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UPDATED: Twin Cities Forum, Feb. 15

By: Anthony Noel Tuesday January 28, 2014 11:05 am


Building on the Duluth forum mentioned in the original text (below) Minneapolis will play host to another forum on “Building Progressive Political Power” on February 15. More info can be found on the event’s Facebook page, here.

The New Progressive Alliance is dedicated to awakening American voters to their unwitting complicity in the unprecedented expansion of the security state, poverty, war, and environmental degradation.

We believe – and the facts support it – that the continuing disenfranchisement of the working class is exactly what the two major parties are working to achieve, in concert with their corporate donors. We contend “the majors” are not ideologically opposed, as their campaign rhetoric would have us believe. Indeed, their “official” acts prove they are owned by profiteers from the defense, finance, and energy industries.

The Democratic Party in particular – so often portrayed as “the friend of the working class” – takes deception to the extreme, promising us meaningful social reforms if we put them in power, but not delivering after we have. Despite enjoying majorities in both the House and Senate during his first term, Barack Obama failed to:

  • enact a state-run health care system
  • support working people’s right to organize by passing the Employee Free Choice Act
  • stop American meddling in the affairs of other countries, or
  • promote/enact a living wage

The effects of that last item on working men and women are, for anyone trying to make it in America, especially devastating.

Democrats made a big deal in 2009 of increasing the federal minimum wage from $6.55 to $7.25. But that number is still exponentially below what both the Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) say it must be ($15, and $22 – $26, respectively) for working people to meet basic needs.

The Democrats are expert at promising voters major social change, getting elected to large (sometimes “super”) majorities, and then making excuses for their “inability” to make good on their promises.

The Republicans, meanwhile, preach their “Christian” message of hard work and pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps, oblivious (more likely, uncaring) that people earning the minimum wage must work two or three jobs just to survive. The math is simple: Three 20-hour jobs at $7.25 equals an effective hourly rate of $21.75. That’s right in the meaty part of the rates espoused by the BLS. But these workers are barely surviving, because there are, quite literally, not enough hours in the week. Though they work 60 (often more), that $21.75 applies only to 20 hours – half the number considered “full time.”

By refusing to mandate a real living wage, one regularly subject to cost-of-living adjustments, the corporate parties are creating poverty – not jobs. And that’s just what their donors want: Workers so afraid of losing their jobs that they will accept whatever is offered them. Does that sound like something true unionists should support? Of course not. Yet Big Labor keeps herding its members onto the Democratic Party reservation.

Meanwhile, those on the Christian (self-)Right(eous) blissfully ignore one of the Bible’s key admonitions, preferring to line the pockets of their corporate benefactors over eliminating poverty: “Whoever closes his ear to the cry of the poor will himself call out and not be answered. (Proverbs 21:13).”

The Truth

Some, however, are telling it like it is.

NPA member Alan Maki, who is a co-founder of Minnesotans for Peace and Social Justice (MPSJ) and a former MyFDL diarist, was one of many speakers at recent forum in Duluth. On a frigid January Saturday (the only kind of January Saturday they have in Duluth!) 140 people came out to discuss “Building Progressive Political Power.” (The event program is here.) Before they adjourned, attendees adopted this open letter, calling out Minnesota’s corporate-owned, Democratic governor and legislature for peddling poverty wages:

TO: Governor Mark Dayton and the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party Legislative Caucus.
FROM: Your Constituents

Enough! We are not waiting any longer!

As DFL candidates, you campaigned on a promise to enact legislation that provides low-wage workers a real, living wage — not just a “minimum” wage.

Your campaign language explicitly called for “workers being entitled to living wages!” It promised a Living Wage Act, but no progress was made in your first super-majority session.

All it would take, you said, was for Minnesotans to give the DFL a super-majority. Well, we voters delivered it to you! You have it! But now, instead of advancing Living Wage legislation, the DFL is floating another “minimum wage” bill that will just perpetuate poverty wages for many Minnesota workers!

For years, the DFL leadership has claimed Republicans were the lone obstacle to establishing a Living Wage in our state. That obstacle has been removed. You are now in the driver’s seat!

We, the workers of Minnesota, gave you the legislative votes to enact the Living Wage legislation you promised us.

We expect you now to do so. You could call it “The Minnesota Living Wage Act of 2014.”

Most importantly, we need to begin with a realistic dollar amount. Living Wages need to be calculated based on realistic levels of cost-of-living. U.S. Census data suggests at least $15 per hour; while, based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), hourly wages of $22 and $26 at 40 hrs/week are needed to cover basic necessities. When making decisions on determining basic needs for a dignified life, the testimony from low-income Minnesotans should also be taken into consideration.

A Living Wage must also be subject to regular cost-of-living adjustments. The Consumer Price Index is our best indicator, and it should be used to adjust a new Minnesota Living Wage level quarterly or at least semi-annually.

If you should fail to enact such legislation, we will assume that you were just baiting us with nice-sounding campaign rhetoric, and that you are pulling a switch on us by simply advancing more employer-friendly “minimum wage” legislation, that does nothing to alleviate the hardships of Minnesota’s working poor.

Perhaps you think any increase is better than nothing. We don’t!

Minnesota has long been considered a progressive bellwether. Do something significant now for her working men and women. It is what everybody morally deserves — the prospect of a dignified life.

Be courageous. Lead our state — and our nation — in securing the right of every worker to earn a decent living.

It can begin with the Minnesota Living Wage Act of 2014.

You can make it happen!

Your fellow Minnesotans


Meanwhile, in Seattle, Occupier and newly elected Socialist city councilor Kshama Sawant is pushing for a $15 city-wide minimum wage. Supported by Socialist Alternative, Sawant defeated three-term Democrat incumbent Richard Conlin last November, riding her “15now” campaign to victory.

Wikipedia reports Sawant’s thoughts on the two corporate parties:
“[S]he rejects working within the Democratic and Republican two-party system, and says socialists should campaign as a third party:

‘The job of socialists is to point the way forward, and we are not shy about it. We invite people to debate with us on ideas of socialism. But we are not shy and we have been proven, resoundingly correct, that we should not be shy, because there is no excuse for being shy or reticent when you are talking about such serious issues as fighting against the enormous misery that capitalism unleashes on us, all over the world. So let’s be clear about it, let’s not be shy. This is not a time for modesty; this is a time for boldness and courage.’

Sawant has encouraged other left-wing groups, including Greens and trade unions, to use her campaign as a model to inspire a much broader movement in 2014:

‘We need a movement to break the undemocratic power of big business and build a society that works for working people, not corporate profits – a democratic socialist society.’”

What YOU Can Do

As these examples demonstrate, people are waking up to the deceptions played on them by the corporate parties. They are realizing that a nation which spies on its people, keeps workers poor, is constantly poised for war, and degrades the environment cannot survive.

