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This Week’s GOP Primary Voters Think Obama’s Muslim

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Most of you know I could give two hoots about anybody’s religion, including the lack of my own. Whatever belief system you choose, I’m cool — as long as your belief system impinges not one iota on me.

Like, ever.

So a diary from me about religion might seem out of context, except this isn’t really about religion. It’s about ignorance. America the Stupid. People who just won’t pay attention to the facts. People whose votes are soon to be billed as Very Important.

In the two states with primary votes tomorrow (Critically Important States if you listen to Legacy Media, who’d like your eyeballs for the next 36 hours, please) most GOP voters think President Barack Obama is a Muslim.

Repeating that for clarity: Most GOP voters in Mississippi and Alabama think President Barack Obama is a Muslim.

These are the voters our eyes are turning to tomorrow:

In the midst of tight GOP primaries in both states, Public Policy Polling (PPP) has released information showing that a majority of likely GOP primary voters in the Deep South do not see Obama as a Christian. PPP’s Alabama survey of 600 likely GOP primary voters found that only 14 percent consider Obama a Christian, while 45 percent said he is a Muslim and 41 percent answered that they were not sure.

A similar picture surfaced in Mississippi. Of 656 likely GOP primary voters surveyed, 12 percent said Obama was a Christian, 52 percent classified him as a Muslim, and 36 percent fell in the “not sure” category.

I’m willing to bet that at least half of those “not-sure” people are folks who think it’s downright rude to ask someone about another person’s religion but who are pretty sure a dark-hued fellah from Libya or Uganda whose name is Barack Hussein Obama Sr is gonna have a Muslim kid.

So when your MSNBC Panelists wax eloquent over the wisdom-of-the-voters after tomorrow’s catastrophe in Mississippi and Alabama and when CNN’s multiple panels tell Anderson Cooper that things are simply too-close-to-call-so-let’s-take-a-commercial-break-while-we-sort-things-out, just remember: these voters think our President is a Muslim. And almost all of them aren’t willing to take his word for it that he’s a Christian.

God-fearing Christian people, amiright?

Any Predictions for Tonight’s Super Tuesday GOP Primaries?

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1. Could Ron Paul Be Under the Radar in Virginia Today?

Both Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum messed up their petitions and filing deadlines something awful, missing the very strict eligibility criteria for getting on today’s Virginia GOP presidential ballot. The national media is focused on Ohio, since Virginia is a two-man race between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.

Mitt Romney is presumed by Legacy Media to have the Virginia primary sewn up, and national media has paid little attention to the GOP presidential primary in this border state, now a fall battleground between Barack Obama and his challenger. Local media has given the primary short shrift and, from some reports around the state, it sounds like voters are giving today’s primary a pass.

Except, possibly, for Ron Paul voters.

Here’s part of one blog entry in this morning’s Washington Post:

Paul, meanwhile, seemed to be having a banner morning at the polling station at Retreat Doctors’ Hospital in Richmond, in a neighborhood just west of downtown known as The Fan. Just three voters were there between 7:30 and 8 a.m., and all three went for the Texas congressman. Two were genuine supporters. The third was a Democrat who thinks Paul would be easier for Obama to defeat than Romney.

“Hey, Virginia’s an open primary,” said the Democrat, who declined to give her name. “I love it.”

Mary Lou Trache, a paralegal who gave her age as “over 60,” said she voted for Paul because she likes his stance on domestic issues, including bringing down the national debt.

“I really admire his character and steadfastness,” she said. “I like [that] what brought him into politics was going off the gold standard.”

Trache doesn’t actually think Paul has a chance to win the nomination, but she wanted to register her unhappiness with Romney.

“He doesn’t seem as authentic a person,” she said.

Jonathan Oliver, a 25-year-old civil engineer who also voted for Paul at the hospital, said he’d been wavering between Paul and former senator Rick Santorum (Pa.) until he saw the ballot and realized Santorum wasn’t on it. He happily went for Paul, who impressed Oliver in debates by answering questions in a more straightforward manner than other Republicans.

“He just doesn’t seem to get caught up in the politicking stuff,” Oliver said. “I just can’t stand Romney or Gingrich, frankly.”

So, my prediction is that we’ll be up later than expected with Virginia’s two-man race.

2. What’s your offhand prediction for tonight’s Clown Car mashup?

Rick Santorum’s “I didn’t say THAT” tour

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Faced with long-standing agreement about what he said about same-sex unions being like “man-on-dog” as well as clear video evidence that he said he didn’t want to give “black people” more government money, Rick Santorum has taken the best GOP refuge: he’s denying that’s what he said. It’s the best refuge because it’s worked for others in his party.

Think of it as Rick Santorum bringing Jon “not intended as a factual statement” Kyl’s philosophy to the presidential sweepstakes.

First, as my colleague Lisa Derrick mentioned at LaFiga, Santorum wants you to believe

I’m pretty confident I didn’t say ‘black.’ I started to say a word and sort of mumbled it and changed my thought. I don’t recall saying black. No one in that audience heard me say that.

Guess what, though? There’s video. You can watch and decide what Rick Santorum said for yourself; you don’t even have to be in the audience. You are the audience:

What do you think he said at 0:21? I know what I heard, and I know what Rick said. Read the rest of this entry →