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Wisconsin Dem Chair, Upon Excluding Tyler: “Sue Me!”

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Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Mike Tate had a typically 1-percenter response recently when asked why the party committee did not recommend Aldous Tyler for inclusion on the state’s primary election ballot. Check out first 58 seconds of this video:

Filmed the day state party officials presented their slates of primary candidates to Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board, the clip shows Tate, cornered by Jeremy Ryan, director of Defending Wisconsin, responding to Ryan’s questions.

RYAN: So why wasn’t it decided to advance Aldous Tyler, even though he’s on the New Hampshire ballot?

TATE: I uh – I’d never heard of August [sic] Tyler before.

RYAN: You haven’t? Well he’s going to be on some of the ballots, you should do your research before making people not able to actually run.

TATE: (grinning smarmily) The Democrat we’re supporting for president is President Obama. (tries to walk away)

RYAN: Well, he’s on the New Hampshire ballot, so you’d think you would have known your research and known of him. Otherwise it’s your fault for not doing your research.

TATE: I guess, you can, you know, sue me. (another smarmy smile)

RYAN: I’m not assuming, I know -

TATE: No, no, no – you guys can sue me. (and yet another, as Tate presses into a small group in an effort to disappear)

RYAN: Well, I’m not suing you, I’m not running for president, I didn’t get discluded. But it’s not very nice to democracy when you disclude candidates that are actually running legitimate campaigns at the time. It’s the destruction of democracy. Democrats like to do that, don’t they? Both parties do.

(Hat tip to Aldous Tyler for the video link.)

At 5:30 in, you can hear the WI dems putting forward only one name – can you guess whose?

Are you in Wisconsin? Do you think all Democrats who seek to challenge Barack Obama should have that opportunity? Aldous Tyler has now thrown his support to Darcy Richardson, and is taking the lead in collecting signatures to get Richardson on the primary ballot.

We have until January 31 to collect 1,000 signatures in EACH of the state’s congressional districts, and we need your help. If you are in any of these districts/cites and would like to volunteer, please email info_at_newprogs_dot_org – and be sure to include “Petition” in the subject line:

district 1: Kenosha and Racine
district 2: Madison
district 3: Lacrosse and Eau Claire
district 4: Milwaukee
district 5: Northwestern Milwaukee area
district 6: Fond Du Lac and Sheboygan
district 7: Wausau and Chippewa Falls
district 8: Green Bay

Please recommend and tweet this information as widely as possible. Wisconsin is, as Aldous puts it, in “high petition burnout” after the Scott Walker recall effort, so we must act quickly!


Anthony Noel
New Progressive Alliance

Disaffected NH Dems, Here’s Your Chance!

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Let the party know you’re pissed. Vote Darcy Richardson.

And not just because Richardson is what Obama is not: An actual Progressive. Richardson has endorsed the Unified Progressive Platform, a document assembling the ideals of two legacy and four current Progressive organizations. That platform, written and ratified last summer, is only the first hurdle to gaining the NPA’s endorsement.

Richardson’s courage also warrants your support. A longtime electoral activist who believes we deserve more than the two rancid, illusory “choices” the military industrial complex deigns to allow voters every four years, Richardson earns props as a true illuminator of the just-described kabuki. He began working to awaken the “99 percent” 30 years before that term was minted, as a candidate of the Philadelphia-based Consumer Party.

The NPA is proud to give Darcy Richardson our highest endorsement. We strongly encourage voters in New Hampshire to give him theirs as well on Tuesday, January 10.

Quoting Judge Louis Brandeis, “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.” In the 2012 Democratic primaries, Darcy Richardson is the best way for Democrats sick of the past three – and 30 – years’ needless compromises to register their dissent. Voters in Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Louisiana take note: Richardson is on the primary ballot in your states, too. And working even now to get on the ballot in Wisconsin.


Anthony Noel
NPA Facilitator

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Just received via email from the Darcy Richardson campaign (emphasis added):

For obvious reasons, most news coverage of the 2012 New Hampshire presidential primaries focuses on the Republican contest. With rare exceptions, incumbent presidents seeking re-election enjoy a nearly insuperable advantage in their party’s nomination process.

So it’s business as usual in the Granite State, with only one candidate in the Democratic running. Or maybe not quite so usual – because that one candidate isn’t President Barack Obama.

