Via a headline at Eschaton (“God Hates Atrios“) I learned the discouraging news that one of the slipperiest centrists in the Democratic Party has reconsidered his decision regarding the US Senate seat now held by the retiring Ben Nelson of Nebraska. Here’s the news:

Former senator Bob Kerrey (D-Neb.) has changed his mind and plans to run for the open Senate seat in Nebraska, according to a senior Democratic aide.

The aide said Kerrey has called Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to inform him of his plans.

Navy SEAL Team Leader at Thanh Phong!

Been a Governor and a Senator!

Dated Linda Ronstadt! And Debra Winger!

Justifying his 1999 vote for Gramm-Leach-Bliley which fundamentally recast America’s financial landscape and safeguards: “The concerns that we will have a meltdown like 1929 are dramatically overblown,”.

Headed the New School in Manhattan, and fought the NLRB and UAW on unionization! Presided over a full-scale occupation and, later, riot.

Little known tidbit: Kerrey was selected to head the MPAA but they couldn’t come to terms, leaving an opening for Chris “I’ll never lobby!” Dodd to become the biggest lobbyist in town.

But how in-character for Kerrey’s return to the arena to be marred by a betrayal:

Nebraska Democratic Senate candidate Chuck Hassebrook… who just stepped down from his position as a University of Nebraska Regent, announced his candidacy earlier this month after Kerrey said he was passing on a bid to avoid putting his “family at risk.”

If Kerrey does take the plunge into the Senate race, Hassebrook said he would not be able to keep his current job.

“There is a filing deadline for incumbents that’s two weeks earlier. I would not be able to go refile for the position I hold now,” he said.

Here’s the thing: if you’d like a younger more treacherous New Democrat to fill Ben Nelson’s seat, here he is. If you think Mark Warner isn’t corporate-friendly enough, Bob Kerrey’s your man.