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UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi Moonlighted Abroad to End Campus Anti-Austerity Demonstrations — in Greece

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University of California Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi won’t resign her post because, she says, she needs to earn the students’ trust. Somehow, she proposes the University heal with her remaining at its helm.

“I really feel confident at this point the university needs me,” she told GMA …. “There are so many critical issues to be addressed and we really need to start the healing process and move forward.”

Her leadership at Davis is not, however, Linda Katehi’s first experience suppressing student dissent. She appears to have a global reputation in the field. She was a member of a Committee of Experts that recommended the Greek government abolish its University Asylum Law, enacted in 1973. The law’s central purpose was to protect students from police brutality during on-campus intervention in protests.

From John Quiggen at Crooked Timber:

A Greek friend has sent me lots of information on links between the suppression of dissent at UC Davis and similar events in Greece from the days of the military junta to the present.
. . .
Among the legacies of the [1973] uprising was a university asylum law that restricted the ability of police to enter university campuses. University asylum was abolished a few months ago, as part of a process aimed at suppressing anti-austerity demonstrations. The abolition law was based on the recommendations of an expert committee…

Quiggen’s Greek friend helpfully provides a translation of part of the experts’ report:

University campuses are unsafe. While the [Greek] Constitution permits the university leadership to protect campuses from elements inciting political instability, Rectors have shown themselves unwilling to exercise these rights and fulfill their responsibilities, and to take the decisions needed in order to guarantee the safety of the faculty, staff, and students. As a result, the university administration and teaching staff have not proven themselves good stewards of the facilities with which society has entrusted them.

The politicizing of universities – and in particular, of students – represents participation in the political process that exceeds the bounds of logic. This contributes to the rapid deterioration of tertiary education.

Recall how Chancellor Katehi, just before she unleashed her brutal militarized force on students whom she is bound to protect, used similar language about the Davis Quad being “unsafe,” something disputed by Davis #Occupiers:

They dismissed the chancellor’s stated concerns that their encampment was unsafe, in part because nonstudents were involved, and Spicuzza’s partial explanation for the pepper-spraying that students had encircled the officers.

The Occupy camp had recycling bins, study space and students playing music, they said. And, yes, they encircled police who had arrested and bound the wrists of some of their friends, but the videos clearly show Pike walking around them to pepper-spray them at close range.

David Buscho, a senior, described what happened to seeing his friends arrested and thinking, “This is not right. This is not OK. We’re kids. We’re just kids.”

This alignment of Chancellor Katehi’s statements this week and the Greek report that ended the protection of Greek students from police forces is no coincidence.

Among the authors of this report – Chancellor Linda Katehi, UC Davis. And, to add to the irony, Katehi was a student at Athens Polytechnic in 1973.

Even more striking, on the very Davis quad where Linda Katehi’s subordinate, the pepper-spraying Lt Pike, unleashed his terror on her students stands a monument to her schoolmates killed in Athens almost forty years ago as the junta unleashed campus horror in its death throes. And Chancellor Katehi, an author of this recent expert report that Greek authorities commissioned to end student anti-austerity protests, hypocritically cited this commemoration on the Davis campus when she spoke to the General Assembly:

As is the custom at general assemblies held by Occupy group, Katehi waited her turn to speak. She spoke for no more than two minutes, with her husband, Spiros Tseregounis, standing behind her.

Her voice broke as she referenced a plaque on the Quad commemorating what Greeks call simply, “17 November,” the day in 1973 when a tank crashed through the gates of National Technical University of Athens to put down a student-led uprising against the military’s dictatorship. More than two dozen protesters were killed.

“I was there, and I don’t want to forget that,” she said. “So I hope that I will have a better opportunity to work with you, to meet you, to get to know you. And there will be many opportunities in the next few weeks to do that.”

Linda Katehi, global handmaiden to authoritarianism, who was commissioned only recently by the current Greek government to help overturn the reforms that followed the junta’s collapse, now pretends to stand in the penumbra of her former schoolmates’ martyrdom, martyrdom commemorated on her own campus right where her own military forces so recently lashed out.

This ain’t Linda Katehi’s first time at this rodeo.

Do you believe that Chancellor Katehi deserves to retain her position, especially in light of her authorship of the report used to shut down student anti-austerity protests in Greece? Sign the petition here to remove her if you haven’t already.

(I am extremely grateful to MyFDL commenter cbl for bringing the Crooked Timber story to my attention.)

: Much more here at Naked Capitalism.