Wait… what?

Section 655:51 of the New Hampshire Election Code required candidates for their party’s presidential nomination to submit slates of national convention delegates to the Secretary of State no later than November 18th, 2011. Only two Democrats did so, and one – Aldous C. Tyler – has since dropped out and endorsed the other, author and political historian Darcy Richardson.

At first blush, that means Obama appears to have surrendered New Hampshire’s national convention votes for his re-nomination.

Unlike the incumbent Democrat, fifteen of the thirty candidates running in New Hampshire’s crowded Republican primary on Tuesday, including all of the major GOP candidates, filed full or nearly complete slates of delegates and alternate delegates.

“I’m sure this was merely an oversight by President Obama’s re-election team,” says Richardson. “Like a bloated bureaucracy, in a billion-dollar campaign like President Obama’s – one that’s literally drenched in Wall Street money – it’s easy to imagine that the left hand doesn’t always know what the right hand is doing.”

Not that he’s complaining, mind you. Richardson, 56, of Jacksonville, Florida, launched his anti-war, anti-Wall-Street, pro-Occupy campaign last fall after his pleas to more well-known progressives to run – former Labor Secretary Robert Reich topped his list – fell on deaf ears.

“The President has very obviously forgotten what the Democratic Party stands for,” he says. “So I can’t say I’m really surprised that he forgot he needs the help of real flesh-and-blood Democrats to get re-elected as well. I haven’t.”

Richardson is on the Democratic primary ballot in several other states, including Missouri, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas and will be launching a petition drive for a spot on the Wisconsin ballot tomorrow. “I’m happy to take all the delegates he wants to leave on the table,” says the long-shot challenger. “We’ll be waiting to have a talk with him when he gets to Charlotte next September.”

Richardson has endorsed the Unified Progressive Platform, a document assembling the Progressive ideals of two legacy and four current Progressive organizations. The platform was written and ratified last summer by the New Progressive Alliance, a 100-percent volunteer organization dedicated to electoral activism and founded here at MyFDL in 2010.

The NPA has endorsed Richardson’s primary challenge to Obama and will vet and likely endorse an independent or third-party presidential ticket – whose candidates publicly endorse the Unified Platform – in November’s general election. It will not, under any circumstances, support the candidate of either major party.

Occupy UC Davis: “Hasta la vista, Democrats!”

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From the World Socialist Web Site, as reported by David Brown:

On Tuesday evening, the general assembly of Occupy UC Davis passed a resolution denouncing the attack on Davis students, calling for a break with the Democratic Party and the construction of an independent social and political movement of the entire working class.

The resolution, the first of its kind adopted at an Occupy protest, lays out a clear political perspective to counter the growing attacks on protests against inequality in the United States. It comes a week and a half after the brutal pepper spraying of unarmed students protesting against rising tuition and inequality.

Full text here.

(h/t Margaret Flowers,

Look Out, #Occupy: Here Comes the DCCC

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Just in case Big (Sold Out) Labor’s embrace of the OWS protests in New York wasn’t enough of a warning shot, we now have this, adding to the very real and – as far as I’m concerned – dangerously ignored evidence that the Democratic Party is moving to co-opt the #Occupy movement. From Raw Story:

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) sent a petition to supporters, asking them to back the Occupy Wall Street protests against corporate greed.

The DCCC, which tries to elect Democrats to the House of Representatives, is the latest left group to come out in support of the protests that have spread across the country, joining unions, anti-war groups and fellow Democrats in grouping themselves with the growing movement.

#Occupy has so far talked the talk about being a non-political, social movement. If they don’t start walking that talk, they’ll be co-opted by Big Labor/the Democrats as sure as the Tea Party was by Big Business/the Republicans.

#Occupy may not want to talk about politics, but for better or worse, elections aren’t going away in America anytime soon – and pretending otherwise would be a mistake.

Another Primary Challenger

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It seems like just a few weeks ago that many were lamenting the lack of prospective primary election challengers to Barack Obama. (Probably because it was just a few weeks ago!)

How quickly things change – well, things outside Washington, at least.

As summer lurched toward fall, we’ve seen the Mike Gravel announcement, the Nader/West sideshow effort, and most recently Aldous Tyler’s candidacy.

