"Only the Dark Lord may call forth the fire!"

Delightful tidbits keep leaking out of the Fiscal Cliff negotiations, as various Capitol Hill egos find willing stenographers to ‘report’ on incidents that reflect well on them.

Everyone seems all pearl-clutchy about Speaker Boehner’s descent into CheneySpeak right outside the Oval Office:

“Go fuck yourself,” Boehner advised Reid as they crossed paths just outside the Oval Office.

“What are you talking about?” Reid asked in surprise.

“Go fuck yourself,” Boehner explained.

This is, of course, not a new low. It’s remarkably similar to Vice President Cheney’s recommendation to Senator Pat Leahy years ago. On the Senate floor. But the Civility Police‘s unclutched pearls would be purposeless with accompanying shock and dismay.

More telling about Villager mores and understanding of modern technology is this charming report about how Leader Reid treated a written offer from the White House to cut Social Security via implementation of Chained-CPI:

Reid and Obama had disagreed privately about what their next offer should be. At one point, Reid was unhappy with an idea that Senate aides said came from Obama — to put the change in Social Security benefits back on the table in exchange for a delay in spending cuts and a rise in the debt limit.

Aides said Reid actually tore up the proposal and threw it into the blazing fire in his ornate green marble fireplace. The paper burned. Reid said he didn’t want evidence that the idea had ever been considered.

Makes for a dramatic scene in Leader Reid’s hagiography but does Harry actually think that having that single piece of paper go up in flames also destroyed whatever emails, pixels, and texts that also memorialized it? Does Reid really think he eliminated all evidence just because his copy went into his fireplace in pieces? Who does he think he is, anyway — Dick Cheney? Only the Dark Lord may call forth the fire!

Photo by wanderingnome under Creative Commons license