Sam Stein and Karen Finney had a great conversation with Alex Wagner on The Last Word about Ann Coulter’s remarkable call for donors to withhold fundage to Mitt Romney’s campaign — “big donors” — until Andrea Saul is fired for citing Romneycare in Massachusetts as a possible solution for a dead lady cited in the new (controversial?) pro Obama PAC’s ad.

There was lots of discussion about whether Andrea Saul should take the hit — and be fired, as Ann Coulter demanded! — for mentioning the GOP standard-bearer’s primary governmental accomplishment while governing Massachusetts. But more critical to me is this: what hold does the crazy, Ann Coulter-following, Erick Erickson-admiring, rabid right wing have over the Romney campaign?

Will Mitt Romney obey Ann Coulter? Or will he back up his spokesperson, who (after all) merely cited his own signature accomplishment as governor? Ann Coulter calls this action by Andrea Saul “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory” as Coulter sees the purported dishonesty of the pro-Obama ad as the potential turning point in the campaign. But now that Mitt is cruising into his convention, ready to pick a running mate and at the 90-day point where he actually must start winning news cycles, does he want one of them dominated by the message that the rabid right wing can dictate firing decisions in his campaign?

And — if Ann Coulter can tell Mitt Romney who to fire — will Ann Coulter, Erick Erickson and the rabid right wing of the GOP have veto power over Mitt Romney’s Cabinet picks, should it come to that? Does the forced-birth wing of their party get to pick the next HHS secretary? Does the Liberty Counsel get to vet Mitt’s Attorney General? Do Mitt’s SCOTUS appointments need to pledge fealty to vote with Antonin Scalia?

How enmeshed is the right wing crazy aspect of their party in Mitt’s future? Does the campaign owe anything to them? Can they succeed without them? Will they ignore Coulter? Can Mitt afford to ignore her and Erick Erickson, and come even close to defeating Obama?