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by Synoia

Obama Announces New War Plan for Iraq

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A bloody, helmeted zombie soldier

“Does the mess hall serve brains?”

Today, the White House has announced a new war plan for Iraq, with a new Secretary of Defense, a new commanding General, and the clear identification of the leader of ISIS (or ISIL), in Northern Iraq.

Obama announced:

We have completed the development of a new rejuvenation technique, where was can now raise Defense Engagement Assets on Demand, also known as The DEAD. These recently resurrected will form a new Army, the 666th Zombie Group, which will be focused on the Middle East.

With this new capability, none of our precious youth need be risked in actual battle. We can use them to fly drones from the safety of their US Bases, and the actual boots on the Ground will be the living dead.

With this new approach, we have eliminated the costs of Medical Evacuations, Medics in the Field, all the medical facilities of the VA, and eliminating active service pay to Zombie troops because they can eat what they kill, so saving billions of tax dollars. And if Zombies get wounded in battle, we don’t have to pay them a pension. Resurrecting old warriors is economical to a fault.

In a response the Singer of the House of Representatives, Cantor Eric, chanted in plainsong:

We believe the poor minorities, not the DEAD,
Should be in active service for our nation,
Their deaths dignify us all to a very great extent
And provide a distraction for the people,
While we ignore them and do what we want.


We republicans will not fund any army
Which does not save money by reducing the poor
Kill them on the beaches; kill them on the streets,
Kill them at home, kill them in wars,
Verily, the VA Medical facilities must endure.
They are in honor of other people’s children being shot,
in schools, or in battle, will kill them young.


Zombies are a false economy, and a Democratic trick.
Amen (sung to a breve, as is common in plainsong.

At which point Cantor Eric lost his primary battle, to a non-singing (or nonsensical) gentile.

He will be missed, but not by much. He may have been consistently wrong while being (R)ight, but he had a great singing voice, following the footsteps of Oliver Twist (Can I have more please?).

A Department of Defense Spokesperson followed Obama’s announcement with the new senior positions to be filled by Zombies:

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by Synoia

Mafia Annual Report – Supports TPP

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The Mafia’s Leaked annual report from the Federal Government’s Drug Enforcement Agency reveals the Mafia (Organized Crime not Based on Wall St) is behind the scenes and is lobbying hard for the TPP.

Documents show the Major DC Law firm of Capo, Capo, Capo and Hernandez (an Italian America Law firm expanding into business south of the United States) is exercising its lobbying muscle.

The Mafia group are planning a comeback by using the ISIS provisions of the TPP and TTIP.

They believe the so called “trade treaties,” which are really protection policies for the media, financial and pharmaceutical industries are well-suited to their form of business.

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by Synoia

Global Control of Finance

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The US has caused two great crashes in 70 years, and clearly cannot be trusted to regulate financial markets. It’s not Europe which wants control of its internal financial industry; the non-US Rest of the World will impose control on the global financial industry including the inept US regulatory system.

An second issue, not yet asked is: If Banking is essential, and must be supported by Government & Taxpayers, why is it private? Why is it not an essential Government function?

Either, the risk in Banking is to be taken by taxpayers, and the taxpayers should get the rewards, or, taxpayers would not have to take the risk.

In the US, these issues are heresy, as the question go against the “free market” (LAMO at the to-date $2 – $3 trillion taxpayer support for free markets), dogma in the US.

Ask yourself the question: Do you trust the US Government to regulate Wall St, when Wall St can buy any set of laws it wants?

Which pulls a thread and starts to unravel really difficult questions about the US Governmental system – is it hopelessly corrupt? Can it be reformed from within? Or, must it crash and be remade?

As Kipling wrote: