Longtime Lieberman mouthpiece Dan Gerstein is portrayed in Politico as a "Democratic political consultant" whenever they need someone to run down the Democrats or, as today, tout the Republicans.

Providing the Village conventional wisdom on The Summit: The Summitting for anyone who missed TradMed’s sloppy coverage yesterday, Politico makes good use of Dan Gerstein in an "across the spectrum" account:

But in this case, the tie goes to Republicans, according to operatives on both sides of the aisle — because the stakes were so much higher for Democrats trying to build their case for ramming reform through using a 51-vote reconciliation tactic.

“I think it was a draw, which was a Republican win,” said Democratic political consultant Dan Gerstein. “The Republican tone was just right: a respectful, substantive disagreement, very disciplined and consistent in their message.”

Who still hires this hack, and how can they defend that now? It’s time for any Democrats — actual Democrats, not Connecticut for Lieberman Independent Democrats from Connecticut — who pay this guy to fire him. He doesn’t speak for any Democrats I know, and his consultant credentials are constantly used to undermine Democratic party efforts.

Who does Dan Gerstein work for? What Democrats write him checks? And why won’t they fire him, since he commits this kind of political malpractice repeatedly?

Alternatively — if Dan Gerstein doesn’t consult with any Democrats, why does Politico allow him to self-identify as a "Democratic political consultant?" Has Politico verified that credential lately?