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What I want to know about Ferguson

By: ThingsComeUndone Tuesday August 19, 2014 9:30 am

I have some questions I would like answered about Ferguson. I think I have some Credit to ask questions considering how many times I write here:)


1)  I read about police being fired on from a truck but the truck got away but with that many police with police cars, military vehicles and I’m pretty sure police helicopters and police snipers surveying the crowd I don’t see how anyone could lose a truck.  

Throughout Sunday evening, numerous cop cars sustained damage and Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said someone in a yellow pickup truck fired shots at officers while circling a WalMart parking lot. Chief Jackson said he got into a cop car to give chase to the truck but the truck got away.

? Nobody got a partial plate number and or nobody checked every yellow truck registured  in the town for gun powder residue inside the truck? Normally cops do everything if a cop is fired at by a gun. If anything the police chief seems lax in his investigation of this shooting. 


2) Reports protestors were shot by other protestors sound made up after all wouldn’t they shoot the police instead of shooting their own?

Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson, who is in charge of security in Ferguson, told CNN that two people in the crowd were hit by gunshots. He said the shots weren’t fired by police.

Funny I don’t recall reading about MLK or Malcom X ever leading  a protest and there being a problem with protestors shooting other protestors.  What will it take for the press to call the police chief a liar?
3)  Can we confirm that the police investigating anyone about these shootings of the protestors and or the cops?  Are the police going door to door looking for witnesses at all? AlsoGoogle Agent Provocateurs and Ferguson and you get lots of hits it seems Real People are talking about explanations for the shootings of the protestors, the police and the looting in ways that as far as I know the MainStream Press is not mentioning.

Corporal Justin Wheetley of the Missouri State Highway Patrol last night blamed “outsiders” for the mayhem, with KMOV reporting that the trouble was, “stirred up by influences from outside of Ferguson.”

Radio host Dave Hodges also claims to have spoken to a source from within the Department of Homeland Security who told him that violent rioting and looting, “was encouraged and exacerbated by undercover DHS agents posing as members of the Black Panthers.”

4) I would like to know more about that or if not I would like to know more about past police, FBI etc use of agent provocateurs especially during race riots and civil rights demonstrations.


As we reported last week, Hashim Nzinga, the leader of the New Black Panthers, also staged a bizarre scene at the Ferguson Fire Department during which he accused President Obama of being from Kenya.

Who is funding the New Black Panthers the Koch brothers? Do the New Black Panthers get their news from the Drudge Report, and Rush Limbaugh?

6)  I want to know just how many cases there  have ever happened where a guy walks over to a police car and tries to take away a police officers gun while the cop is still in the police car.
I know plenty of crooks I’ve heard them brag but I’ve never heard a story that stupid and unlikely.

7) the cop was sitting in his police car and Mike Brown wrestled/fought? with him to take away his gun but the police man won? Mike looks to be about a foot taller at least 50 pounds heavier than the cop.

Next as an exercise try wrestling a taller/more leverage, heavier/ more leverage especially if they are over you person from a sitting position in your car you will find  its hard to brace yourself  and your movements are constrained.  Next I want to see the police man’s and Mike’s  bruises no way people wrestle over a gun and both parties do not get bruised.  Both people would make the supreme effort because who ever gets the gun does not end up dying.

No way police don’t take photos of the bruising especially after the police got yelled about that in the Travon Martin case  and the police chief in that case ended up getting fired in part because of that.

8) If we assume the Mike tried to wrestle the cop for his gun story is bullshit then why did the cop shoot Mike?  Was the cop on the take? Was the cop a racist? Mentally ill?

If anyone has their own questions they want answered please add them in the comments
Update Hat tip Ctuttle Video of Agent Provocateurs granted Canadian Agent Provocateurs but I think it is useful to show that this stuff does happen we are not being paranoid when we don’t trust the police.
The Media does not mention this but I am very proud of an America where  after a White Cop shoots an unarmed African America, African American protestors and many White Protestors can get along well enough to protest together. Its not Tribe its about Ideas its about whats Right.

Treating Psychopaths bigger return on investment than Charter Schools

By: ThingsComeUndone Saturday August 9, 2014 12:00 pm

Treating Psychopaths could have a bigger return for your investment than Charter Schools or private Schools if only we could invest in them like we do Charter schools. First the numbers


My bold


My bold but when we invest intreating psychopaths we create a Real Benefit for society fewer murders less crime when we invest in Charter Schools or Private Schools well we don’t see an improvement.

My bold now imagine if instead of giving a tax break to Charter Schools whose results for students are lacking  investors all could invest now in replicating the Wisconsin Program to treat Psychopaths that Governor Walker has cut funding for in all 50 states.

