Nikki Haley Appoints a “Minority” to Senate Seat While Colbert Vacations

5:13 pm in Uncategorized by Teddy Partridge

Still with the racial quotas.

I fully expect Stephen Colbert to return to work in 2013 in high dudgeon: the most qualified applicant was, yet again, passed over because they had to give the job to a “minority.” Not much has changed in the Carolinas since Jesse Helms’ day, I guess.

Scott is an African-American, which makes his appointment a big deal, if you’re the shade of either John C. Calhoun or Strom Thurmond. He is also wingnuttier than DeMint ever thought of being, and DeMint thought of being pretty damned wingnutty.

Tim Scott thinks it’s an impeachable offense for the president to use any number of legal ways to discount the unconstitutional ‘debt ceiling.’ Even if he only lasts until the 2014 primary — dueling Sanfords, anyone? — he’ll be fun to watch. Alvin Greene should be so lucky!