Interrupting Olympics coverage with a Chuck Todd Special Report, NBC announced tomorrow’s 8:45am Eastern time announcement by Mitt Romney is that Wisconsin Congressman and House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan will run as his Vice-Presidential nominee. This puts the most reliable GOP base component, the Olds, in jeopardy, as Chairman Ryan is best known among the AARP set for his proposal to end Medicare as we know it.

During FDL Late Night, Swopa provides excellent on-the-fly analysis of this most recent Romney flip-flop:

To paraphrase Woody Allen, the hardest part of being a cynic about the Romney campaign is keeping up. Deciding they have to name Mitt’s VP now — more than 2 weeks before the GOP convention, with the Olympics not over yet, and on a Saturday morning, no less! — is as pure a sign of panic as you can get. Republicans are famously obsessed with winning each and every short-term news cycle, and Team Romney must have decided that a mid-August weekend of Sunday talk shows asking whether Mitt’s candidacy is in trouble was a fate that had to be avoided at all costs.

Andrea Mitchell looked almost embarrassed to relay to Chuck Todd her news nugget of this story: relaying the news to second-time bridesmaid Tim “Bridge Fall Down” Pawlenty was Tagg Romney, the candidate’s son. Because, you know, Mitt doesn’t like to spend his time with losers.