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Obama Won’t Stand With Teachers? JILL WILL!!

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I got a note yesterday from the Stein campaign by email, one I assume many here did as well, asking for information about high-profile events for the candidate to attend. I responded, thinking I’d never get a response, just hoping to put it out there: “Jill needs to go to Chicago! NOW!”

Much to my surprise, the coordinator mailed me back within hours: “She’ll be picketing with teachers Thursday morning.”

THIS is what supporting workers looks like!

Any questions, Mr. President?

UPDATED: Stein, Honkala on “Moyers and Company” this Weekend

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UPDATE, 12:15 a.m., 9/6/12:  The Green Party presidential ticket of Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala will be on “Moyers & Company” this weekend. Follow this link for the production company’s preview of the segment. 

Original post:

Now here’s a political spot the American electorate deserves to see:

Google initially refused to run it but relented (what with censoring political speech being illegal and all). Here’s more from the Stein campaign:

You can see all four of our ads, beginning with “Enough!” and then continuing with three distinct versions of “What Green Means” by clicking here. But we still need your support to keep them on the air.

The timing is vital. The primary season ends this Thursday, September 6th. This means that you only have until this Thursday to get your contributions matched, dollar for dollar, up to $250, with federal matching funds. And this means that you only have until September 6th to donate the maximum allowable contribution of $2500.

Time is running short for another reason. Federal law requires that our matching funds monies be used in the primaries, by Thursday, and this means that we must pay for our cable and TV ads right now.

We’ve raised $40,000 for these ads. If we succeed in raising another $40,000 (for a total of $80K) by Thursday, our ads will run in college town media markets from the Pacific to the Mississippi to the Atlantic. If we raise another $80,000 (for a total of $120K), we’ll have viewership in medium sized cities of population 500,000 to 2 million. And if you help us raise another $160,000, we’ll be on in at least a couple major metropolitan areas. The more money we raise, the higher chance that YOUR community will see one of these ads.

To date, Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson, and 43 other candidates in 21 states – running for offices ranging from United States President to Monroe County, Florida District 1 Mosquito Control Officer - have endorsed the Unified Platform, an amalgam of the work of two legacy and four current Progressive organizations.

TX and OH: How the UniParty Prevents Dissent

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Revelations over the past two days have permanently removed any lingering doubts I may have harbored (which, admittedly, were none) over the extent to which political elites blatantly and quite purposely prevent ANY challenges whatsoever to UniParty rule.

The first came Wednesday evening, when a highly trusted source informed me that administrators of primary ballot access in several states with so-called “closed” primaries require candidates to swear a pledge to support the eventual nominee of the party under whose banner they run.

So for example, if I, a lifelong Independent, decided to register as a D… De… well, you know (can’t bring myself even to type it) and run against Obama in the party primary in, say, Texas – I’d have to make a loyalty oath to the Democratic Party leadership. Were I even to suggest, out on the campaign trail, that I’d break with the party – for example, that I might throw my support to a third-party or Indie candidate instead of the certain-to-be-”nominated” president – I would be removed from the ballot. Party leadership in other states require similar oaths.

That’s right. Here. In America. Where public funds pay for the administration of “the parties’” primaries.

But wait! (as they say on the Ginsu Knife commercials) – THERE’S MORE.

Thursday morning, Jill Stein’s campaign for the Green Party presidential nomination sent out an “emergency” email.


Ohio’s political establishment cut a deal last week. They changed the deadline for submitting signatures to get on the presidential primary ballot from March of next year to December 30th. This means that Ohio Greens have only eight days to get Jill Stein’s [name] on the presidential primary ballot. [Emphasis theirs.]

That was Thursday, so OH Greens are now down to six days, and over the holidays to boot – when just days before, they had 90 days to get the job done.

So how about you? Do you hold any lingering belief that the UniParty has any interest whatsoever in real democracy?