The NPA urges local activists to take matters into their own hands:

  • Join our “De-Corporatize Congress” campaign. Recruit a candidate for U.S. House THIS YEAR from your district – or run yourself! This opportunity comes every two years, and Progressives have ignored the potential it holds for far too long.
  • Start an online newspaper to challenge local power brokers, stand for transparency, and force the local (usually corporate-owned) media to do its job.
  • Form a group like MPSJ in your own state to stand for workers like no union has, for more than 40 years. Collect signatures on a letter like the one above and deliver it to your state legislators, DEMANDING they enact a real living wage.

Neither corporate party cares a whit what happens to us. Only WE can effectively stand up for privacy, for workers, for peace, for the environment – in short, for the real, fundamental shift we all know is crucial to creating a world that puts people before profits.

Anthony Noel
NPA Co-Founder


The New Face of “Terror”?? Seniors with Spray Paint

By: Anthony Noel Saturday July 27, 2013 1:25 pm

When people ask my religion I usually respond, “Recovering Catholic.”

If there is one faith that has mastered the subjugation of its followers by any means necessary (fear, guilt, major motion pictures) AND the inserting of itself into socio-political debates when frankly nobody asked for its damned opinion, it is Catholicism. (Which is not to imply it hasn’t got plenty of company.)

But as sure as everything happens for a reason (hey, I never said my recovery was complete!) Catholicism breeds its own brand of radicalism, one to which any and every human – religious, agnostic or atheist – can and should aspire. It is rooted in the thinking of Thomas Merton, and it is the radicalism of Peace. Until each of us embraces its tenets, the world’s governments will continue to sell us war as everything it never is: A tactic, a bargaining chip, an economic engine, a career, an inevitability, a last resort, a keeper of some broader peace which – of course – never seems to show up.

As strongly and determinedly as any group, the Plowshares Movement – launched in 1980 – is still fighting to restore sanity to a nation and world gone batshit crazy.  And right now, it needs your help.

It was just after Labor Day of that year when Philip and Daniel Berrigan led The Plowshares Eight’s infiltration of General Electric’s Nuclear Weapons plant in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, symbolically beat “swords into plowshares” in accordance with biblical doctrine, and spilled their own blood on documents related to the manufacture of nuclear weapons. Ga-ga patriotic as the masters of war have inculcated Americans to get on each anniversary of a September date from 2001, The Eight and their adherents had by that event’s occurrence already been demonstrating for 21 years, all across the globe, always peacefully, in efforts to awaken goodness in the people who staff and manage such sites, and those who contract with the military-industrial complex for the making of weapons of mass destruction. In the name of “democracy,” of course.

Since that seminal event in King of Prussia on September 9, 1980, over a hundred such actions have taken place. The MIC doesn’t like it. And it’s preparing to sentence on September 23 three Plowshares activists – aged 58, 63 and 83 – who perpetrated these “terrors” last summer at a Tennessee weapons plant (be sure to view the whole gallery). Photos of the defendants along with excellent, detailed reporting from CommonDreams is here.

This is where the rubber meets the road, people. Each of those fearsome-looking terrorists (!) face up to 30 years in prison. Will you take 10 minutes to print out a postcard and mail it to the judge?

Thank you,

Anthony Noel

New Progressive Alliance

NLRB on Walmart: It’s Complicated.

By: Anthony Noel Wednesday November 21, 2012 10:17 am

I really, really wish I were not so consistently correct about just how little Barack Obama and his corporatist cronies care about the working class.

Walmart workers protest in October. More worker walkouts and protests are expected on Black Friday.

Alas, as I foreshadowed in the comments here yesterday, it’s looking more today as if the Obama-appointed National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is trying to give itself room to grant an injunction to Walmart, stopping (theoretically, at least) what any scholar of the American Labor Movement (yes, boys and girls, there actually was one, once upon a time…) - which is exactly what members of the NLRB claim to be – can instantly recognize as the completely legal (and quite necessary) job actions planned for Friday (you know, the BLACK one) at Wals across the country.

ABC News is now reporting that the NLRB is calling a decision on Walmart’s request “complex”:

“The legal issues — including questions about what constitutes picketing and whether the activity was aimed at gaining recognition for the union — are complex,” the labor board said. “Also, there are many distinct factual circumstances at stores across the country to consider.”

While the rose-colored-glasses, in-the-tank-for-Barack set will doubtless try to put a positive spin on this clearly negative turn of events, I’ve seen this M.O. too often in the past four years. Barack makes a statement favoring something (say, a public health insurance option), even as (or worse, after) he is engineering a result he considers much more favorable to “the economy.” (Read: the rich.)

Walmart’s request should have already been tossed based on the principles of the NLRB’s founding: To investigate and settle charges of unfair labor practice.

Few decisions in life are starkly black and white, but this is one of those decisions. The fact that the NLRB is claiming otherwise does not bode well for  Walmart’s clearly victimized workforce.

Anthony Noel is a facilitator of the New Progressive Alliance.

Photo by Neon Tommy under a Creative Commons Share-Alike License.

Walmart to NLRB: “Whaaaaaaaa!”

By: Anthony Noel Tuesday November 20, 2012 11:31 am

We’re about to find out exactly how little Barack Obama cares about working men and women.

Walmart workers at an October protest

We already know the answer is “not much,” but a job action planned by employees of the world’s largest retailer on the biggest shopping day of the year – Black Friday, just three days away - may bring into sharp relief just how far down the river this president is willing to sell the working class.

Walmart – that destroyer of small-town Main Streets, receiver of corporate welfare, and beneficiary of third-world slave-labor - has gone crying to a government watchdog which, if it holds true to the principles of its founding, should not merely toss the Walton clan out on its ear but laugh heartily as it does so.

Though you, dear reader, may not yet have heard about it, the WalMucketeyMucks have gotten wind of plans by their “associates” (hah!) across the country to walk off the job this Friday in protest of crappy wages, non-existent benefits, intimidation, and management stifling of attempts to organize themselves into a what Walmart should already be treating them as: A force that can force the planet-raping retailer to its knees.

Walmart workers would likely have unionized many months ago if this White House – at the urging of the Clintonite now-mayor of Chicago - hadn’t backed down on EFCA (that’s said with tongue firmly in cheek, of course - since this White House never really got its back up over it).

And now Walmart - the world’s best-known purveyor of goods produced in offshore sweatshops, and considered by many to have gone into groceries so its American workers could “spend” the food stamps those workers still require to make ends meet in Walmart stores - is asking the National Labor Relations Board, a body charged in 1935 with enabling the union movement and ending unfair labor practices, to protect it? Really?!

Let’s see the silver-tounged leader of the free world talk his way around this one.

