Stanley McChrystal, cashiered by the President for his staff’s unfortunate remarks about the chain of command in Rolling Stone magazine ten months ago, was appointed to lead the new White House initiative designed to assist military families. Mary Tillman, who knows something about Stanley McChrystal’s treatment of military families, does not think he is fit to serve in this role.

Pat Tillman became one of the most high profile military enlistees after he left a professional football career to become an Army Ranger. He was killed by friendly fire seven years ago, but the family says the military misrepresented the circumstances of his death in an effort to create pro-war propaganda.

“[McChrystal] deliberately helped cover up Pat’s death and he has never adequately apologized to us for doing that,” Mary Tillman told ABC News. “I’ve come to learn through this journey that there are many other families that have been lied to by the military about their sons and daughters,’” she said. “And so we feel that what happened to Pat pertains to other people, not just us. I think it’s a slap in the face to all soldiers to appoint this man to be on this committee.”

Once before, Mary Tillman cautioned President Obama about Stanley McChrystal against his earlier appointment to lead US troops in Afghanistan, to no avail:

Mary explained, “I wrote the book, came out in 2008, and I indicate that McChrystal was involved in orchestrating the cover-up. He falsified the Silver Star. He was very aware that Pat was killed by friendlies. And then, when he was going to be promoted to the head commander in Afghanistan, I had contacted President Obama, I e-mailed him and written a letter and contacted members of Congress, just trying to remind them that this man needed to be scrutinized very carefully. And in the end, it turned out that he was pretty much meant for that position. He was a shoo-in. Of course, he was promoted. And, that is part of the foreword.”

Mary Tillman’s experience as a military family member is even more applicable to the case of McChrystal’s new appointment, don’t you agree? Please let the White House know you agree with Mary Tillman. Contact the White House here, or call 202-456-1111 and tell President Obama to rescind this misguided appointment.