done so for decades, and they may no longer believe in it. For many years, incumbent Democrats survived by managing a precarious straddle between the forces of organized money and the disorganized people they claim to represent. The split was usually lopsided in favor of the money guys, but one could believe that the reform spirit would come alive once they were back in power with a Democratic president. That wishful assumption is now defunct.

Many progressive groups, including organized labor, suffer a similar dependency. They will not be able to think clearly about the future of the country until they get greater distance from the Democratic Party.

my emphases.

Don’t blandish me, I’m just the messenger.

But the time of giving offerings to the musty Donkey totem is drawing to a close, and recent polls reveal that folks are not stopping by the temple anymore, and your invocations to the faithful are falling on deaf ears.

Will the (D)’s lose more seats? Are the (R)’s ludicrous boors? It matters not.

What matters is building new political and social formations that are oriented towards ameliorating the real problems our society faces, rather than diverting people of goodwill into supporting some odious gang of corporate tools.

Daniel Ellsberg Arrested!

By: sporkovat Sunday December 19, 2010 11:02 pm

But, he was protesting America’s war against Afghanistan, which is now being waged by a Democrat, Nobel Laureate, so therefore, you will not have seen such news mentioned on FDL, right?

After all, as soon as the Democrat was given control of the war machine, the (D) captured Netroots demobilized, and their oh-so-sincere opposition to imperial slaughter dropped to last priority.

So, venture outside a little your comfort zone, and read about 131 sincere, dedicated, authentic, brave people of principle, getting arrested for non-violent civil disobedience protesting Bush/Obama’s stupid, costly, missionless, unwinnable war in Afghanistan.

here is the link: http://www.thiscantbehappening.net/node/345

also: http://www.correntewire.com/its_beginning_look_black_ops_media_blackout_christmas#more

There is always some petulance from followers of the Blue Legacy Party when their complicity and support for the wars is pointed out, but I ask you – if 131 folks were arrested at the White House protesting something FDL leadership actually cared about, don’t you think they would write about it?

So, there we go.

Candidate Obama vied with McCain in making hawkish pronouncements about escalation in Afghanistan, and Firepups voted for him in droves.

And now, the site downplays and ignores courageous protest against the wars.

So, take ownership – this is what you support- and remember, Vote (D), no matter what!

Is it time for Vegetarians to stop chowing down on Bacon McNuggets?

By: sporkovat Thursday December 16, 2010 1:27 pm

Eating deep-fried turdecken?

Cooking with Lard?

Passing around sausages and beef-jerky at their Vegetarian meetings?

Hmmm, lets ponder this:

There seems, possibly, to be a slight tension between what these ‘Vegetarians’ profess to be their beliefs, and their daily actions.

How to resolve this, what a mystery.

Cenk, what do you think?

To reveal the point of this little comparison:

For almost 8 years, Democrats, Progressives, Firepups, the (D) captured Netroots, these sorts of folks, got to publicly preen in their opposition to be President of the USA killing, torturing, and imprisoning people for spurious reasons, or no reasons at all.

Then, when a Democrat holds the reins of power, these issues become last priority, criticism is muted, and ludicrous excuses are proffered in defense of behavior they excoriated under Bush.

So, the choice is, does one hew to ones proclaimed values? Then you cease to support the Democratic Party.

Or, do you continue to chow down on the foulness they serve you?

The First Thing Obama Needs to do is . . . Release the Sparkle Ponies!

By: sporkovat Sunday October 17, 2010 8:58 pm

Is it the kind of idle fantasizing people do after buying a lottery ticket . . . "the First Thing I would do with $78 million is…"

maybe it is useful to while the time away serving a long prison sentence, "the First Thing I’m gonna do when I get out is go surfing at Big Sur again…"

but does it make sense to fantasize about "The First Thing the new Warden should do is . . . release all the non-violent drug offenders locked up by known toker Bill Clinton!"

The Warden is not gonna do that, even if he is more suave, stylishly dressed, and has superior grammar to the previous one.

So, how about a little more situational awareness, shall we say, rather than sculpting "pragmatic" fantasies about the new Warden?

But wait, maybe I’ll try this little excercise, to see if it works for me – the first thing Obama needs to do is suspend all financial and military aid to Israel until they go back to their internationally recognized borders, and give back the land they took by force. Maybe roll up some of their spies and highly placed agents of influence, as well?

ha ha ha ha! Is to laugh, yes?