Photo by Neon Tommy under a Creative Commons Share-Alike License on Flickr

A Voter’s Guide for Electoral Activists: 54 Alternative Party Candidates from 23 States

By: Anthony Noel Sunday November 4, 2012 1:13 pm

The general membership of the New Progressive Alliance last week voted to endorse each of 54 alternative party candidates in 23 states running for offices at the local, state, and national levels.

These men and women, seeking seats ranging from school board to sheriff to U.S. Congress (both houses) to the presidency – THREE for that office alone! – are blazing the trial for the future of democracy in America. It is a trail very different than that which the Democratic and Republican parties take us down election after election, with the same predictable result: A disenfranchised working class and an ever-more enriched military-industrial-Wall Street complex.

These candidates, listed by state below, have endorsed the Unified Progressive Platform, a clarion call for peace, people, and protecting the planet. The statements and content included are from the candidates themselves or their websites. (You can access a version of this post which includes links to candidate websites here.)

The Unified Platform is an amalgam of the beliefs of four current and two legacy Progressive organizations. It includes objectives sourced largely through comments by participants here at MyFDL, where the NPA was founded in 2010. Its ten planks:

- Peace First
- Full Employment at a Living Wage
- Saving the Environment
- A Real Social Safety Net
- Medicare for All
- Fair Trade
- Human Rights/Civil Liberties
- Election Reform
- Corporate Accountability/Reform
- Infrastructure Investment/Ownership

These are simple, people-first principles to which any human – any human who actually cares about the other humans, at least – should readily agree. Should an endorsed candidate or partner organization of the NPA renege on their promise to support the Unified Platform in word or deed, we will very publicly and unceremoniously disavow them – because, in order to progress, we need to avoid empty promises, and justifications such as that we hear all too often from adherents of the corporate-run parties: “Sometimes you just have to hold your nose and vote for the lesser of two evils!”

The lesser of two evils is still evil - so, to reverse our country’s near half century of decline, we must abandon the duopolist demagoguery which landed us here. We must start supporting (or opposing) candidates based on their records, not their rhetoric. We believe brave candidates like those listed below, who are not merely willing but PROUD to embrace TRULY Progressive ideals like those contained in the Unified Platform, represent the beginning of that process.

Anthony Noel is a facilitator of the New Progressive Alliance.

President/Vice President of the United States:

- Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala of the Green Party (Stein’s is the Green Party presidential campaign ever to qualify for federal matching funds.)

- Rocky Anderson and Luis Rodriguez of the Justice Party.

- Stewart Alexander and Alejandro “Alex” Mendoza of the Socialist Party USA.

- Kent Mesplay Mesplay endorsed the Unified Platform while contending for the Green Party’s presidential nomination.


US HOR District 4: Joshua Drake

Arkansas voters deserve a choice other than the Democrat and the Republican since there is no longer a real difference between the two. Let’s give voters in Arkansas’ 4th district a real choice in November. Last election I received over 32,600 votes across the 4th district. Let’s get out the word that voters of south Arkansas have a choice in this election and should choose the person that will fight for the working people of Arkansas.


President of the United States: Stewart Alexander (Socialist Party USA)

Everything in the Unified Progressive Platform is a step forward, but not necessarily the destination.

Medicare for all is not enough – we must remove the profit motive from America’s healthcare system completely by taking control over the pharmaceutical companies and instituting a system of national healthcare where there are no premiums, no copays, and where your doctor calls the shots, not some bureaucrat at an insurance company.

I call for a proportional representation and runoff systems which eliminate any false dilemma voters have about voting their conscience rather than the lesser of two evils.

I call for public financing.

I also believe we must go much further than regulating corporations, chopping off the leaves of the weed. We must remove this corrupt system by the root and replace the corporate capitalist system with one of economic democracy where the workers both own and control the means of production.

President of the United States: Kent Mesplay (See top of list under President/Vice President for details.)

Vice President of the United States: Luis Rodriguez, Justice Party (See top of list under President/Vice President for details.)


US HOR District 1: Gary Swing (Green Party)

Implementing proportional representation voting systems for legislative elections is the most critical election reform. “Ranked choice voting,” as mentioned in the United Progressive Platform, can refer to either the winner-take-all voting system known as instant runoff voting (IRV) or the proportional voting method known as the single transferable vote (STV). IRV should only be used to elect executives. Legislative offices should be elected by proportional voting methods like the party list system or STV. I propose that legislators be elected by the voting system used for Australia’s Senate, which gives voters a choice between casting a simple vote for the party of their choice or a ranked choice vote (STV) for individual candidates. In practice, more than 95% of voters choose to vote for their favorite party rather than ranking individual candidates.


US Senate: Jeff Russell (Green Party)

I endorse the policies of the Green New Deal Coalition:

Cut military spending at least 70%;

Create millions of green union jobs through massive public investment in renewable energy, mass transit and conservation;

Set ambitious, science-based greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, and enact a revenue-neutral carbon tax to meet them;

Establish single-payer “Medicare for all” health care;

Institute tuition-free public higher education;

Change trade agreements to improve labor, environmental, consumer, health and safety standards;

End counterproductive prohibition policies and legalize marijuana;

Enact tough limits on credit card interest and lending rates, progressive tax reform and strict financial regulation;

Amend the U.S. Constitution to abolish corporate personhood; and

Pass sweeping electoral, campaign finance and anti-corruption reforms.

State Senate, District 30: Don Alexander

[...]career politicians are one of the main reasons that this country is in trouble. As long as we keep voting Republicans and Democrats into office, there will be no real change. If elected, I will work for the following changes.

Economy – Help the economy by tax credits to companies to start up or relocate here, tax breaks for employing and retaining Connecticut residents, incentives for clean energy and energy saving, penalize companies that send business overseas, making low interest loans available, and increasing jobs in education.

Education – Expand educational opportunities

Health Care Reform – Use a single payer plan to provide competition and thus ease the burden on business and increase our competitiveness with other states.

Human Rights – should be for all including women and the LGBT community.

Marijuana – Regulate, meaning additional taxes for the state to build infrastructure.

Grassroots Democracy – I will meet regularly with voters at “town hall” type meetings.

State Senate, District 33: Melissa Schlag

I wholeheartedly support the Unified Progressive Platform and have been fighting for such a progressive system in Connecticut for the past year and a half. Corporate welfare has run amok in Connecticut; last year I spent countless hours fighting a large corporate giveaway of state owned conservation land overlooking the Connecticut River and was successful. The website I created that received national attention for my group: The residents of the 33rd district have been ignored over the past decade, their needs replaced with the needs of special interests and debilitating party politics; it is time for an independent candidate to break the political chains in Hartford to allow for positive and successful growth. You deserve a fresh, independent voice, someone who will not only listen to you but will hear you.

State Representative, District 125: David Bedell

Having read in detail the ten sections [of the Unified Platform], I can say with enthusiasm that I endorse it. What a wonderful group of organizations you’ve selected for source material!

