Blue Dog Coalition co-founder and former Oklahoma Congressman Bill Brewster’s firm, Capitol Hill Consulting Group, was hired on May 10th to lobby lawmakers by Transocean, owner of the failed Deepwater Horizon drilling rig.

Capitol Hill Consulting Group, chaired by former U.S. Representative Bill Brewster of Oklahoma, registered as a lobbyist for Transocean on May 10, a day before the Swiss-based company began appearing before the Senate and House of Representatives oversight committees to answer for the leaking BP Plc (BP.L) well.

The disaster threatens to engulf oil giant BP, Transocean and other companies involved in the offshore drilling industry in a new era of government scrutiny and regulation.

Capitol Hill Consulting declined to comment on its new role. Transocean officials were not immediately available for comment.

While the lobby shop is chaired by former Congressman Brewster, who served from 1991 to 1997, he is also specifically named in Transocean’s lobbying registration:

The lobbying firm’s registration document names Brewster as one of three who will actively represent Transocean on environmental, natural resources and energy issues.

The former Democratic lawmaker served in Congress from 1991 through 1997. In 1994, Brewster formed a caucus of lawmakers from oil-producing states called the Congressional Oil and Gas Forum, and served as its first chairman. He also was a founding member of the Blue Dog Coalition, an influential group of pro-business congressional Democrats.

Transocean moved its headquarters to Switzerland from Houston in 2008 to save on taxes and get closer to its Eastern Hemisphere clients.

h/t @Maddow via Twitter