Another candidate announced much earlier, and largely escaped notice ’round these parts (save this, near as I can tell), so I thought it prudent to introduce him to Firepups. His name is Harry Braun.

Independent labor organizer Alan Maki alerted me to Braun’s candidacy a few days ago. He has already received some favorable notice in The Daily Iowan.

Braun’s web site is here.

(Anthony Noel is facilitator of the New Progressive Alliance.)

Moulitsas: Another Anti-Democracy Democrat

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This is indefensible in so many ways it’s hard to know where to begin, so I’ll begin at the beginning:

Open primaries should be eliminated. Not only should members of political parties be allowed to select their own nominees, but open primaries provide too many opportunities for mischief by their political foes.

That’s right: “…mischief by…”

But what really worries Markos are “…messages from…”

Ballot access and constitutional scholars agree that opening the primary process in all states would produce something more closely approximating the Democratic process our founders envisioned than what we have now. But Markos says we can’t have that.

That’s because – as he and other establishment-supporting operatives know all too well – open primaries spell the death for the two-party system. They love that voters who wish to participate in our so-called “democracy” must join one of their parties to have any impact at all – despite that “participation” being little more than the “privilege” of choosing between bad and worse candidates who, similarly, have sold out to the party in order that they might participate in an only slightly more profound way.

This is co-option of the process pure and simple. Neither Markos’ indignantly righteous claims that opening the that process to all voters would damage our system – nor the similar claims of other hacks of both major parties – can change that. (Interesting – isn’t it? – that both major parties agree on the “threat” of open primaries.)

Yes, one man’s mischief is another’s message. If Markos and his co-conspirators on either side of the (increasingly imaginary) aisle want their primaries closed, I say let them be closed! Provided, of course, that those parties don’t expect ask taxpayer-funded Boards of Election to administer them, taxpayer-purchased voting equipment to be used in them, nor public buildings to serve as polling places for them.

Unless and until party sycophants can agree to those terms, their “concerns” with open primaries will remain thinly veiled attempts to preserve the status quo – at the altar of which they so shamelessly genuflect.

Democrats: Still Losing the Message War

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Many here (myself proudly included) get pretty tough on Ed Schultz from time to time. Mainly because he’s an idiot. Still, I keep spoiling an otherwise perfectly good lunch hour by switching to his show on “America Left,” because doing so invariably helps me home in on another of the myriad reasons the Democrats lack anything resembling a clue.

Yesterday, that took all of 15 seconds.

The Edster welcomed Katrina vanden Heuvel, part owner and therefore editor-for-as long-as-she-says of the purportedly Lefty rag, The Nation.

Ed and Kat were discussing the bad bad GOP and how it may well succeed in calling the shots now that it has the House (no mention, of course, that conservatives called the shots when they didn’t have the House…). Following is my shorthand and anything-but-verbatim version of what the Big Dog and Kat screeched yesterday noon:

Ed: The midterms were all about the economy!

Kat: Mostly about the economy, a little about throw the bums out, a little about lack of enthusiasm (blah blah blah) we need to enlist not just Progressives but people from all across the spectrum who have been wronged by bad management even bad government management (which occurs in red states red states red states only) like people who have lost their civil service pensions and we need to unify them and make people aware that when one of us suffers all of us do and boats and tides and justice and whatever other peace. And civil rights, and love – a, and flowers.

Of course: No.

The cause of the Democrats’ midterm defeats is much simpler. But Schultz, vanden Heuvel and other neolibs are averse to uttering it, because they are unwilling to part with their unfounded, oh-so-up-in-their-reputedly-bright-little-heads-sounding rationales for the Party’s losses figurative-only wins during the last 30 years. How averse? So much that they are willing – borrowing a phrase from a former Alaska governor – to MAKE STUFF UP.

Voting demographics from the Midterm elections clearly show what cost the Democrats seats: The fact that LEFTIES STAYED HOME. Not NEOliberals; REAL-LIFE liberals. From the kids upon whose backs Obama crowd-surfed into office to old Bohemians – which word the sage Kat might well need a dictionary to even begin fathoming – like me, all of whom swallowed Obama’s bluster hook, line and sinker, we stayed home. Because, President-wise, HE HAS SUCKED.