The first priority for the legislature must be to address our stagnant economy. A green jobs and green loan program will put people back to work insulating old buildings, retrofitting homes and schools with solar panels, and developing new industries for fuel cells, photovoltaics, wind turbines, biofuels, LED lighting, better batteries, and other clean energy technologies. As more people go back to work and earn a living wage, their spending will stimulate business and restore the state economy.


Reform election laws to encourage new candidates with fresh ideas.

Enact a Connecticut Health Plan to insure all state residents.

Close Indian Point and Millstone nuclear plants; promote sustainable energy.

Support mass transit and Smart Growth; contain sprawl and overbuilding.

Equalize education funding by relying more on state revenues, less on local property taxes.

Enable all towns to implement Land Value Tax as an alternative to traditional property tax (currently permitted only in New London).

End the Drug War that imprisons our youth and sparks gun violence.

Last night I attended a screening of the film “Fixing the Future,” which mentions, among other economic innovations, the establishment of Benefit Corporations. These are now recognized in seven states, with legislation pending elsewhere. It might be possible to move forward legislatively on this which would match the goals of section 9 of the Unified Progressive Platform on Corporate Accountability/Reform.

State Representative, District 148: Rolf Maurer

Promote more alternative transportation options, including mini-vans, additional bus service and, where practicable, intra-urban light rail.

Provide incentives for CT-based manufacturers of packaged goods to distribute products, like laundry detergent and other cleansers, via bulk dispensers, where practical, in retail settings, much in the manner of penny candy or soft drink fountain dispensers. This would save packaging and marketing costs for manufacturers, while reducing excess use of paper, plastics and metals.

A “Victory” community garden program would help localize food production, foster a sense of community and curb fuel consumption associated with chain supermarkets. School costs could be reduced and food quality could be improved by encouraging students to grow food on site for consumption in the cafeterias.

Advocate for state-level repeal of FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (S. 510), as proposed in Vermont, which could jeopardize local farms.

Support legislation to require labelling of GMO (genetically-modified organism) produce and salmon in Connecticut.

More state funding for education would alleviate burden of CT towns paying for most of their own school systems through property taxes. This would make it easier to cut funding for for-profit charter schools. Free tuition should be applicable at state and community colleges.

A statewide initiative in technical schools could train a new generation of mechanics and aftermarket specialists in the service and gasoline engine-conversion to alternative energy vehicles (electric, biofuel, etc.) as outlined by journalist Edwin Black’s “The Plan: How To Rescue Society When The Oil Stops–Or The Day Before.”

Support the creation of a state-level bank, patterned after North Dakota’s 100-year-old Bank of North Dakota, which, because of its autonomy from dubious investment vehicles, like subprime mortgages, has rendered the state immune from the economic upheavals devastating the rest of the United States. Impressed with North Dakota’s low unemployment rate (3.7% as of last August ) and robust local financial situation, Florida and other states are looking into emulating this model.

A mandatory living wage should be introduced, subsidized for small business employers, where necessary.

Put an end to the practice of municipal tax giveaways to corporations in exchange for doing business in the state. This way all CT towns will be on a level playing field instead of competing in a race to the bottom.

To help promote local and state economic strength, major corporations–especially transnationals–should be required to open their corporate accounts in local credit unions/community banks and in the proposed Bank of Connecticut, rather than in regular commercial institutions. Privatizing of city and state services should be eliminated.

Support legislation for a statewide single-payer healthcare program.

End the wasteful, needless War On Drugs. Legalization would obviate need for funds and resources that could be used more productively elsewhere, as well as facilitate development of hemp-based industry that would provide less environmental destructive/resource depleting alternatives to traditional paper and petroleum-based plastics and fuel production.


US Senate: Andrew Groff

I fully endorse this platform and call on other true progressives to review and sign on to this movement. As an “Occupy Delaware” organizer, I feel that it is vital that the critical issues of our day be embraced by all people of good will and that we join together in a great voice that will be heard above the commercial news clatter.


Monroe County Mosquito Control Board, District 1: Oliver “Ollie” Kofoid

I decided to run for Monroe County Mosquito Control, Dist 1 to give a voice to saying no to the release of genetically modified mosquitoes herein Key West. The Unified Progressive Platform is an extension to the Green values I believe in.

It’s time to crush the 1 percent! Of course I’m talking about the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. This pest is the domestic terrorist of the Keys. It has the ability to harm our health, passing denque fever amidst the population. It has the capability to ruin our economy, through employee reduction, and negative national press. It has the capacity to deplete our Mosquito Control funds, demanding up to 80 percent of operating cost.


State HOR District 57: Kwabena “Cubby” Nkromo

The responses of Georgia Democrats to the machinations of the Right have often been as unimaginative as they have been ineffective. With the redistricting process as well as other issues such as charter school and transit policy, the minority caucus seems to unsure of how to respond to the persistent manipulation of public opinion by the party in power.

Fortunately, the voters of District 57 and eventually other areas of metro Atlanta area have another choice. I am running as a Green Party candidate for the House of Representatives in the Georgia General Assembly and am busy collecting the necessary signatures. I believe it is more important than ever right now is Georgia to focus on binds people together as citizens, rather than what divides us.

That is why I have chosen the “commons” as a theme for my campaign and the centerpiece of my policy platform. As Jay Walljasper explains in his book “All That We Share: A Field Guide to the Commons,” the term may seem unfamiliar to some but it is actually an idea that has been around for centuries. The commons is a new use of an old word, meaning “what we share” – and it offers fresh hope for a saner, safer, more enjoyable future.

Walljasper further notes:
“The commons refers to a wealth of valuable assets that belong to everyone. These range from clean air to wildlife preserves; from the judicial system to the Internet. … Anyone can use the commons, so long as there is enough left for everyone else. … At least that’s how the commons has worked throughout history, fostering democratic, cultural, technological, medical, economic, and humanitarian advances. But this natural cycle of sharing is now under assault. As the market economy becomes the yardstick for measuring the worth of everything, more people are grabbing portions of the commons as personal property. Many essential elements of society – from ecosystems to scientific knowledge to public services – are slipping through our hands and into the pockets of the rich and powerful.”

Solutions to current economic and sociological calamities will require more than administering the tweaks to the operating system that are usually offered by either of the main two parties. Particularly in our communities with the greatest challenges, a complete new approach is needed – a paradigm shift that revises the core principles that guide our culture top to bottom. I believe at this historical moment, the commons vision of a society where “we” matters as much as “me” shines as a beacon of hope for the citizens of District 57 and beyond. My name is Kwabena “Cubby” Nkromo and I am asking you to join our campaign for a brighter day.

Vote your hopes, not your fears!

