Not only was Shakespeare the father of the modern English language, he also was very good at human psychology. He had human behavior well analyzed.

So I quote him. (I hated reading Shakespeare at School. There is a vast difference between reading for pleasure and one’s own reasons, and reading for exams. As for Chaucer – I’d sooner read Latin).

From The Resister (A British IT web newsletter, complete with British Humor)

Here’s the quote:

But, Jones asserted, Google is eminently trustworthy – more trustworthy than your government, in fact. “I think you should decide the following thing: do you want the world’s information available to you? And if you do, it’s gotta come from one of two sources: either your government – or like the United Nations or some other government – or its gotta come from a company,” he said…

And how well is Google doing in its noble service of truth? “So far,” Jones said, “I think we get an ‘A’ – or even maybe ‘A+’.”

The Reg would like to point its dear readers to the qualifier Jones added to his self-congratulatory grading: “So far.” ®

I believe Google, no really I do, oh yes, absolutely and completely. Why would I ever question the actions of a secretive for profit organization (who’ll collect particulars to do evil for profit, and provide particulars to my less-than-trustworthy Government)?