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Bundy and His Followers: Enemy Combatants

By: ThatGuy Saturday April 19, 2014 1:21 pm

I am dismayed at the pussy-ass way the federal government backed down in Nevada, when insane right-wingers pointed guns at BLM agents.

If this had been people taking over federal property to advocate for gay marriage, or pot advocates blocking roads leading to grow sites, the body count would be staggering. But because it was right-wing assholes, the feds backed down. Yet another act of pure cowardice by the federal government, who should have called in an air strike against Bundy and his followers and killed every last one of them. It was nothing short of an act of war against the United States of America and all those people should have been treated as enemy combatants.

An old friend rightly asked if the government would have treated gay-rights activists or legal-pot advocates the same had they pulled the same shit that was pulled in Nevada and my response was “the body count would be staggering.” It would be, The feds would have opened fire without hesitation.

It’s time to start cracking down on right wingers in a a huge and overwhelming way. It’s time to stop being pussies and hoping they will come to a greater understanding of how stupid and wrong they are. Not gonna happen. Thus, they need to be smashed and destroyed. Their property seized and they should be exiled to some island in the pacific where there is no fresh water, no arable soil and no means to sustain themselves. Better off without ‘em.

Failing that, the US must break up. Individual states should fend for themselves and there should be NO federal government. Because the federal government is so afraid of right-wingers with guns, even though the federal government can smash them with ease. But you have to have the WILL to do it. Sadly, the vast majority of Democrats have no stomach for putting up a fight. They want to TALK. Hot air. ‘Baggers won’t listen, they CAN’T listen because polysyllabic words are beyond their comprehension.

The incident in Nevada proves beyond doubt, the time for talk is over. It’s time to act. Obama should call out the Nevada National Guard to put down what can only be defined as an armed insurrection. Show these people they will be treated as enemy combatants, just like the Taliban. Because they are the American version of the Taliban.

It’s time to stop fucking around.


Civil War is Inevitable Unless…we let ‘em go

By: ThatGuy Tuesday December 24, 2013 1:44 pm

I have come to believe unless all the red states are kicked out of, or allowed to secede from the United States, our nation is headed for another civil war, and secession of the red states. War would be bad…but secession would be good.

I have come to believe this because of what I read on the Cracker Barrel facebook page of people defending the Duck Dynasty asshole bigot, Phil Robertson.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully support and defend Robertson’s right to say any fucking thing he wants. But I also support A&E’s right to suspend him. Robertson is clearly an illiterate moron, his grammar gives him away an an uneducated hick/dick.

The people in the comments defending Robertson are such amazing and complete hypocrites, I find it unfathomable to think civil war can be avoided. I think the obvious solution is for the Federal government to convene a constitutional convention and kick out the so-called “red states.” Without exception, the red states are recipients of more tax money than they send to Washington, so, in fact, for the sensible people of America, letting the red states go would be a HUGE win. The Red states could try to cut us off from, for example, oil importation ports (Houston, New Orleans, Galveston), but they would soon realize to do so would cost them money and given how impoverished the red states would be without assistance from Washington, the Confederate States of America could ill afford to deny the USA the use of said ports. With an appropriately low-ball licensing fee, of course.

I have dear friends in those states, some of whom disagree with me vehemently and I love them anyway. But positions, elections and so forth, have consequences. Their side is shrinking and the more they scream, the closer we come to a shooting war.

For example, I was against sending any disaster relief aid to Oklahoma, because the two senators from that state were holding up relief aid, FOR THEIR OWN CONSTITUENTS, until congress approves spending cuts as “offsets.” The reason I was against sending relief aid to Oklahoma was because the people of Oklahoma voted those two assclowns into office, many times over. And yet, those assclowns elected by the people of Oklahoma were willing to hang their constituents out to dry, leave them with NOTHING, in order to fuck with Obama.

That, kiddies, is NOT fucking patriotic. It’s evil and I believe it’s treasonous.

But the people of Oklahoma are so fucking blinded by wedge issues like gay marriage, abortion and prayer in public schools (where it has NO FUCKING PLACE) they don’t even realize their disaster relief was held hostage, not by Obama or the Democrats, but by their own fucking Senators.

People that stupid are too stupid to be Americans. I’m sorry, but there has always been a very anti-intellectual positon among the conservative christian movement, that somehow having an education, being able to use the language well, is somehow a sign of weakness.

It is not. Stupidity, illiteracy and ignorance are all signs of weakness. Religious fervor, no matter the denomination, is weakness. Whatsamatta, can’t think for yourself? Need some book of rules in order to not be an asshole? If you need that book, you MIGHT be an asshole.