Pundits like to try to tease out midterm voting from presidential election voting. But we vote in a dualistic system, and the notion that party and president are two different things is a nice idea. But that’s all it is.

We’ve watched for thirty years – thirty freakin’ years! – as neolibs have dutifully chanted mantras of peace, love and understanding, though their annointed have consistently been neither peaceful nor loving nor understanding when it’s brass tacks time. Barack Obama has quickly proved to be just the latest in that long (not)Left line of establishment Democratic Partiers.

Moreover, when one looks at the Right’s rise to dominance across those thirty years and considers the reasons why, the differences between the parties’ approaches are stark.

Abortion is MURDER!

STRONG on defense!

Tax-and-Spend LIBERALS!


Conservatives have kept their messages simple, provocative and consistent. Frank Luntz taught them the lesson a long time ago and they’ve been kicking Lefty ass ever since.

I made passing note of this truth in a post several months ago and suggested we take a lesson from it. So righteously indignant was one commenter that s/he jerked her/his knee along these lines: “There’s NOTHING I want to learn from conservatives!”

Of course, that is terribly shortsighted. A good Lefty friend of mine, after Al Gore waved the white flag, asked me what I thought happened.

“I’ll tell you exactly what happened,” I said. “People saw Gore as a wooden egghead that they couldn’t relate to – enough of them that it called the results into question and allowed Howdy Freakin’ Doody to claim the prize. When will the Left learn that it’s one thing to be smarter than the other side and something else entirely to come off looking too smart for your own good?”

I’m not arguing for the dumbing down of politics. On the contrary. It is the fact that on an issue-by-issue basis, Progressive values win, and that the Left seems unable to consolidate that truth into policy that I’m concerned with. How do we change it?

Rather than re-inventing the wheel (or continuing the fruitless and 30-years-and-counting refrain of kumbaya) couldn’t we maybe come up with and advocate – fiercely and consistently – for a few simple, provocative ideas of our own?

FULL Employment!

Medicare for ALL!

CIVIL Rights! HUMAN Rights! Civil LIBERTIES!

FAIR Trade!

End the Wars NOW!

Each of these have been shown again and again to be of far greater concern to Americans than any of the base-rallying, culture-warring bullshit consistently spouted by angry old white-collar criminals conservatives.

We Lefties are always saying how smart we are. Are we smart enough to build a new movement focused on issues instead of identities? On sworn dedication to clearly stated and sworn-to ideas like those above – instead of campaign promises, the subsequent ditching of which produces no consequence?

Some of your fellow FDLers think the time has come. We’re assembling right now on the ground floor of a movement we call the New Progressive Alliance, and we invite you to join us. If you’d like to help, write me, Anthony Noel: admin_at_themalcontent_dot_com

Thanks – and Happy New Year!

Voting is Under Way! (Discussion Thread)

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Did you vote yet?

It’s time to cast your ballot as we identify our most desired challengers to Barack Obama for the 2012 presidential campaign!

In case you missed the information earlier this week, this post reiterates the goals of this effort, the strategy we are applying in pursuing those goals, and the process by which we arrived at the list of roughly 120 nominees.

This effort has two main objectives:

(1) To supercharge the founding and growth of a viable third party representing the American Left; and/or
(2) To return the Democratic Party to its historically underpinning ideologies of unremitting support for the working class, dogged regulation of commerce, reluctance to enter into armed conflict abroad, conservation of our environment; and equal opportunity for all.

Strategy and Implementation

Consider the degree to which third parties have been successful up ’til now, and why. The answers to these questions are “not very” and “bad strategy,” respectively. Most efforts have followed the same flawed plan:
(1) Build a movement
(2) Name a candidate
(3) Get trounced

This effort turns that approach on its head, to wit:
(1) Network with other progressives – common people – to identify and rank potential candidates with proven, uncompromising records of activism strongly espousing progressive thought.
(2) Write the platform.
(3) Approach the desired candidates, one at a time, first choice first, second choice second, etc., until one agrees to run.

It seeks to recruit warriors, already hard at work fighting for progressive values, to the national stage in order to bring a progressive party to national prominence. We will do this by explaining the following rationale to each prospective candidate:

Because the Democrats, the defacto “Left” party in this country, have lost their way, we seek to run a TRUE Lefty for the party’s presidential nomination. We believe the Democratic Party needs either to be killed or wholesale inundated by a new party – rendering it, in its current form, obsolete.

