"Writing to reach you"

"Writing to reach you" by Wim Mulder on flickr

(Note: This was originally posted in the comments of Jane’s diary here.)

Jake Terpstra is an octogenarian who has led the fight for child welfare as a career administrator in both Michigan and Washington. He is widely known as an authority on the subject and his counsel is still sought by civic leaders and government officials – and the foregoing only begins to touch on his diverse career and staunch activism for old-line Progressivism.

Jake just forwarded me this letter, which he sent to the President:

President Barack Obama
The White House
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama,

Even though you are the president, you have NO RIGHT to dismantle parts of Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security. These are the peoples’ programs, well established for many years, and are life and death issues for many of us. They also affect EVERY American who attains eligibility age.

If there were no good alternatives, and if Congress initiated legislation because there were no good alternatives, it could be reasonable but not by a president, one person, who uses our rights as bargaining chips, making a unilateral decision to accommodate the republican agenda.

Why don’t you talk about alternative expense reductions, such as cutting military spending by about a third, eliminating or reducing farm subsidies to family farms, eliminating earmarks and tax subsidies to oil companies that didn’t pay taxes in the first place. With the space shuttle program ended, those costs now can be reduced.

You also seem weak on increasing revenue. For example, instead of wanting to tax
millionaires and billionaires at the starting rate at $250,000, increase it to $500,000. You would frighten far fewer people. And why do many defense industries that make huge profits from government money, and oil companies, pay NO taxes at all.

Need I remind you that Social Security is NOT an entitlement program, and that
it not only does not affect the national debt. The GAO states that it will be fiscally solvent until 2036. This is the peoples’ program not your bargaining chip, or plaything.

I know that one citizen cannot cause you to act in the interests of the people, but I hope that you will think about the consequences for your election if you make life unnecessarily more difficult for most people.

We are frightened by a president who seems to be willing to be a traitor.

Very seriously,
Jake Terpstra

cc: Sen Levin
Sen. Stabenow