Physical strength, ability to fistfight and shoot guns are not signs of strength. I’m a liberal and I can shoot well enough. I am a firearm owner. Yup, a liberal with guns. I have advocated to my liberal friends to arm themselves because it’s only a matter of time. The shooting will start. It may never end until one side or the other is annihilated. But I think of my ability to use the language to be my greatest strength. That and my ability to be resourceful and to plan ahead for contingencies. But I’d rather kick them out without firing a shot.

Unless the red states are kicked out of, or secede from the union, civil war in the US is inevitable. I won’t predict when it will happen, but I predict it will happen.

I’m close to suicide

By: ThatGuy Thursday July 11, 2013 10:07 pm

I’ve been out of work for more than a year. My savings are gone, except my 401K, I’m seven years from being able to collect full social security, I have a TINY pension coming. If I don’t find a job soon, I’m going to make the republicans happy and kill myself. The elite on both sides want the middle class dead. That’s right, dead. There’s a line from the Shawshank Redemption: “It’s a terrible thing to live in fear.”

It is. Hundreds of millions of Americans are living in fear, while a very select few live a life of unimaginable opulence. How can this ever be right? How can this ever be acceptable?


Anyone know where I can get some seconal or pentobarbital?

If you’re a liberal, you need to buy guns

By: ThatGuy Thursday June 28, 2012 10:51 pm

There’s a Balkans-type war headed to the USA. It doesn’t have as much to do with ethnic cleansing as it does with ideological cleansing. They want to kill us all. They may couch their hatred in euphemism, but if you read what I have, they’re ready to start shooting people. Those crazy fucks who screamed “KILL HIM” at Sarah Palin rallies in ’08 weren’t kidding.

I’ve been reading a lot of reaction to the SCOTUS decision on Obamacare and the wingnuts are talking about locking and loading. I know many of you are weak and don’t want to “stoop to their level,” but they’re going to bring it. If you care about your families, you need to be prepared. You may think I’m crazy, but just read some of the more radical wingnut sites. They’re preparing.

I wish I could say I believe I won’t live to see it, but if Obama is re-elected (and I surely hope he is), they may not be able to contain themselves, and they may start shooting politicians, pundits and other people they don’t like. If you don’t believe that can happen, keep in mind the first shot has already been fired, into the brain of Dr. George Tiller. If you don’t think they’re like ants or cockroaches, you’re delusional.

I know many of you will report this, try to get me banned, all that crap and you may succeed, but you need to think about your families and your future. At my age, there’s a fair chance I might not see it but most of you are younger than me, and the chances are you WILL see it. It’s going to get ugly and you can either prepare for it or be bulldozed by it.

I will not be bulldozed. See you at the range.

We’re Fucked

By: ThatGuy Wednesday June 6, 2012 9:51 am

The Wisconsin election told me everything I needed to know about this election year.

Obama is doomed and so are we. I’m no fan of Obama, I think he’s a pussy and a coward. Oh, sure, he got bin Laden, but when it comes to dealing with the repukes, he’s a fucking pussy. He’s as afraid of Rush Limbaugh as the repukes are. Between ’08 and ’10, he had a chance to stand on their necks, and punch the life out of them, and instead he embarked on an ill-fated, cowardly and destructive path of “bi-partisanship.”

He Obi wan Bama, you can’t negotiate with people don’t want to negotiate. They want to destroy you, they want to destroy everything in their path that works against the oligarchy.

What the FUCK were you thinking?

Romney is going to win. The ‘pukes are going to control both the House and the Senate, they’re going to pack the SCOTUS with their ideologues of Oligarchy and I will go to my grave, living in a feudal society, where there are no worker safety laws, where abortion is illegal, where vast numbers of people starve to death and where assholes like Rush Limbaugh get their every wish granted.

I wish I wasn’t such a chickenshit. I SHOULD kill myself today.

When are the Democrats Going to Grow a Pair?

By: ThatGuy Wednesday July 21, 2010 7:16 am

When are the Democrats (aside from Alan Grayson) going to grow a pair? The Shirley Sherrod fiasco points up just how pathetic and reactionary the Obama administrationis. Every time Faux Noize does one of their hatchet jobs, the administration and the party in general fold like a circus tent.

When are the Democrats going to stand up and say "fuck you, we’re not reacting to your bullshit any more,"?

