Good morning, easy over pups! Once again, I’m subbing for msmolly, and plan to throw out some stuff I’ve discovered this week for discussion. Or not, if you have better stuff…entirely possible. It’s Free-for-All, after all.
First up, did y’all know that Arizona had an “Anti-Alien Act” all the way back in the beginning of the 20th century? It forbade employers to hire foreigners if it meant less than 80% of the workforce would be US citizens. The Supreme Court struck it down in 1915, and in doing so established that the right to earn a living is a basic freedom protected by the 14th Amendment! (a genuine Right to Work!)

Searching for that link took way too much time; google returned tons of stuff about AZ SB 1070, the recent law, even though it doesn’t match my search terms. So, I enjoyed, sorta, this article saying, nope, you’re not imagining it, google is getting worse.

I picked up a book at the library yesterday about the internet and blogging. It’s copyright 2009, so of course, it’s dated now. Still, in the chapter on “The Rise of Political Blogging,” there’s a nice page about FDL and it’s “best reporting” on the Libby trial. I confess, I searched for FDL and Jane’s name the way DC insiders check the index of a political book for their own names. Felt a touch of pride; I contributed a little cash to support the trial coverage, and followed it obsessively. Title: “Say Everything” by Scott Rosenberg.

And speaking of libraries, our county has come up with an idea, an electronic library totally without paper books! Wait, slow down, I’m not ready for this future yet! Well, they’ll have iPads and laptops and e-readers you can check out; will need less physical space, and it’s probably a very good thing for people (of whom there are plenty in this city/county) who can’t afford their own. Read about it here: (watch out for the auto running ad)

And last, and most certainly least, a musician/sound engineer claims to be able to prove that Beyonce was too! singing for real at the Inauguration. Kinda interesting. Or maybe only to nerds, who knows.
Yes, the linking is messed up again. Probably means it’s my computer, not fdl, and I hate to bother Kit again to fix them.
Maybe if I weren’t such a terrible procrastinator I would figure it out, but, well, I am.

Oh, and do please talk among yourselves: Oddly enough, I need to go out to visit a detained client this morning, so won’t be around until afternoon, probably. But hey! I can check in on my new smartphone when I get out of the detention center!