Richmond County Commission Race, District One in Augusta: Denice Traina (Green Party)

I am enthusiastic in signing on to the Unified Platform. Although my campaign is non-partisan in nature I stand committed to the principles outlined by the plan and look to the day when truly progressive values are evident in our society.


US HOR District 2: Andrew Straw (Green Party)

Medicare for All – Despite widespread popular support for a public option and single-payer healthcare, the Obama administration and Congress cut a deal with the insurance companies to protect their profits despite the fact that a single-payer plan would reduce both public and private costs dramatically and ensure that everyone would have access to high-quality health care without fear of long-term debt or even bankruptcy. Andrew Straw recognizes that a fair, comprehensive health care reform is necessary to the well-being of the U.S. as we move forward into the 21st century.

Public Education, Preschool to College – In recent years we’ve seen our elected officials falling over themselves to cut education funding and other programs that benefit millions of Americans. At the same time, student loan debts are spiraling out of control. The need for quality, affordable education has never been greater. 60% of new jobs require some form of post-secondary education, and if America is going to stay competitive on the world stage a highly-educated workforce is more important than ever. Public investment in education is proven to spark economic growth, and the availability of higher education to all Americans would provide a long-term stimulus.

Creating 25 Million New, Sustainable Jobs – Despite some gains in employment, millions of Americans remain out of work. Millions more remain underemployed. There is a desperate need for new jobs! At the same time, we are in the midst of a great transition: we must develop a sustainable economy, or face the consequences as oil prices continue to rise and climate change accelerates. Andrew Straw proposes a full-employment program that includes an economic bill of rights for all workers in areas like renewable energy, public transportation and infrastructure development, clean manufacturing, local and sustainable agriculture, and many more.

A Green New Deal for America! Let’s face it, Washington has forgotten something very important: they are supposed to work for us! It’s time for the government to stop working for only a few. It’s time to stop wasting money on wars and Wall Street bailouts and making the 1% richer, and make our money work for us.


State HOR 45th District: Geoff Young (Green Party)

The Green Party believes in solutions that work. We are pro-environment, pro-working people, pro-diversity, and pro-peace. If you have any questions, would like to make a donation, or would like to help with my campaign, please call me at (859) 278-4966 or email me: energetic_at_windstream_dot_net.


State Senate District 8: Asher Platts (Green Party)

I once wrote, “I want to see the people occupying Wall Street bring about the major reforms they are demanding. It’s my hope that they will carry this energy and excitement to their home towns, and run as candidates in 2012. And in 2013 we hope to see them occupying their state capitols not as protesters, but to claim seats of power in government.”

Now, coming back from nearly three months of being in DC and on Wall Street, I have been presented with the opportunity to take my own advice. The Green Party has long recognized that the wealthy elite have polluted our electoral system with unlimited campaign contributions. This in turn has perverted the act of public service, as politicians put the needs of Wall Street before those of the people they are elected to serve. I am done with the qualifying period, and I will not be taking any money from any private donors to run this campaign.

State HOR District 39: Carolyn Blackfeather Rae

I endorse the clear statement supporting Peace, People, and of course this precious Earth.

The people are tired of leaning in the boat of politics too far to the right or too far to the left trying to catch the fish they need to survive and make it to achieve even simplicities.

I feel confident that I have the skills to advocate for the people of Maine and our Country with 13 years of college achieved. I have a Masters in Public Administration and a Bachelors in Behavioral Science, as well as an Associates in Liberal Studies. I am Licensed as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor working with servere opiate addicted patients. I am currently working on the design and implimentation of a three tier recovery program that really gets the job done.

My mind works like an engineer, I expose myself to environmental and social conditions and instinctively conduct observations of what is healthy and functional, quality vs quantity as well as effectiveness vs efficency.

Our place is to be good and respectful to each other. I also want to work on the implementation of “ground zero” application with energy infrastructure. I designed the off grid home I live in. The people of this Country are ready to become a part of the solution in that area and this design would allow them to.

There is a lot on the table and many corrective discussions to be had. Please feel free to email me at anytime, carolynrae41_at_gmail_dot_com

State HOR District 118: Tom MacMillan

Tom has a passion for Maine and the intimate knowledge of the hardships faced by Mainers which will make him a true representative of the West End, Libbytown and St. John Valley. Tom is an independent voice who will never take corporate money because politics is about serving the interests of the community, not enriching the few.

Tom supports marriage equality, voting rights, the rights of workers, and public transportation.


US HOR District 8: George Cluck

George is clean, mean, and green.
- Clean – no PAC, corporate or union contributions; solely individuals and no more than $100
- Lean – both an efficient campaign and a more efficient government, getting better results with less funding
- Green – champion of environmental and sustainable business


President of the United States: Jill Stein (Green Party) (See top of list under President/Vice President for details.)


US HOR District 4: Pat Timmons

The choices in this campaign are clear. We can use our strength and courage to persist in the industrial, growth economy. Or, we can use our strength and courage to adapt to a sustainable, steady state economy.

Delaying a decision is possible, but the costs of doing so are adding up quickly. Our grandchildren are standing in the doorway, waiting for us to show them the way.

America faces a multitude of problems to solve, and I have selected three that I judge to be most pressing:

- Reform our government

- Repay our debt

- Restore our environment

US HOR District 9: Julia Williams (Green Party)

Julia Williams, RN, has a new prescription for our district: A Representative that will fight for citizens, not corporations.

I stand for the citizens of this district. My goal is to improve the economic, physical, and political health of the people who live here. I will fight for the well-being of our families, not banking profits. I support HR 676, “Medicare for All,” rather than mandated profits to insurance companies. And I will demand an end to our “endless wars” and the suffering they cause.

Clean air, water, and food, are basic needs for everyone, and without a viable environment, all other arguments are moot.

As a committed Green, I, like our Presidential candidate Jill Stein, believe the Unified Progressive Platform reflects the 10 Key Values of my Party and represents my values as well.

I endorse the Unified Progressive Platform, and look forward to seeing our values and our vision implemented.

Michigan State Board of Education: Dwain C. Reynolds III

My campaign for Michigan’s State Board of Education is concerned with the spreading of equality and the use of our public education system as a “great equalizer”; where all students are granted the same opportunities. I am also against the for-profit charter schools system which the Democrats and Republicans are forcing onto our communities.

As a candidate, member, and representative of both the Socialist Party USA and the Green Party I fully believe in and support/endorse the Unified Platform.</blockquote>

Michigan State Board of Education: Candace Caveny

I believe in:
- A Woman’s Right to Choose
- Peace Now
- Fair Trade
- Universal Health Care
- A Clean Environment
- Equal Rights for Gays and Lesbians
- Alternative Energy
- Human Rights
- Mass Transit
- Corporate Accountability
- Internet Accessibility

Calhoun County Clerk & Register of Deeds: John Anthony LaPietra

I endorse the full Unified Progressive Platform, with one exception. I think the Electoral College still offers some advantages over a single nationwide count built up from 51 separate elections with different rules for who can vote, how and when — enforced by partisan officials and thus open to “majority fraud”. When all US citizens have the same Presidential voting rights and power, we can consider abolishing the EC; until then, I do support some EC reforms, including proportional splits of each state’s electoral votes.

