The head of the Center for Military Readiness (a self-generated think tank for bigots), Elaine Donnelly, told Tamron Hall today that homosexuals need to “calm down” about Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell. Speaking on MSNBC alongside two servicemembers discharged under the policy (Hall and Almi) Ms Donnelly screeched her lies about the study, saying that it never defined its own terms of ‘readiness’ and ‘unit cohesion,’ the two military terms at the very center of the debate for the past two decades.

Apparently, a ten-month comprehensive study that involved surveys sent to almost half a million servicemembers and their families, extensive interviews with the leadership of all branches of the service, and in-depth discussions with both discharged and currently serving non-straight servicemembers isn’t enough for Ms Donnelly, whose expertise in the subject (such as it is) doesn’t come from her non-existence military service.

Of course, the incoming chair of the military readiness subcommittee in the House of Representatives next year, South Carolina’s Joe “You Lie!” Wilson, echoed Elaine Donnelly’s language as he said the current lame-duck session should not rush through repeal of DADT without a lengthy opportunity to study the report. He seems not to understand that the House has already passed a defense authorization bill that includes repeal; action is only needed in the US Senate.

So there you have the two-pronged response from the bigots and ‘slow-rollers’ to today’s report release: One, the report is seriously flawed because it didn’t ask the right questions or define the required terms. Two, we need more time to study it.