Will reporters ask Mitt Romney the Ron Paul question? (photo: Gage Skidmore/flickr)

Here’s a question I’d like to see asked at the next GOP candidates’ debate: Ron Paul always gets asked if he’ll promise not to run against the GOP nominee. I’d like to know if Mitt Romney will make the same promise.

Governor, will you disavow an independent candidacy should you not be the GOP nominee?

There might just be enough wholly dissatisfied GOP officeholders and establishment players, should their choce of Mitt be invalidated by primary voters, to convince Mitt that he can run somewhere in the theoretical center-right, right between bomb-throwing, dog-whistling, majority-disliked Newt Gingrich and the Socialist Devil Baby Kenyan. GOPs have already pledged not to support, donate to, or run alongside Newt. Could they prevail on Mitt to continue his campaign for the presidency into the fall?

At any rate, I’d like to see Mitt face his own campaign’s inevitability, on stage with cameras rolling. He’s no longer the front-runner; let’s find out if he’d be willing to be a spoiler in the general election. Legacy Media journalists think it’s important to press Dr Paul on this issue, but Mitt has the establishment backing — and the money — to make the case to himself. GOP voters deserve to know that the vast Romney campaign, already robust in multiple states awaiting their primary and caucus dates, won’t be turned against their own nominee.

Of course, Mitt will reply that he intends to be the nominee. But that’s much less a foregone conclusion, and its prospects fade every single day as new polls are released. Why shouldn’t he be asked to make the pledge? “Are you a sore enough loser to run against the GOP nominee, Mitt?”

Besides, the PAC-produced ads show some extraordinary clips of Romney calling himself a moderate, a progressive, not a lockstep Reagan/Bush party adherent. Mitt has the chameleon nature, the resources, the motivation, and the ambition. GOP voters had better lock him down.

Who will ask Mitt Romney if he will support the nominee of his party?