The County Clerk and Register of Deeds runs elections, keeps property and court records, and more. To do the job, you need to be fluent in Legalese, Red Tape, and plain English. And to do it right, you have to care more about people than parties – or credit. I have ten years’ experience making state and local governments work
fairly and efficiently; I’ve practiced administrative, election, and civil-rights law. With your help, I can bring these skills to our county government. I’ll take 100% of anyone’s vote; I won’t take over $100 from any real person – or any corporate money. Join my campaign; let’s make sure county elections and records work – for the people.

Newberg Township Clerk, Cass County: Korine Bachleda

I have read the Unified Progressive Platform and wish to endorse this noble venture. I was appointed as Township Clerk in June of 2006, elected in November 2006 by write-in and re-elected in 2008 on the ballot as a Green Party candidate. I am seeking re-election this November (without opposition) and have been nominated by the Green Party. This is a small un-zoned rural community with 1,200 voters. I am an environmentalist and strong advocate for sustainable living. I believe we must find peaceful ways to resolve conflicts. And, I believe it starts in our own communities. I hope the votes I secure as a local leader will help spread the awareness of the Unified Progressive Platform.


United States Senate: Michael Cavlan (Minnesota Open Progressives)

Michael Cavlan is fighting for universal health care (Medicare for all, everyone covered), he is fighting to end corporate personhood, avoiding a war with Iran, bringing the troops home, campaign finance reform by taking the big money out of politics, opening the debates, is for ranked choice voting, and supports marriage for all.

Minneapolis School Board: Doug Mann (Green Party)

I believe that education is a right, not a privilege. A quality public education should be available to all on an equal basis. Most children of color get an education of inferior quality due to factors like high teacher turnover, overexposure to inexperienced teachers, and placement in watered-down curriculum tracks. Teachers are arbitrarily fired and replaced during their 3-year probationary period. Demand low teacher turnover rates in all schools, the elimination of watered-down curriculum tracks. Let’s fix the public schools instead of herding students into charter schools. Preserve due process, tenure and seniority rights for teachers.

Candidate background: Nurse (LPN), Associate Arts, Minneapolis Community Technical College, Languages: French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Swedish. Learning Russian. Volunteer English as a second Language tutor 2009-2010. Past member: NAACP education advocacy committees (Minneapolis branch and state conference), and Parents Union board of directors.

New Jersey

-US Senate: Ken Wolski (Green Party)

I proudly endorse the Unified Progressive Platform. I will be on the ballot as New Jersey’s Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in the upcoming election. The Greens are a refreshing alternative to the two-party monopoly that has dominated politics, stifled debate and led to Tweedledee-Tweedledum governance in this country.

I am campaigning to:
- end the influence of corporate money on elected officials;
- end the destructive and ineffective war on drugs; and
- ensure free and universal health care for all Americans.

I’m not a politician. I’m a registered nurse. I’ve practiced in New Jersey for 36 years. With your support, together we can nurse our country back to health. I encourage voters to vote for something they can believe in — vote Green for a change.

US HOR District 1: Bill Reitter (Green Party)

I hereby heartily endorse the Unified Progressive Platform. Thanks for all the hard work you are doing to unify and strengthen the Green and Progressive movement in America. This will certainly bear fruit in the coming years.

Think Green, Live Green, Vote Green.

US HOR District 5: Patricia Alessandrini (Green Party)

The Unified Progressive Platform presented is certainly in line with the Green Party’s Ten Key Values. My policies are “Green Party” values and Universal Values! If you agree, vote for a candidate who supports policies that represent you, the people.

Important Issues:
- Health care for all with savings of billions by cutting out the profit margin of insurance companies and pharmaceuticals.

- Ensure a living wage by increasing the minimum wage to $12 now and $14 by 2012. This is a human right.

- Real electoral reform, providing public funding based on the Maine example. Citizens have the constitutional right to vote for candidates who represent their needs and not those of large corporations.

- Restoration of the Glass-Steagall Act which prevented banks and other financial institutions from investing our savings and retirement funds in unsound portfolios. Impose a moratorium on home foreclosures with renegotiation of mortgages based on current property values and interest rates.

- End the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. These unnecessary wars have cost taxpayers one trillion dollars thus far, and the toll in deaths and injuries to both civilians and our troops are unjustifiable. The military budget should be cut by 30% by 2012. These savings to be used primarily for care for veterans!

- Resolve conflicts through international consensus rather than forcefully and unilaterally. Restore membership in the International Court of Justice.

- Enact and enforce higher standards for our environment. New technology must be employed to produce renewable energy and curtail global warming.

- End torture, rendition, and the death penalty.

- Support of re-negotiation of trade treaties to stop corporations from exploitation of workers in poor nations imposing unsafe working conditions and environmental damage.

- Increase the number of inspectors in agencies enforcing health, safety, and environmental laws. Make the penalties for violations serious deterrents; the collection of fines prompt.

- End any and all use of weapons that can cause the death of civilians and environmental damage such as depleted uranium, cluster bombs, white phosphorus, drones, and land mines.

- Support the “Employee Free Choice Act” so that workers can join unions without being subjected to employer intimidation.

- Provide foreign aid only to states not in violation of international law.

- Tax corporate incomes at the same rate as individual incomes. Close all loopholes allowing them to avoid taxes.

New York:

United States Senate: Colia Clark (Green Party)

The Colia Clark for US Senate campaign is pushing forward a Freedom Agenda that includes: Constitutional Right to Vote, Constitutional Right to a Universal Education, An Economic Bill of Rights and more…There will be an addition of criminal justice component which addresses the war on Blacks and Browns with intent of repealing all federal legislation which provides the base of support for the US criminal injustice system. The Unified Progressive Platform as stated would be essential in the thrust for a Freedom Agenda. The Colia Clark for Senate Campaign strongly endorses the Unified Progressive Platform and looks forward to working with the New Progressive Alliance in building a campaign to bring true democracy to the US.

US HOR District 6: Evergreen Chou (Green Party)

The only reservation I have for the Unified Progressive Platform is I am only in favor of medical marijuana and not its recreational use. I am of course in favor of de-criminalization of marijuana.

Jobs: New Green Deal
Housing: Housing should be a right. Affordable Housing for all. Mixed income housing developments.
Health Care: Single Payer Universal Health Care For All
Environment: to stop the carbon/fossil fuel addiction to oil and coal and to stop nuclear; anti-fracking
Energy: Using renewable resources; moving away from a carbon economy; stop Nuclear Power Plants.
Solar panels
Wind turbines
Wave and River Currents
Education: Universal Free Education to College/University
Where will the money come from: Stop Wars, Progressive taxation, Tax Wall Street and Corporations.
Unbought and Unbossed! Forward Ever – Backward Never!

