Oh dear:

Tesla’s vehicle suffered a serious battery fire following an accident. The car ran over a “large metallic object”

No surprise, metal oxygen fires feed off the oxygen extracted from water due to Electro-Chemical Equivalence (Strong metals displace a weak metal in a compound):

Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

Strong, anything but hydrogen, weak hydrogen.

Aqueous foam would, however, be effective against a pool of burning fuel: possibly that lay behind the decision to use water-based means.

Firefighters attending the scene reportedly struggled to extinguish the blaze, finding that water-based methods were not effective

Now add a petroleum fueled (petrol, diesel or LNG) vehicle to such an accident, and imagine a pool of fuel on the road…or a propane tanker…

Tesla, claimed to be the safest care ever? Good luck with that.

Hey Elon, you Hyper-loop was bs, looks like your car is an even hotter idea! I wonder what will happen to the car’s insurance ratings today…slight revision upward I’d expect.

And just like the 787:

The fire occurred after one of the 12 batteries used to power the vehicle was ruptured, and ignited.

With a note of hope:

Each of these batteries is isolated from the others behind fire-proof barriers, none of which failed in the blaze. To Date.

Emphasis added — I wonder if they’ve heard of Murphy?.

Photo from Mark Hunter licensed under Creative Commons