Dear President Obama

I write to you today about Health Insurance. It is about health insurance, not health care because even with health insurance, my family may not receive health care.

We’re going to follow a process by which we can hold our elected leaders accountable, and responsible for their actions, with an example of quantified direct dollar benefits to a specific family. As you can agree, this is a valid exercise to measure the benefits, with one family’s set of costs, of your recently enacted Heath Reform.

My family has a Kaiser Permanante HMO plan with a $50/visit fee. Personally, we do regard Kaiser Permanent as a good medical provider.

  • When I first used Kaiser, in 1980, my fee was $1.00/visit and about $100/month or $1,200/year.
  • In December 1997 my fees were $20/visit and $230/month or $2,760/year
  • In January 2010 my fees were $50/visit and $847/month or $10,284/year
  • In March 2010, after a birthday, $50/visit and $947/month or $11,848/year
  • In June 2010 these will increase to $50/visit and $1,101/month or $13,212/year

These are the fees for 2010. We expect further increases in 2011 and the future. As a cost comparison I have a personal friend, and a significant portion of my wife’s family in Canada, and their costs for equivalent families for Canadian Health Care are in the region of $100 or less per month.

We are sending this list of questions to you, our senators, both democrats, our local representative a Republican, and your Secretary of Health and Human Services. We will publish the answers on the internet, for all to see.

To enlighten us as to the benefits we should expect from the recently enacted health care reform, me please answer the following questions. We expect specific, quantified answers, as the the actual dollar reduction in our family’s health insurance and out of pocket costs:

  1. What specific mechanisms are in place to cut my health insurance and out of pocket expense costs?
  2. What provisions are your administration to further cut the health insurance costs to businesses and the self employed?
  3. Should we encourage our children to migrate to a less costly country? Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China or Thailand?
  4. Should we migrate to Europe? We would be eligible for benefits there.
  5. Is there any plan, anywhere in Government, the House, the Senate, or any State, Democratic or Republican to meet or approach the cost levels of Health Insurance of my Canadian friends and family?
  6. Should I discontinue our health insurance and become a public charge?
  7. How does Hawaii’s health insurance function?