US HOR District 11: Hank Bardel (Green Party)

If you like Occupy Wall Street then you will like my campaign. I am for Peace, Single Payer Health Care, the Environment, Education, Jobs, and the Economy. Give people a choice! I have been a member of the Green Party since 1996 and have been fighting for justice since I was in my 20s.

US HOR District 14: Anthony Gronowicz (Green Party)

The Green New Deal is a continuation and expansion of the principles contained in Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s 1944 Economic Bill of Rights that called for:

- A living wage and full employment through public works as in the New Deal’s WPA program
- Affordable housing
- Health care for all
- Free college (as was the case with the City University from 1847 to 1975)

US HOR District 16: Joseph Diaferia (Green Party)

US HOR District 24: Ursula Rozum (Green Party)

I need your support in our campaign for a Green New Deal of economic security, environmental sanity, and real democracy because real solutions can’t wait! Please help our grassroots campaign gear up by making a donation today.

Our generation is losing our future. The hottest year ever recorded just reminded us of the fast-approaching climate catastrophe. Unemployment is high and persistent. Giant banks and corporations call the shots in our government. Student loan debt just surpassed $1 trillion. People are losing their jobs, homes, and prospects for economic security. It doesn’t have to be this way! Whatever you can give, it’s an investment in our people-powered campaign.


US HOR District 14: Elaine Mastromatteo (Green Party)

I’m here because I think that the Republicans and Democrats in Washington have forgotten who they work for. They have spent so much time pandering to the wishes of their wealthy campaign donors that they’re willing to put our lives and our democracy and our constitution aside. They not only work for the wealthy and powerful special interests and that’s how we ended up with the biggest wealth gap in our history. They’ve bailed out the banks, bailed out auto manufacturers, they’re sending money to the states in a mortgage fraud settlement, but we’re not really seeing any more jobs. That’s because they haven’t bailed out the real job creators: The American people. Put money back in the pockets of ordinary Americans and watch the jobs come back! Despite higher productivity on the part of the American worker, wages have remained stagnant at 1970’s levels while the one percent hoards all the rewards. If those profits had been returned to ordinary American workers I’m convinced that we would not be in the situation we are now.


US HOR District 3: Woodrow Broadnax Jr.

- Reform tax codes to achieve a fair tax in which the rich pay their fair share to relieve the burden on the poor and re-establish the middle class by ensuring a return to prosperity and equality.
- Close tax loopholes exploited by the super-rich, and seek a return to the tax equality that Americans enjoyed during the period of the Great Society.
- Promote a higher EPA standard that ensures clean and accessible drinking water.
- Introduce legislation to prevent water utility corporations from exploiting their communities with arbitrary rate hikes.
- Pursue solutions to ensure the quality of water infrastructure throughout the community is protected.
- Increase affordable education by regulating for profit schools, increasing the availability of federal student loans and student loan forgiveness programs.
- Fix roads and infrastructures (bridges, highways) and create jobs that can implement and sustain needed repairs
- Modify the Education Sustainability Act to support equitable academic programs, curriculum and practices will make education accessible and affordable for all Oregonians.
- Keep a hands-off policy regarding Social Security and Medicare, opposing any attempt to privatize these vital programs.
- Utilize wind and solar power.
- End wars that divert our treasury from the domestic needs of the public.
- Support equal rights and with it the rights of people to marry whom they choose.
- End Marijuana prohibition in matters of health
- Clear legislation that insures mass transportation and reforestation believing it will stimulate the economy and conserve resources for future generations
- End the judicial doctrine of corporate personhood, which is undermining the democratic process.

US HOR District 4: Mike Beilstein (Green Party)

There is not going to be an “economic recovery.” There is no magic formula to return the US and the world economies back to pre-2008 conditions. We have driven the global environment far beyond carrying capacity. Either we re-imagine an economy that can support human life on earth, or we kill ourselves trying to maintain the system that brought us to this crisis.


Vice President of the United States: Cheri Honkala (See top of list under President/Vice President for details.)


US Senate: Martin Pleasant (Green Party)

As we say in Knoxville, TN, Martin’s (MLK) Values are Green Values and so are the New Progressive Alliance’s values. I fully endorse the Unified Progressive Platform.

US HOR District 7: Howard Switzer (Green Party)

Humankind is facing multiple crises including a crisis of vision and faith. Much of what we once believed to be true is being proven false such as; that economic growth is essential for prosperity, that nature is a mere commodity to be used up as we see fit, that growing consumption is good for the economy, that the most important thing is getting ahead, that “my god is better than your god,” that other cultures, peoples and species don’t matter. The global industrial culture has been like the child who has eaten all the candies in the bowl and is now very sick. The symptoms are economic decline, resource depletion, planetary warming, social divisions and wars, religious intolerance, and the mass extinction of languages, cultures and species. We the People are awakening to the fact that we must change our system to eliminate these symptoms. We are growing up just in time.

Tennessee HOR District 55: Susan Shann

I have occupied many roles: singer / songwriter, music teacher, spiritual seeker, political activist, environmentalist – just to name a few. I created Earth Revolution, a local-access TV program dedicated to highlighting the good work of “green” businesses and non-profits in and around Davidson County, and started Transition Nashville, a group inspired by the global Transition Movement, which is working to turn Metro Nashville into a network of localized, resilient and sustainable communities, I see this campaign as another way to speak to my great concerns in life: the protection and preservation of our planet, and thriving, sustainable, socially just communities in which everyone can enjoy access to high quality health care, healthy food, and other necessities.


Vice President of the United States: Alejandro “Alex” Mendoza (See top of list under President/Vice President for details.)

US HOR District 2: Mark A. Roberts

I support the NPA platform and would be even more supportive of a Green New Deal and the achievement and maintenance of full employment. I would be also be more supportive of the development of equitable and sustainable local economies. I believe that each and every person should have a voice in the environmental, political, and economic decisions affecting their lives. I believe that we should end oppression based on class, race, sex, citizenship, age, or orientation. I also believe that we should live less wastefully, and refocus on developing our local communities.

As your Congressperson, I will work towards those goals.

US HOR District 33: Ed Lindsay

If you want REAL CHANGE in government, if you want to stop this nonsense in Washington, DC, if you want our government placed on a sound financial basis, if you want to see ethics restored in the political arena, if you agree with the important issues which I believe in, and if you want to see the future of this country preserved for you, your children and your grandchildren, then it is imperative that YOU tell your friends and neighbors in District 33 to vote for me on November 6th!

Texas HOR District 65: Alex Mendoza (Socialist Party USA)

Texas HOR District 124: Herb Gonzales, Jr.