Sadly, my guess is never. The Democrats are so petrified by the teabaggers they’re willing to sell out any progressive action to keep them happy, even though they have as much chance of getting a single teabagger vote as I have of becoming Shirley McLaine.

The country is divided, polarized, in way not seen since the Civil War. But we might as well embrace the division and use it to our advantage. The teabaggers are NOT a majority and while they may make a lot of noise, they’re as toothless as a 20-year-old cat.

Tell the teabaggers to fuck off and die. That’s what I did.

Nashville Musicians Need Our Help and Support

By: ThatGuy Saturday May 8, 2010 9:39 am

I have been very disappointed in Firedog Lake’s lack of reaction to to the devastating floods in Nashville. I know the Gulf Oil Spill and other stories are sexier than the Nashville floods, but I get a sense of schadenfreude in the indifference I see here.

Whether we like or agree with the prevailing politics of the region matters not. These people need our help and I’d like to think we are big enough to help with the same energy, enthusiasm and commitment as we did the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

I am a musician and am friends with a number of musicians in Nashville. Some are semi-famous, some are sidemen you’ve probably seen or heard with various artists, but never knew their names. Some are session players whose miraculously wonderful playing you’ve heard on the radio, in the movies, on television in both TV shows and advertising. Some are with us politically, others maybe not so much.

Many of these musicians have been wiped out in the flooding of downtown Nashville. Many kept most of their gear at a place called SoundCheck, which had as much as five feet of water in it over the past week. In news stories, the famous and their losses are well-chronicled. Vince Gill is said to have lost as much as $5 million worth of guitars, almost every guitar he owns, including pre-WWII Martin acoustic guitars and ’50s-era Fenders and Gibsons. Many are simply irreplaceable. Brad Paisley and Keith Urban have lost all their stage gear.

But I’m more concerned with the musician like me, who could no more afford to replace their gear than I could pay for cancer treatment. Believe me, insurance companies will be denying claims for lost gear for the next five years in the aftermath of these floods. Many pickers will be ruined. They have lost the tools of their trade. I can tell you, being a sideman in a big star’s band can make you a living but only a select few ever get even marginally rich at it. Most do not.

I’d like to help them and I’d like to think you do, too. To that end, I’m organizing a benefit blues show in Silicon Valley, hosted by a local band, the Dan Goghs and me. We’re billing it as a "Super Jam and Benefit for Nashville Musicians."

The show goes from 6-10 pm, Saturday May 22 at Netos Market and Grill, 1313 Franklin Street, Santa Clara, CA

Local blues luminaries will be donating their talent to the effort and I encourage all Bay Area Pups to come out and help us help the musicians in Nashville. All proceeds will go to the American Federation of Musicians Local 257′s Nashville Musicians Relief Fund. You can also make a direct donation if you like, they take PayPal.

I’d love to see a showing of Pups at the show. I’ll be playing and my beautiful and talented better half will be working the donation table. All donations are voluntary and I can promise you without hesitation, you will be shaking your asses to some great music.

As an extra added incentive, every pup who shows up, introduces themselves to me and makes a donation of any size, will get a free download of my album "Time For a New Dance Floor." It’s a couple years old now, but Pup leader Suzanne will tell you she likes as well as Pup Newtonuser.

So please, whether you come to the show or just make a direct donation, help those who are hurting bad right now…show them progressives have big hearts and let’s help keep our cultural heritage from being washed away in the flood.

Thanks for reading.

My Email to Senator Bob Menendez

By: ThatGuy Wednesday January 20, 2010 12:31 pm

Senator Menendez,

I have no interest in sugar-coating anything either, so I’ll lay this out for you in plain language:

I’m tired of this bullshit.

For the past year, President Obama and the rest of you, with the single exception of Rep. Alan Grayson, have broken my heart. I was in Mexico the day BO was inaugurated, and for the first time in a long time, I felt hope. So, it seemed, did the Mexican people I saw, cheering "viva Obama!" They were all tuned to CNN watching the inaugural coverage.

Now I just feel duped. Swindled. Conned…AGAIN.

I voted for Barack Hussein Obama, not Barack W. Bush, which is EXACTLY what we’ve gotten in the past year.

When we’re out of Iraq, out of Afghanistan, out of Gitmo, have single-payer on the table again and Mr. Obama and the rest of you Democrats have told the insurance companies and the banks to take their bonuses and shove them up their asses, I’ll vote again.

Right now I feel like I’m witnessing the final sentence in Orwell’s "Animal Farm,"

"The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which."

As of this moment, I see NO difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.

With all due respect,