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Politico Fails at GOP Turd-Polishing

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Even Politico can’t spin the GOP’s intransigence in their ‘insiders’ writeup of what happened on the Stupid-Committee. Seeking faux balance, reporters Sherman, Raju and Bresnahan want readers to believe that

fresh stories of bipartisan friendship emerged from this panel

but here are the immediately following examples of bipartisan friendship.

Example One, of Democratic-initiated bipartisan friendship:

Kerry occasionally invited members of the group to dine with him at his Georgetown home, and members would negotiate over Legal Sea Foods and Cosi sandwiches.

Example Two, of an activity presumably to illustrate GOP-initiated bipartisan friendship:

Kyl drew on his 16-plus years in the Senate to counsel Republicans on how to talk to his Senate Democratic colleagues. Kyl said he knew just how Democrats would try to wiggle out of arguments and suggested ways to frame questions and their positions.

Sounds like a senior GOP teaching his junior buddies how to finagle conversations with Democrats. Getting over on framing and positions hardly qualifies as bipartisan friendship. But it shows how the GOP used Democrats’ overtures to their partisan advantage. And this is the first tortured example of how both sides “reached out” to each other, when it’s clear any reaching out by GOPs was to gain partisan advantage while hapless Democrats thought they were making real progress with bipartisan, bicameral bike rides.

The GOP leaders cracked the whip to maintain party unity; the Democrats’ leadership allowed their Stupid-Committee members to wander away from party orthodoxy:

Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell held frequent meetings to make sure their six GOP negotiators remained united. And they tried to make the case that the absence of White House engagement — combined with an apparent lack of coordination between Reid and Pelosi — ensured that Democrats on the panel were divided on some key issues.

I’m as happy as the next 99%er that the panel “failed:” its mission to crack open the Social Security piggybank and slash Medicare funding was clear from Day One. But when even the most reliable GOP Village pixel-rag can’t provide Stupid-Committee balance between the GOP and Dems to support a narrative that everyone was really nice and tried hard to reach out, you know it was a doomed enterprise from the very start.

Thankfully, the duplicity of the double-crossing GOP may very well have saved America from the negotiation-challenged Democrats’ instincts for a Bad Bargain.

More Kyl/Kerry friendship here.

Tonight’s Debate Drinking Game: Name Yer Poison

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Got your landing spot right here. (photo: Snap Man)

What’s your drinking game word, or phrase, for tonight’s GOP debate at the Saint Ronnie Liberry and Shrine? What word will get you wasted under the wing of His Blessed Air Force One?

If you want to get a buzz on, take a drink whenever any candidate uses one of these tried and true constructions: Obamacare, one-term president, repeal, tax-and-spend, liberal, central government, socialist, infrastructure, Ronald Reagan, European health care (as an insult).

If you need to get completely blotto before you decide which of these bozos might actually be our next President (it could happen!) combine any of the above with take back America, tax cuts, Christian nation, deficit, trillions, real Americans, out0-of-touch elites, job creators and JOBS (must infer capitalization from tone of voice).

If you want to stay stone cold sober, here are some ideas: listen hard for any mention of America’s historic wealth inequality, African-American unemployment, Osama bin Laden, our decaying cities, gay rights, women’s health crisis, civil servants, and European health care (as a compliment). Also good for your sobriety: any mention of Fred Karger, Gary Johnson, Buddy Roehmer, George W Bush.

And if you’re not drinking at all, ‘ere: Sarah Palin. That’s good for a giggle-snort.

Enjoy the debate!

What Democrats Does DanGerstein Consult For, And Why Don’t They Fire Him?

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Longtime Lieberman mouthpiece Dan Gerstein is portrayed in Politico as a "Democratic political consultant" whenever they need someone to run down the Democrats or, as today, tout the Republicans.

Providing the Village conventional wisdom on The Summit: The Summitting for anyone who missed TradMed’s sloppy coverage yesterday, Politico makes good use of Dan Gerstein in an "across the spectrum" account:

But in this case, the tie goes to Republicans, according to operatives on both sides of the aisle — because the stakes were so much higher for Democrats trying to build their case for ramming reform through using a 51-vote reconciliation tactic.

“I think it was a draw, which was a Republican win,” said Democratic political consultant Dan Gerstein. “The Republican tone was just right: a respectful, substantive disagreement, very disciplined and consistent in their message.”

Who still hires this hack, and how can they defend that now? It’s time for any Democrats — actual Democrats, not Connecticut for Lieberman Independent Democrats from Connecticut — who pay this guy to fire him. He doesn’t speak for any Democrats I know, and his consultant credentials are constantly used to undermine Democratic party efforts.

Who does Dan Gerstein work for? What Democrats write him checks? And why won’t they fire him, since he commits this kind of political malpractice repeatedly?

Alternatively — if Dan Gerstein doesn’t consult with any Democrats, why does Politico allow him to self-identify as a "Democratic political consultant?" Has Politico verified that credential lately?

Politico Swallows Arnold’s “Total coincidence” Tall Tale

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As part of the continuing saga of the Village media elite’s adoration of the current governor of California despite his ruination of our state’s economy and fiscal health, Politico bought Arnold’s story [politico link] — told at the White House no less! — that his hostile and insulting recent veto message that included an obscenity was a "total coincidence."

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger denied at the White House Friday that he had intentionally sent a letter to state legislators containing a hostile, coded message.

Speaking with reporters after an appearance with Vice President Biden to tout a new report claiming the stimulus created or saved 1 million jobs, Schwarzenegger said it was purely an accident that his office had sent out a letter in which the first letters of each line combined to spell: "F— you."

"That was a total coincidence," he said, insisting: "It was one of those wild coincidences."

Missing from this Politico report, of course, was any explanation of the reason why the governor’s "total coincidence" claim is bogus:

At the San Francisco Democratic Party annual gala, it was something of a scene when Arnold Schwarzenegger crashed the joint. Specifically, Tom Ammiano’s comments, caused some stir when they were heard around the Capitol.

You might have thought there would have been some repurcussion. A bill vetoed that you wouldn’t expect. And that was the case as AB 1176 was vetoed. But the SF Bay Guardian thought the veto message was a little bit odd. And after reading the bizarre message, they played a little codebreaker and figured out this little juvenile prank.

Politico should have known — and provided — the backstory on Arnold’s party-crashing, Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s "Kiss My Gay Ass" heckle, and the fact that the bill being vetoed was Ammiano’s, before they let the Governator spew his "total coincidence" kool-aid all over them.

Example 25,789 of the GOP/Media Complex: A Continuing Series