What is the point, besides delusion and misdirection? Dwelling in fantasyland, how is that pragmatic, rather than some kind of self-medication for (D) captured ‘progressives’ nauseated from the swill they have been willingly drinking?

He was never going to do any of those things ‘progressives’ auto-hypnotized themselves into believing he was going to do, and plenty of folks knew that all along.

oh well, The First Thing I’m going to do with my Anti-gravity boots is … go chase that Public Option Sparkle Pony!!!

Rather Ironic::Points of View with Predictive Validity are Banned

By: sporkovat Friday July 9, 2010 3:40 pm

what, having a point of view that has predictive validity is a thoughtcrime now, leading to pre-emptive censorship?

ponder that a second, FDL Mods.

This whole stance of mock surprise when Obama does exactly what you elected him to do – this apparently is the new outer limit of permissible thought?

But, it is not as if "no one could have predicted" however.

And what will the Democrats do, when they are so comfortably perched in their cushy chairs? They won’t challenge the enshrinement of torture or the law guaranteeing a coming dictatorship, they will not end the murderous occupation of Iraq, and they only hasten an attack on Iran…

from 2006.

So, folks are indulgently allowed to vent about how they feel oh so betrayed, like a parent letting an immature child have their say, but those of us whose point of view was prescient and amply validated get banned?

this goes to the credibility of FDL’s ostensible openness to 3rd party and (I) activity.

I wouldn’t trust it – if you think it is a valid direction, make sure to direct your money elsewhere, rather than into a Democratic Party Trojan Horse, like the inaptly named "Accountability Now."

It is more likely a case of ‘Leaders’ trying to rush to the front of the defectors, leaving in droves from the veal pen, the fattening lot, the inner yard, the outer pastures, and the farflung back acres of the exploitative Blue Donkey Ranch.

Will any Frontpager mention it?

By: sporkovat Friday February 26, 2010 1:03 pm

The Democrats renewed all of Bush’s egregious ‘Patriot’ Act provisions.

But you wouldn’t know it from reading the front page of high profile ‘Progressive" Blog Firedoglake.

They only condemn ubiquitous surveillance when a Republican does it!

They only condemn the shredding of the Constitution when a Republican does it!

When the Democrats they worked so hard to elect – work that included condemning Republicans for their totalitarian tendencies – extend all the abusive and abused provisions, FDL frontpagers will not put it in front of their loyal Firepups…. it might make them a little queasy about voting (D), no matter what, every even numbered year, forever and ever, amen.

Glenn Greenwald, however, has not discarded his previous moral and political stances.
Read more at his site, you won’t find it here except down in obscure Seminal diaries.

No one could have predicted…

By: sporkovat Tuesday February 23, 2010 11:22 am

Even JH is favorably quoting Glenn Greenwald…

Better to tardily acknowledge the obvious than never I suppose, even while banning and moderating such points of view on the main page, where Democratic staffers might see it.

but as Glenn goes on to note, and as JH chooses to omit:

This is what the Democratic Party does; it’s who they are. They’re willing to feign support for anything their voters want just as long as there’s no chance that they can pass it.

But I think the timeline Greenwald made to illustrate his point could be backed up a few steps, to go something like this:

Democrats/WH : You Progressives have to restrict, exclude and dismiss discussion of Single Payer – it is just not Pragmatic!

Progressives: Yes Master! we will observe Message Discipline in the areas we control!

Democrats/WH : Instead here is a new slogan that tests well, the Public Option, talk about that.

distant muttering from the back of the room "but what is the Public Option? has it ever been tried, wouldn’t Single Payer save more money and really care for people?

Democrats/WH and Progressives : shhhh!

Progressives: We want a public option!

Democrats/WH: We agree with you totally! Unfortunately, while we have 50 votes for it, we just don’t have 60, so we can’t have it. Gosh darn that filibuster rule


repeat endlessly, until in even numbered years Progressives get to sing their chorus: Vote Democrat, no matter what! Republicans are worse so lets all jeer at their socio-cultural difference markers!

but, the commenters are ahead, and predictive, as they were in the Massachusetts special election.

Don’t vote for sellout (D)’s! we said, and the sellout (D) lost.

Kill the Bill! or lose what is left of the support for your Legacy Party.