Just got an email from Organizing For America *DNC* asking me to thank my representative (Nancy Pelosi) for passing health care last night, and asking me to write a letter to the editor thanking her and Obama for passing health care in the House. Here’s what I wrote:

It is shocking that in order to pass a Health Care Reform bill in the House of Representatives, with a 60% majority, our Democratic leadership allowed a vote on an amendment that will eliminate choice for any women enrolled in plans offered on the national exchange.

When we worked to elect Democrats to Congress and to the White House, activists never expected to see women’s rights go backwards in America. This is a horrifying development.

I hope the United States Senate will not take up this loathsome Stupak Amendment and that conferees will remove it before health care reform goes to President Obama to sign.

Saturday was a bitter, hollow victory for our sisters, daughters, and mothers whose health care was bargained away needlessly so that Rahm Emanuel could have a "W" in the health care column.