Well. Well. Well. You thought that WhatsApp texting technology for $0.99/year was a good deal? Time to re-evaluate! Facebook seems to think that you are worth about $45, or, more precisely, that the information they can get about your social network is worth $45. Now, they can use your phone list (and every other user’s list) to link you to friends, and friends of friends, and even friends of friends of friends! Remember the old proverb: “Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who YOU are.” You’re giving away much more information than you think you are!

Please remember YOU are the product. Facebook wants to map your every thought and now they have another mechanism to track you and sell information on your private doings to a multitude of enterprises and institutions, including whatever Government agency believes that looking over you shoulder is the best way to provide National Security. If amalgamations of this kind keep happening, the NSA won’t need all its technical baddies. It’ll be able to just buy the information it wants from Facebook or Google. To both business and your government, YOU are worth spying on.

I deleted WhatsApp from my phone immediately after I heard the news. I’d only put it on my phone because my nephews and nieces believe is good to use.

I hadn’t really thought about its business model. Even if you credit its creators with honorable intentions, in Facebook’s hands it’s just another piece of ‘spy-everywhere’. This time it’s connected to the other evil empire, Facebook. Your Android phone may already be reporting everything you do to the first evil empire, Google.

WhatsApp is NOT free, even if it once was almost free. It now comes with significant cost – loss of your anonymity, plus you become the unpaid product of all manner of entities who what to exploit you. If you value your privacy, you need to unload that app NOW. Right Now! If you don’t value your privacy, you deserve what you get.

Facebook – clearly the most moral company on earth. At least they don’t boast about their slogan “Don’t be evil.” Facebook’s legally cloudy origin is a clear statement of its morals.

WEB 2.0, removing your freedom and converting you to a cheap commodity at every turn.

Nice. Turn off, tune out, and drop out was never so true.