I believe in:
- Reorientation of education to promote a person who can think, analyze and problem solve

- Abolition of property tax to fund education

- Education funds at the state level to be replaced by a flat percentage tax that is less then 3% of income and 12% of quarterly profits from corporations earning $100,000,000 a fiscal year.

- The current systems of fees charged for traffic violations, probation, adult and juvenile support services, and the District Courts should be reviewed for unnecessary and burdensome application.

I want your vote to affect our legislature in promoting the common good. I would like to reestablish the link to public service as a good for helping all to improve their lives. Simply, I would be in office to develop and pass laws that promote democracy and justice for all.

Harris County Sheriff: Remington Alessi

I am dedicated to ending what I regard as the criminal justice system’s war on people. I am seeking to call attention to the private prison industry’s influence in perpetuating the war on drugs, the criminalization of immigration, mass incarceration, and the general mistreatment of human beings within the criminal justice system.

Bexar County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2, Pl. 1: Joel Benavidez

I am an Air Force Veteran. I am all too aware of the challenges facing our society, both fiscally and socially. I am prepared to bring these skills to bear on the challenges facing the poor and working class people of Precinct 2 and Bexar County. All too often the system is stacked against the student, the worker, the elderly and the poor. Our politicians are aware of this and would like to help but as career politics go, voter interests almost consistently come second to securing reelection. The two aren’t always synonymous. According to city-data in 2008, 1 in 5 San Antonians were living in poverty. I promise to put voter interests, within the bounds of the law, first in every instance, without regard for my reelection. My justice will not be bought and will go to support the majority of people, not the majority of wealth.

I’m one of you. Soy tu primo, tu hijo, su nieto, tu hermano; I’m your cousin, your son, your grandson, your brother. I have not spent years studying law at a prestigious university thanks to a trust fund or rich parents. I work hard and I’m struggling like all of you; And like all of you, I want to help my brothers and sisters through their struggles. That is what I want to accomplish as Justice of the Peace and I am available to anyone who wants to talk to me. So vote for your own interests, Vote Joel Benavidez JP2.


President of the United States: Rocky Anderson (See top of list under President/Vice President for details.)


Arlington County Board: Dr. Audrey Clement (Green Party)

Spire Law Group Sues Holder, Banksters to Get OUR $43 Trillion Back

By: Anthony Noel Monday October 29, 2012 5:28 pm

I’m not sure which is more disturbing:

(1) That this news has yet to be covered AT ALL by ANY major news outlet;

(2) That one outlet (the relatively low-viewer CNBC) did post it (as the screenshots at the linked page show – scroll down the page to see them) and removed it within hours, or

(3) The very real possibility that the children of an executive at CNBC were made to pay for CNBC’s publicizing the suit.

This is very, very troubling, ladies and gentlemen.


UPDATED: Latest Cyber Attack on Large U.S. Banks Enters Fourth Day

By: Anthony Noel Thursday September 27, 2012 2:30 pm

War does not determine who is right, only who is left

Check out the latest comments from

Can’t log in From Oregon

Still down. North Carolina. Day 4.

Day 4 – Cannot login – Washington, DC

Still not responding for Safari….4 days now.

Disturbing as the nearly nonexistent coverage of such major news may be (i.e., that literally millions of Americans are unable to access their bank accounts online) it also serves as an illustration of media complicity in the march to war.

After the almost universally read West Australian (!) broke the story September 26 – which was actually September 25 (Tuesday) in the United States – FOXBusiness picked it up and sought the reaction of that paragon of middle eastern objectivity, Joe Lieberman who – among a host of other things too ugly to mention in mixed company – is chair of the Senate’s Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.

FOXBusiness got what it wanted (and what AIPAC likely told it to get): A juicy quote blaming not the group that actually claimed responsibility, but – wait for it – Iran.

The funny thing is, FOXBusiness didn’t feature the incendiary words. It buried them.

Maybe it’s because they had to go back five-plus days to Lieberman’s appearance on C-SPAN to get his response to LAST week’s attacks.

However, Sen. Joe Lieberman [...] said he believes the attacks may have actually been carried out by Iran and the Qods force, which he said has its own developing cyber attack capacity.

“I don’t believe these were just hackers,” Lieberman said Friday evening on C-SPAN, adding that they may actually be retaliation for U.S. economic sanctions on Iran.

Iran’s civil defense agency head, Gholam Reza Jalali, denied on the country’s semi-official Fars news agency earlier this week claims that Iran was behind the cyber attacks on U.S. bank[s].

Ladies and gentlemen, why would FOXBusiness bury this quote, and why would FOX itself run this piece only on its business arm? I’ll repeat my earlier question: Are not attacks which prevent millions from accessing whatever (increasingly worthless) dollars they have MAJOR news?

Sure they are. Or would be, if

a) Wall Street and the media conglomerates were not scared to death of a bank run, and

b) AIPAC was not vigorously pursuing war with Iran.

By burying both the news itself and Lieberman’s quote in particular, the FOXBusiness write-up becomes one of those exhibits which will doubtless be added to a presentation at the United Nations x number of months (weeks? days?) hence, given by some spangled militarist with a crew cut, laying out all the reasons war is “unfortunately” our only option.

Anthony Noel is a facilitator of the New Progressive Alliance.

C-SPAN Can’t Do It? Of Course They Can!!

By: Anthony Noel Monday September 24, 2012 4:15 pm

So first and foremost, I want to thank everyone for the likes, recommends and comments on my Friday post.

We’ve made a good start, but already, it seems, C-SPAN is throwing up (pun fully intended) excuses and barriers to what, according to the two tech-savvy video types I’ve consulted, is a pretty simple task – and a potentially momentous step toward educating Americans about ALL their electoral options.

A supporter of this effort, who I shall not name out of respect for their privacy, wrote me this morning as follows:

Dear Tony,

I called the number 877-662-7726 at C-Span and pressed #2 and talked with a nice man. [The] C-Span gentleman said that C-span could not TiVo the [alternative] candidates into their coverage the night of the debates. He said it was a very technical explanation concerning a live feed, etc. He said to have the event organizer at Democracy Now send a press release or email to to see if C-DSpan will cover the Democracy Now event with the alternative candidates.

Of course, C-SPAN or anybody else would have no trouble doing what we’re proposing. They might have to warn viewers to expect something they’ve never seen, more than three general election presidential candidates answering the same questions on national TV, but the actual technical realization of it is no big deal.

To be clear, there is no Democracy NOW! “event” to our knowledge – yet – either. But DN! could do it just as easily.

And (anticipating C-SPAN’s NEXT excuse) any notion that people will not watch because they NEED (let alone want!) to hear STILL MORE of the same old crap from the two corporate candidates is laughable.

Anthony Noel is a facilitator of the New Progressive Alliance.