I sent this letter to President Obama via the White House Contact Me webpage.  The form has a response requested box — I’ll let you know what the response is.

Mr. President:

You lied. I want my vote back. I was a lifelong Republican. Last year I switched party affiliation because I wanted change. I voted for you Sir. I encouraged my daughters to vote for you. My mother voted for you. We all wanted the change you promised — we needed the hope that you offered that change would happen.

Instead we find it was all a lie. You are a classic example of saying one thing and doing another — lying to the American voters about transparency and change while making secret deals behind closed doors. This so called Health Reform Bill does not help anyone. I have medical insurance that I can not use. I will be forced to continue pay for it in order to avoid IRS fees. I certainly hope I do not die before I pay 3 more years of insurance premiums for insurance that I can not use before there is even a hope (there is that word again) that I may, repeat may, be able to maybe find insurance on an ‘exchange’. I do not want to pay an estimate 20% of my retirement income on an yet to be defined exchange so that insurance companies can pay their CEO’s $20 million dollars a year.

The only help this bill offers is to the insurance companies. That, Sir, is not change I can believe in.

I want my vote back sir.

Enough is enough.  Time to let the White House know that we are mad as hell and not going to take it any more.