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Petition to NBC News: Let Fred Karger into the GOP Debate

4:21 pm in Uncategorized by Teddy Partridge

It’s been fun watching FOX News twist themselves into a pretzel to exclude gay presidential candidate Fred Karger from the debates they’ve broadcast: they’ve changed their criteria, and then simply ignored them when Karger met the bar even as it was raised. Now FOX has a Federal Election Commission complaint on its hands.

Not pretty, not even for a fake news network.

But now an actual news organization is on the spot: NBC News will broadcast a GOP presidential debate — you remember, that Wednesday conflict that required President Obama to move his JOBS speech to the following evening before a joint session of Congress. And still Fred Karger won’t be permitted to participate.

Please sign this petition to get Fred Karger on the GOP stage: won’t it be great to hear the other GOP candidates talk about their opposition to SB48, which requires social studies curriculum in California to include the contributions of LGBT Americans to our country’s progress? I also want to hear them talk about how gay marriage is like Pearl Harbor Day, and the paper towels & napkins jihad, and why we can’t have “special rights” for homosexuals.

Fred Karger is giving lots of American kids hope that they, too, can grow up to run for President, if they are LGBT. He’s not a perfect vessel — who is? — but he deserves a podium on Wednesday’s stage.

Sign the petition here.

How Much Stupider Must Joe Biden Feel Tonight?

9:30 pm in Uncategorized by Teddy Partridge

For Joe’s sake, I hope Wasillanitis is not contagious. I watched the IQ points just drain off the stage after exposure to The Thrilla.

Maybe Jill stocked up on ginkgo biloba or something for him to take right after the debate. I know I would have felt punch-drunk after an hour-and-a-half of exposure to that level of Teh Stupid. The sprinkle of Teh Perky didn’t make it any more savory, either.

Have you seen a more complete set of debate talking points collected in one ninety-minute presentation than those exhibited by Governor Palin tonight? "Maverick," "straight-talk," "small-town," "family values," "reformer," there ya go, Joe," "David Petraeus" and "so."

But — I bet John McCain’s had a DVD burned already for his personal viewing pleasure at the front of the plane already; for the flights Cindy’s not on anyhow. Man’s got a heavy-duty cadet crush on his running-mate, twisty-wedding-ring style.

Pre-Veep Debate Inanity

2:47 pm in Uncategorized by Teddy Partridge

Does America care whether Chris Matthews, Michelle Bernard, and Joan Walsh think Joe Biden will chivalrously hold Sarah Palin’s chair as she sits down for Thursday night’s debate?

As Digby says, our political discourse is broken.