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GOP test-markets its next ‘gay marriage’ issue in OK

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It’s no secret that the GOP used ‘gay marriage’ prohibition referenda to great success in turning out their most fundamentalist, right-wing voters in states that mattered to the Bush/Cheney re-election campaign in 2004. But American voters, especially inward-looking, family-oriented fundies, must be constantly re-entertained to be electorally motivated. To that end, the GOP is test-marketing its second-decade turnout-motivator issue in Oklahoma: Sharia law.

Yes, Oklahomans will vote next week whether to prohibit their judges from considering international or Sharia law in their deliberations.

One of 11 ballot initiatives in the state this November, State Question 755, better known as the “Save Our State” constitutional amendment, would prevent courts from using international or Sharia law. The question made it to the ballot by passing the state Senate 41-2 and the House 82-10. In addition to potentially rallying the conservative base to the polls, the initiative, which bans something that is nearly impossible statutorily, is worth watching because the GOP may employ it in swing states two years down the line.

If this works — and why wouldn’t it, given the huge threat Sharia law currently poses to Oklahomans? — it may very well be the ballot issue that supplants ‘gay marriage’ in states the GOP needs to win the presidency in 2012. Look for compliant state legislatures, and some new GOP governors elected next week, to get this pressing issue on statewide ballots in 2012.

‘Gay marriage’ got the fundie preachers’ flocks up and out of the pews to vote in 2004. Eight years later, these preachers will naturally align themselves with such a pro-Christian issue: would you like your next brush with the police to be decided under Sharia law? ‘Sharia law’ is a double-barreled issue, too. It not only has the charming xenophobic resonance of George W Bush’s famous “with us or against us.” It also shuts down debate pretty quickly: “You’re not a terrorist-sympathizer, are you?”

Of course, that Sharia law poses absolutely no threat to American jurisprudence makes no difference whatsoever. Marriage equality hasn’t ended ‘traditional marriage’ anywhere, has it? The logic of the issue isn’t important. In fact, it’s counterintuitive, since anyone who argues against a Sharia law referendum is, by definition, on the side of terrorists.


Suddenly, all that recent braying from disgraced former House Speaker Newt Gingrich about a federal ban on Sharia law begins to make sense. The GOP must get folks scared about Sharia law if they to be asked to vote on it next cycle. If the unresponsive federal government won’t recognize the very real threat of creeping Sharia-ism in our courts, at least states can ban it.

For motivating base voters, 2012 might shape up to be Sharia v pot.

Say “Twenty-Ten”

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The grammar police have a point: you don’t say your birth year is "one thousand nine hundred fifty three" if you were born in 1953. So let’s kick off this New Year right and discard the superflous "two thousand" in our nomenclature for the year. Just say "twenty-ten!"

The National Association of Good Grammar – essentially a guy named Tom Torriglia and some friends who also paid attention in English class – say people have been mispronouncing the year for 10 years.

"NAGG is here to put everybody back on the correct path," Torriglia said by phone from his home in San Francisco. "We lost the battle when we went from 1999 to 2000 – but now we’re hoping to win the war."

The "20" should have been pronounced "twenty" all along, he said, pointing out that every year in the 20th century was pronounced "nineteen something."

" ‘Twenty’ follows ‘nineteen.’ ‘Two thousand’ does not follow ‘nineteen.’ It’s logical."

Probably the challenge has something to do with Americans hardly ever using the almost archaic term "aught" for "zero." (And don’t get me started on "zed!" — which means "Z" for pete’s sake.)

"It was never ‘two thousand nine’ for me," he sighed. "It was always ‘twenty aught nine.’ "

So the people hawking next year’s car models, the newscasters on TV and anyone else with a reason to say "2010" aloud should embrace good grammar and say "twenty ten" right now, Torriglia said.

As long as one guy gets to make rules like this, I’d like to rule right now on the name of the decade. Many Twits have called the new decade "The Tweens" (too cute) or "The Teens" (not really, since it will be three long years until a year with ‘teen’ in its name). Neither of these works as a name for the entire decade.

The only term that applies to the entire decade? Every year until 2020 begins with One, so it’s the best name.

The Onesies.

Please start calling this decade The Onesies, okay?

Update: This Facebook group is dedicated to the proposition that "twenty-ten" sounds cooler. So there’s that.

CA-Sen: Here Comes Carly!

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Carleton Sneed "Carly" Fiorina, the only person ever fired by the McCain 2008 campaign for incompetence, filed papers with the IRS today to open an exploratory candidacy to challenge Senator Barbara Boxer next year.

Not a success at CEOing, voting, or political surrogating, Sneed Fiorina seems to think her vast personal fortune entitles her to a Senate run, despite her "pro-life" stance that conflicts with a large California majority’s views. I mean, the woman doesn’t even vote:

Fiorina voted in just 5 of the 18 elections since 2000, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. That’s even worse than former eBay CEO Meg Whitman, the Republican gubernatorial hopeful who, you’ll recall, voted in 6 of 13 elections over five years (46 percent turnout versus 28 percent for Fiorina).

Sneed Fiorina also took corporate espionage to new heights, while leading HP off the cliff with a disastrous merger with Compaq and huge layoffs:

The company concern over leaks from its board began while Fiorina was chief executive. She asked the Silicon Valley law firm of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati to interview board members to discover the leak. But nothing came of that investigation. After Hurd succeeded Fiorina, the leaks stopped.

She first has to get by conservative kook Chuck Devore, who has a possibility of being nominated given the rightwing tilt of California’s GOP. If she does win the nomination, though, current DK/R2K polls have her double-digits behind Boxer.

Will You Pledge to Assist a Specter Opponent?

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Here’s a great idea: pledge to donate $25 to a progressive Democrat to oppose new "Democratic" Senator Arlen Specter. The Facebook Group has over 500 fans — join now to make a pledge to assist the Pennsylvania Democrat who challenges Arlen in next year’s Democratic primary for Senate.

"I Support a Real Progressive Against Arlen Specter!"

Here’s how the founders of the Facebook Group describe their effort:

Legally, we can’t put money in a pot and have it wait for a non-existent candidate. But, we can create an environment for a real progressive to step up by pledging to give $25 to that eventual candidate.

Will you take this pledge? To do so, just become a fan.

Please leave a comment below if you’ve joined the Facebook Group!