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Good morning, on this second day of 2013! Have you noticed what word 2013 spells backwards? Lisa Derrick brought this to our attention New Year’s Night
Scroll down to the third picture.
Okay,so maybe that isn’t exactly a family story…but it was irresistible.

Over Easy, family style

This one certainly is a family topic. Hispanic women of all ethnicities (Puerto Rican, Mexican, Dominican) are choosing to have smaller families. This is good news for us all, and especially for the women themselves. To no one’s surprise, educated women have fewer children, and children from smaller families are more likely to get an education.
I love the fact that the first woman quoted in that piece is a vice-president of a non-profit founded by her own mother. Not so long ago young Hispanic women didn’t show up much in that demographic.
Let’s see, there’s the “fiscal cliff” bill that finally passed tonight (as I write); I guess that’s mostly good news for families, at least for truly middle class families. It’s good news for our “old old” relatives that Social Security was left out of the bill, including “chained CPI” which would have hurt the oldest of the old, especially women, the most.
And here’s an article on the latest “shockingly” frank author of popular teen-age fiction.

Admittedly, I’m not a parent, but I like her attitude on giving teens a safe place to discover and think about such major issues as sex and social relations. And I love that she teaches her kids they must “be the one” to speak up if someone is bullying another kid, or telling a racist joke. The best comment is the one that says her books have to better than the Ayn Rand books that perpetually adolescent Republicans love so much.
What do you parents think? Have your kids read Lauren Myracle’s books?
Opening up the floor: Any interesting family issues arise over the holidays? My mother and I didn’t get along well for years. This holiday was pretty good; kind of boring for me because of very little activity, but good for our relationship. Anyone mend a broken, cracked, or strained family relation this holiday? Tell us how it went.

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