From the Financial Tomes

(Paywall Alert).

WTF happened to our US based “Job Creators” or are they too busy investing elsewhere. Here’s a Point for you Barry, if the locals (US money) will not invest in the US why should the ones overseas?

Although I can understand their reticence in the absence of demand (customeres buying stuff).

Well, here’s Some suggestions:

  • Reach over the the Rs to talk to the 300 US Billionaire “Job Creators”
  • Focus on domestic demand (without demand there will be no jobs)
  • Raise Taxes on the wealthy and cut taxes on the poor (The poor spend their money)
  • Raise minimum wage (Those fast food worked don;t buy much because they have little money)
  • Impose tariffs on imported goods to encourage business to build at home. (Free trade does not work)
  • Do not cut SS, that cuts demand — No chained CPI.
  • Cut the retirement age.
  • Job Guarantee and Employer of last resort for all (as a reason to pay better than minimum wage)

Infrastructure not defense, green jobs, post oil economy (local production and consumption), reverse outsourcing, green energy, etc.

More and better suggestions? Then a campaign to all our reps and senators?

Barry’s opened his mouth. Let’s put our collective foot into it.