Having slithered off the GLAAD board of directors amidst other departures announced in that organization’s long-awaited statement, Troup Coronado, Esq., — the AT&T handmaiden who’s the source of all this travail in LBGT organizations that took “stands” on the T-Mobile merger and net neutrality — has left the Equality California Institute Board of Directors as well.

It’s a good thing, too, since Troup Coronado’s anti-gay efforts in the Heritage Foundation and the GWBush Administration are coming to light, as well as his smarmy history of breaking “ethics” rules in place during the Wild West Denny Hastert/Tom Delay era as a House lobbyist.

Earlier this week, Equality California withdrew a letter to the Federal Communications Commission from its then-Executive Director, Geoff Kors, about net neutrality. Here is I-ED Carroll’s recent e-mail and his letter to the FCC withdrawing that letter:

On behalf of Equality California I have sent the letter copied below to the FCC withdrawing our previous letter. As it says in the letter it was never our intention to oppose Net Neutrality.
And on behalf of myself I made an error in an interview yesterday with Chris Geidner in which I said that Equality California doesn’t have a policy with regard to our policy positions. In fact, there is a policy that allows the Executive Director to make decisions on policies that are core to the mission of Equality California. On issues that are outside of our core mission, such as support for our friends in labor or in the reproductive rights community, there is a policy that requires the board to weigh in if a board meeting is timely, or directs the matter to the Executive Committee. In the event of an urgent policy choice the ED can seek counsel from the Board President. I apologize for any confusion this might have created. I’ve only been Interim ED for 7 weeks!
Jim Carroll

June 22, 2011

The Honorable Julius Genachowski
Chairman, Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street SW, Room 8-B201
Washington, DC 20554
RE: Withdrawal of letter dated October 12, 2009 – Broadband Industry Practices (WC Docket No. 07-52)
Dear Chairman Genachowski and Commissioners:
On October 12, 2009, Equality California submitted a letter to the Commission urging the preservation of an “open and accessible Internet” and requesting an effort to reach out to the LGBT community. It has come to our attention that the phrase “open and accessible Internet” can be taken to indicate opposition to net neutrality, which was neither our intention nor our organization’s position. We fully support the principles of net neutrality.
Accordingly, we request that you withdraw our letter of October 12, 2009.
Very truly yours,

Jim Carroll
Interim Executive Director
Equality California

Equality California promises a statement shortly; when I receive it I will append it as an update to this post.