Okay, now Mitch McConnell is simply funnin’ with us, providing a level of performance art not seen on the Senate floor since, well, since I don’t know when. After his extraordinary filibuster of his own bill last week, the Senate Minority Leader presented some examples of ‘wasteful, out-of-control federal spending’ that contribute to President Obama’s trillion dollar deficits ‘as far as the eye can see.’

What was the prime example of wasteful spending that McConnell featured in his recap of contributors to the trillion dollars of deficit? A $325,000 grant to develop a robotic squirrel.

“Named robo-squirrel!”

Everyone knows the Japanese appear to be kicking America’s ass in robotics development, so any effort to stimulate study in American universities to further our own knowledge in this area is suspect — because learning.

Watch Mitch rail against robo-squirrel spending. I wonder if I can find a calculator with enough screen and memory to calculate the percentage of a trillion-dollar deficit this $325,000 grant represents.

h/t Raw Story