Other third-party efforts have failed because they ignore the realities of the electoral system in this country, specifically, that if you are not initially competing head-to-head within one of the two major parties, you WILL be ignored. Even those who have done so and then ran in the election as Independents suffered from the lack of a party identity.

We therefore aim to give the Left that identity – a real, uncompromising voice – by challenging the spineless, utterly captive Democratic Party. Our effort may result in one or both of the above goals, and you’ll notice that getting elected is not one of them at the moment. We will use the electoral process in building a movement; a coalition of all the Lefty parties now at work in this country: Greens, Working Families, Socialists, etc. In short, a “new progressive alliance.”

As the lightbulb over the prospective candidate’s head starts glowing, we’ll lay out the conditions:

(1) Our candidate must run and run hard on a simple, clearly stated progressive platform drawn up by supporters;
(2) They must run as a challenger to the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee (whether that’s Obama or someone else) in the primaries; and
(3) They must vow to run on the new party’s ticket, assuming the attempt to become the Democratic nominee fails, as we wholly expect it will. (If by some Act of God it succeeds, they must agree that we will purge from the party’s administration at the national, state, and local level all refuse to pledge to pursue the progressive platform without compromise.)

Following this strategy will allow us to “supercharge” our membership base, thanks to the discontent and disappointment of those who supported Obama and other Democrats so strongly in 2008, only to be shunned for the next two years.

More important, it will allow for building a much larger base than any Lefty third party now enjoys, much more quickly, thanks to the media attention the effort will garner during the primaries. Our media love open conflict, and challenging a sitting president in his own party’s primary is just that. Conversely, the announcement of yet another run by yet another tiny third party’s candidate will be greeted by the media with, “Oh, really? Good for you. Now where did I put my donut…?”

If, during the campaign, we doggedly indict and attack the Democratic Party establishment for its complicity in pushing the party to the Right for the past 30 years, the media will never tire of our story, because there are so many issues on which the party has failed phenomenally. Each of which we’ll be more than happy to point out. Further, we’re the underdog – something else the media love.

The coverage we receive during the primary season will provide opportunities to capitalize the new party in every state, with people trailing along behind the campaign, explaining the strategy, and gathering signatures (and donations) to help ensure the party gets on the General election ballot.

(Note: Contrary to some of the information out there, so-called “sore loser” laws – which seek to prevent those who lose primaries from running in the General election with a different party – do not apply to presidential elections, according to Richard Winger, one of the country’s leading experts on ballot access. (hat tip: vagreen)

The Nomination Process

The list of prospective candidates being voted on here on was built at MyFDL over the past month or so. jeffroby’s diary on October 23 got it started, and I’ve posted four more since November 5 (see them here, here, here, and here). Much of the FDL community has participated; the linked diaries produced a total of over 580 comments from more than 90 different users.

Vote here by 11:59 p.m. Thursday (Pacific time). The same diary includes instructions for casting your ballot and the full list of eligible nominees.

Thanks for your help and participation, and please keep the discussion going with your thoughts, ideas, and insights on this thread.

Saturday Midnight Approaches: Get Your Nomination In!

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For those just joining us and wishing for some perspective on this effort’s progress, the first three post-midterms diaries, which built on a pre-midterms list of prospective nominees are here, here, and here. The pre-elections piece which generated the initial list is here.

At 11:59 p.m. Pacific time Saturday, the window will close on the nomination phase of an effort to identify potential primary challengers to oppose Barack Obama (or whatever DINO the Democratic Party puts up) in 2012. The alphabetical list at the bottom of this post incorporates all nominees put forward thus far, and like the prior diary, each name is linked to the person’s Wikipedia entry when one was available.

Great thanks to all who have participated thus far, and please, use e-mail and social networking to invite your friends to join in before time runs out.

Remember, to be included on the final list, name(s) must be formally placed in nomination in your comment. No nominations will be accepted after the deadline under any circumstances.

The final list, titled “Here Are Your Nominees,” will post Monday (11/15) for debate, cajoling, and campaigning. Then, next Wednesday morning (11/17), “Time To Vote: Pick Your Top Ten Primary Challengers” will go up, and you’ll be asked to follow a simple, specific format for listing your choices.

