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Bill McKibben Statement Upon Release from Jail

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Bill McKibben, Citizen of Eaarth, was released from jail in DC today and greeted by our own Jane Hamsher and Lt Dan Choi. Bill had this statement upon his release:


Okay! So we just came out of jail, and I’m a little tired and a lot hungry. But more than that, I’m as happy as can be. To find out, as we came out the door, that people have not only been carrying on this protest in the kind of — in the face of intimidation by the Park Service, but that numbers are growing and growing and growing. People are flooding into Washington from all fifty states. That was the best news we possibly could have heard.

Then to pick up the New York Times and see that the message has gotten through on a national level: their editorial page today saying “Mr President, stop this pipeline!” This is what starts to happen when people show what the stakes are. And, we’re a long ways from winning, but we’re a little closer than we were when we went into jail! And that feels real good.

Q: Bill, is this what love looks like?

A: I guess it must be [smiles]!


Was This Mitt’s “Eight Houses” Moment?

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Rich assholes usually win the GOP nomination.

When’s the last time one didn’t, really?

But they are supposed to be rich assholes, not pose as regular folks. These rich assholes are supposed to know how many houses they own (thanks, Cindy McCain, for Ace’s most memorable moment of 2008) and they are supposed to be briefed on what a grocery scanner is.

But rich assholes look idiotic trying to make “jokes” about unemployment. Romney has already criticized Barack Obama for calling unemployed Americans “bumps in the road” (he didn’t) so Mitt’s faux pas with unemployed Floridians rings really false.

Here’s a hint, Mitt: no one believes you’re unemployed. We all know you’re a rich asshole who doesn’t NEED a job to support your family. And that specific job you said you have your eye on isn’t going to be yours as long as your condescending sense of “humor” keeps peeking through that facade.

Jane Hamsher’s right: Romney’s not “the guy who looks like he fired your dad.” Romney IS the guy who fired your dad.

Will Bunning or DeMint Put a Hold on Bernanke’s Re-Nomination?

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In the dogs-and-cats-living-together department, there isn’t a much more startling sight than Firedoglake founder Jane Hamsher on CSPAN, Thanksgiving morning, asking two conservative Republicans — South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint and Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning — to put a hold on Ben Bernanke’s re-nomination to head the Fed.

Will Chris Dodd push for a GAO audit of the Federal Reserve to clear a hold? Will the Senate wake up and smell the coffee brewed by Texas Congressman Ron Paul and Florida Congressman Alan Grayson?

What do you have to do to get fired in DC if an unaudited two trillion dollar expansion of the Fed’s balance sheet (much of it to foreign banks and newly-recast "commercial bank" hedge funds) won’t do the trick?

Jane Hamsher: Eric Cantor “HAS NO BUSINESS” being in a leadership position

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FireDogLake founder Jane Hamsher explains that House Minority Whip Eric Cantor is confused about where the fifty billion dollar rescue for homeowners in trouble with their mortgages is coming from.

Jane — whose blog FireDogLake David Shuster rightly calls "an influential voice on the net" — points out that GOP support has sagged throughout the recovery program’s legislative path, while Nancy Pelosi’s poll numbers have continued to improve since the beginning of the year.

Jane suggests that process stories are easier to cover than substance stories, although she is unwilling to join Shuster in accusing the media of being lazy. At least not Shuster, who we all got to see learn how the blogs cover important stories at the Libby trial.