Under the category of things we already knew but now we have proof, the WSWS (yup, them socialists) has a new piece entitled, Ireland: Bankers joke about their €7 billion bailout scam.  The information for this story came from the Irish Independent’s story titled: How bankers planned policy of deception (June 27, 2013).

Seems the Irish Independent released transcripts and audio of a recorded phone conversation between Irish Banking executives on September 19th, 2008  in which they literally spell out their fraudulent actions and how they were going to rip-off the Irish taxpayer, and they didn’t care a whiff about the Irish taxpayer or Ireland.  Where they got this audio is still unknown.  But … well we’ll talk about it at the end.

[warning, rant ahead, skip next paragraph to continue the story]

(Sound familiar?  Seems the government and regulators were in on it too (or they are the most absurdly competent people on this planet, except for Congress and our regulators.  If anyone even mentions the term “jail time” or “consequences” as a possibility for these folks in the comments, I will be referring you for mental treatment or a spiritual drop-kick to the head, whichever ones removes these delusional, unrealistic thoughts from your head.  Taxes are for the little people.  Corporations are people too?  I guess so, because like the rich, they pay little to no taxes.  Also for the little people, ie. “the law”, which is nothing more than a sham that money can buy for you so the rich can oppress us more easily and efficiently.  Laws, written by the rich and to benefit the rich over the rest of us.  But I digress, … let us continue on with our heroic story where the organized banksters once again save the people of their respective countries, … by fraud, theft, lies, intimidation, bribery, coercion … and the government officials who are in bed with these sociopaths.)

So back to our fairy-tale story.  When Lehman went boom and the deceptive facade of the rich was slowly unraveling here, in Ireland all the banks were in trouble.  And the Irish banksters  knew it.  They just needed some accomplices (government and regulators – check).  They needed the chump to take the consequences of their mistakes (the Irish taxpayer and every man, woman, and child in Ireland – check).  And it’s on tape.

The bank was The Anglo-Irish Bank.  The players: John Bowe, the bank’s head of capital markets,  Peter Fitzgerald, Director of Retail Banking, and David Drumm, who was group chief executive at Anglo Irish Bank..  The cost?  Oh the cost! …

Once again, laws and consequences are for the little people.  In fact it’s the little guy who’s paying for their mistakes and their actions.  This guy, and his friends will walk.  They have to walk.  If they don’t, they can spill the beans on the government officials, elected reps and regulators, who would never let one of their class suffer.  Suffering is also for the little people … bootstraps and all.

Let’s go to the tapes … hear it from the sociopath’s mouth.

In any other world, ie. where the rich didn’t own the place outright, … but we don’t live in that world.  The tapes clearly reveal a plan to defraud and cheat the Irish taxpayer.  And it succeeded.  When anyone does this much intentional and reckless damage to a society, isn’t that treason?  At what point does it become treason?

It worked the way it was supposed to work:

I will end of with what I believe to be a very concise analysis of this issue in one of the closing paragraphs:

And there it is.  Delay, delay, delay.  How many banksters have been put on trial (not counting Iceland).  The government is fully in bed with these types.  Some of them are of that class.  Others want to be of that class.  Either way, the taxpayer is looted.  Even with this smoking gun … he who has the gold makes the rules.