A few notes:

- A very small number of people have expressed disappointment at a minimum (disdain at worst), over some of the names others have put forward.

I must say, just through linking the nominees to their Wikis, I have been repeatedly amazed at some of the achievements and records of consistent activism and advocacy by people I might have simply dismissed out of hand. And while there have been an equal number of times I haven’t been surprised at all, my point is merely to encourage you to do your homework. I’ve tried to make it easy as possible to get started, with the links. And as I’ve said before, just doing that has pointed me to other viable nominees.

Finally on this topic: Have some faith in other people. If you feel you must again post your criticism, that’s your prerogative. But I hope you’ll trust that this community is smart, and that it will, when we’re done, produce 10 really smart choices.

- Please recommend this post to ensure it stays prominent through tomorrow.

- Thanks again to Rayne and everyone at MyFDL for giving this effort a chance to bloom.

Have a great weekend!

Al Franken
Al Gore
Alan Grayson
Alexander Cockburn
Amy Klobuchar
Andrew Bacevich
Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Romanoff
Anuradha Bhagwati (no Wikipedia entry)
Arianna Huffington
Brian Schweitzer
Ben Affleck
Bernie Sanders
William K. Black
Bill McKibben
Bill Maher
Bill Moyers
Bill Richardson
Billie Joe Armstrong
Brad Birkenfeld (note: Information on Birkenfeld’s place of birth is not readily accessible)
Bruce Springsteen
Buffy Sainte-Marie
Cenk Uygar
Cindy Sheehan
Chuck Hagel
Cory Booker
Cynthia McKinney
Dahr Jamail
Dan Choi (Too young, but note for future consideration.)
Danny Glover
Darcy Burner
David Corn
David Sirota
Dawn Johnsen
Dean Baker (note: Information on Baker’s place of birth is not readily accessible)
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Dennis Kucinich
Dick Durbin
Don Siegelman
Donna Edwards
Dylan Ratigan
Ehren Watada (Too young, but note for future consideration.)
Eliot Spitzer
Eddie Vedder
Elizabeth Edwards
Elizabeth Warren
Geoffrey Canada
George Clooney
George Miller
George J. Mitchell
Glenn Greenwald
Henry Waxman
Howard Dean
James Galbraith (note: Information on Galbraith’s place of birth is not readily accessible)
Henry Rollins
Janeane Garafalo
Jello Biafra
Jesse Ventura
Jill Stein
Joe Wilson
Jim Hightower
Jan Schakowsky
Jane Hamsher
Jeff Merkley
Jerrold Nadler
Jerry Brown
Jim Webb
Jimmy Carter
Joan Jett
Joe Sestak
John Aravosis (note: confirmation of Aravosis’s place of birth, listed in several places online as “America,” is not readily available)
John Hickenlooper
John R. Talbott (note: Information on Talbott’s place of birth is not readily accessible)
Jon Bon Jovi
Jon Hamm
Jon Stewart
Jon Tester
Jonathan Turley (note: Information on Turley’s place of birth is not readily accessible)
Joseph Patrick Kennedy
Joseph Stiglitz
Keith Olbermann
Laurence Fishburne
Leonard Peltier
Lewis Black
Lois Gibbs
Matt Taibbi (note: Information on Galbraith’s place of birth is not readily accessible)
Matt Damon
Maurice Hinchey
Michael Moore
Mike Gravel
Nancy Pelosi
Patrick Fitzgerald
Paul Craig Roberts
Paul Krugman
Peter DeFazio
Rachel Maddow
Ralph Nader
Raul Grijalva
Richard Trumka
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Richard Trumka
Robert Reich
Robert Scheer
Ron Paul
Russ Feingold
Sheldon Whitehouse
Sherrod Brown
Shirley Sherrod
Stephen Colbert
Susan Sarandon
Tammy Baldwin
Tim Robbins
Tom Hanks
Tom Udall
Valerie Plame
Van Jones
Warren Beatty
Warren Mosler (no Wikipedia entry)
Whoppie Goldberg
Winona LaDuke
Yves Smith (no Wikipedia entry)

(Names struck with no further notation are nominees not born in the U.S.)