Keep Wall Street Occupied

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This technique is already used extensively in my home to reply to GOP mailers and solicitations from the Bush Lieberry. I make an effort to remove identifying information, like my name and address, not because I think this is misuse of the Postal Service but because I want to continue getting the GOP and Bush stuff. I don’t want them to take me off their list, because spending their postage to return their useless paper to sender is gratifying.

I especially enjoy it when the GOPs put a plea on their postpaid return envelopes: “Your stamp will help us save needed funds!” Sucker!

Anyhow, I do recall a postal worker and FDL commenter a long time ago instructed us not to send bricks or feces, as that only puts hard-working union USPS employees at risk.

And remember, no threats. No powders.

Occupy Wall Street! Or, if you’re not near Wall Street, Keep Wall Street Occupied!

Cantor Decries GOP Brand Encroachment

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Eric Cantor, speaking at a meetup sponsored by SPLC-designated Hate Groups, scolded the #Occupy movement and, by inference, Team Obama’s “class warfare.” He apparently does not like seeing a critical component of the GOP’s brand image since 1968 co-opted by some Democrats and DFHs.

“Believe it or not, some in this town have actually condoned the pitting of Americans against Americans,” Cantor said.

“That’s GOP territory,” Cantor did not add. “When it comes to class war, the GOP is the clear leader. Others tread at their own risk.”

#Occupy Portland: Pictures from Our March (3)

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The very beginning of our Portland Occupation, showing a bit of the size of the crowd, some more creative signage from fellow Occupiers, and the protective cordon Public Works installed to protect Portland’s just-grown-in Waterfront lawns.

(Please also see Cocktailhag’s great diary here. On any photo, click to embiggen)

Welcome to #OccupyPortland!

Taken from the Burnside Bridge Approach: The Occupiers Gather

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#Occupy Portland: Pictures from Our March (2)

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Portland Police announced, via local news media, that midnight-camping regulations have been suspended, and no one will be arrested for overnight camping in downtown Portland parks tonight. This is how our police bureau rewards good behavior, which everyone was on today for #OccupyPortland.

More scenes and signs from today’s march, below. News media continue to talk about 4,000 to 5,000 but it seemed like lots more people to me.

(Please also see Cocktailhag’s great diary here.)

Portland Police Bureau Bicyle Patrol: Protecting and Serving Occupiers

And this was the most poignant sign of the entire bunch today, so I edited the photo to show it better:


#Occupy Portland: Pictures from Our March (1)

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Working Class: Let's Take Back Our Lives

News media in Portland report 4,000 to 5,000 people marched from the waterfront, through Old Town, up Burnside to Broadway, to Pioneer Courthouse Square and thence to Chapman Square in the heart of Portland’s financial district. Some Occupiers are still in place there; others are returning to the waterfront for a long occupation. Portland police bureau spokespersons are quoted on the local news saying they “won’t draw any lines in the sand” with regard to no-camping regulations that begin at midnight.

No arrests.

No property damage.

No confrontations with police.

Some crowd shots and pictures of creative signs….

(Please also see Cocktailhag’s great diary here.)

Sympathetic wage slaves wave to Occupiers and toss celebratory Post-Its

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GOP Presidential Hopeful Endorses #OccupyWallStreet: “I stand by you”

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Buddy Roemer (photo: dsb nola)

It’s Buddy Roemer, whom the Legacy Media probably think they should continue to safely ignore, but still. David Weigel at Slate has the scoop (from a Roemer 2012 press release):

With this statement, Republican niche candidate and debate outcast Buddy Roemer becomes the first in the field to fully embrace Occupy Wall Street.

As I continue touring college campuses throughout New Hampshire, I am reminded of all the young Americans currently taking part in the Occupy Wall Street movement. Please know that I stand by you.

It is Main Street that creates the majority of jobs in America; it is Main Street that sends our brave young men and women to war; it is Main Street that hurts when another manufacturing plant closes only to be re-opened in China; it is Main Street that is being foreclosed on; and it is Main Street that is suffering while the greed of Wall Street continues to hurt our middle-class.

Too-big-to-fail banks have only gotten bigger thanks to government bailouts, and as president, I will end the corporate tax loopholes that un-American corporations take advantage of only to ship our jobs overseas. Fair trade not Free trade.

Money in politics has created institutional corruption. Both parties are guilty of taking the big check and are bought by Wall Street. My campaign is the only one that speaks out against this and I look forward to the day lobbyists are not allowed to donate to campaigns.

Wall Street grew to be a source of capital for growing companies. It has become something else: A facilitator for greed and for the selling of American jobs. Enough already.

Whether this gets Buddy Roemer a spot on a debate stage, or any publicity at all, is quite another matter.