Even if we assume the results cannot be replicated as effectively as they are in Wisconsin even a 50% decline in the rate of people killed by psychopaths and crime rate by psychopaths over 4 years would result in a $3.50 return for every dollar invested over 4 years.

Of course if the results from Wisconsin could be replicated then a $7 dollar return in 4 years for every dollar invested is much  better than the return you get from Charter schools of $2 back  for every $1 invested over 7 years. I think tax payers should all be allowed to invest in treating psychopaths like they were charter schools and the savings from taxes of having to arrest, put in prison, bring to trial etc psychopaths could be used to give us all $3.50 to $7 dollar returns on our investments in 4 years.  ( I assume a 50% decline from $7 in 4 years  as a worse case scenario ).

Both Campbell Brown and Obama send their Kids to Private Schools not Charter Schools despite their support for Charter Schools but why do they pay tons of Cash for worse results than Public Schools? Don’t they love their kids? Notice they love their kids enough not to send their kids to Charter schools maybe they just hate money?

Megyn Kelly the next Lefty boycott target?

By: ThingsComeUndone Saturday August 9, 2014 11:10 am

Every once in a while the Left boycotts a Media personality who uses lies to spread hate because their case is so weak they must lie to make it. If Divide and Conquer is how the 1% keeps power consumer boycotts against these Hate Mongers is one of the few ways we have to push back.  Glen Beck  lost his job because he accused President Obama of being racist.

My bold Sure in Right Wing circles it makes perfect sense for a rich white guy who is against civil rights to call an African American a racist but in the Real World we call this projection, we call it lying, we call it stupid and it pisses us off. It also even worst costs Fox News money./s

 The Rush Limbaugh boycott was sparked because Rush went personal  he called college student Sandra Fluke a slut for testifying about why birth control should be paid for by health insurance.  My view on this is women should only have kids when they want to have kids why a mother who does not want to have a kid will be a bad mom. Birth control is cheaper than welfare. Plus expecting women and men to wait until they are married before having sex is unrealistic and has never been successfully done by any society.  

Rush did not have a logical point to make so he went emotional and appealed to greed and hate to make his point.  Sandra was a Slut he said who wanted Rush and other tax payers to pay for her promiscuos life style.  Somehow I doubt that even a tub of lard like Rush was a virgin when he got married or that Rush waits until he is married between divorces to have sex again. 

 Clear Channel the company that owns the radio stations Rush broadcasts on is losing money because of the Flush Rush boycott but because of the boycott and Rush’s huge contract Clear Channel has lost $850 million.


So what are the points of similarity between these 2 boycotts and Megyn Kelly of Fox News?

First of all Megyn thanks to her high ratings is almost as important as Rush or Glen were before we boycotted them the Left does not waste effort on small fry. Megyn is almost important enough for us to boycott when her next big controversy comes.

Next we notice Glen lying about Obama being a racist and we notice Rush calling Sandra Fluke at Slut spreading hate Megyn on Gay issues does both.

While Megyn is careful to have her guests do the lying and emotional appeals to hate much like Pontius Pilate washed his hands, Megyn wants to keep her hands clean, she wants to be able to  deny  that she said anything bad, she does not want to be the next Glen or Rush.
   But tell me Megyn do you not book guests to talk about the subjects you want them to talk about? Do you not have fact checkers Vet your guests on what they will say before hand to make sure you and your guests don’t don’t go over the time allotted for discussion on the topic you discuss?  Can’t do that unless you know what your guests will say approximately ahead of time.  
Poor Megyn given your youth and looks you could have helped Fox get younger Viewers, Women Viewers, gotten your show better ratings,  and job offers from other networks which you could have used to leverage better pay for yourself.

All you had to do was find a topic or two that  attracted  Women voters, younger Voters that had broad appeal and that was not being covered by the other Network News,  Women not getting equal pay for equal work,  the fact that even if Women wanted to be stay at home moms they have to work because many men don’t make enough to support a family are examples of underreported news stories that appeal to Women.

Israel’s Genocide of Palestinians for example or Global Warming are issues ignored by the network news that younger voters are interested in.

But the numbers of youth who support Gay Rights most of whom are not Gay killed that idea Megyn now you are radioactive  on a Network which already hurts your career because African Americans and Hispanics, Gays, Young People and increasingly Women as Fox News increasingly attacks Hilary don’t watch your Network!

That leaves the Megyn Kelly Brand as far as advertisers are concerned a shrinking demo thats literally dying off of old Age, the  Anti Gay, Racists Demo is not coveted by advertisers because they tend to buy only what they need.

They buy low cost items like adult diapers, Geritol, and 100% whole bran. Advertisers like young people who buy on impulse, who buy expensive stuff, who have a lifetime of buying ahead of them, who’s numbers as well as earnings are growing not shrinking.

Given all the expected Focus on Hilary and or Senator Warren running for President we can expect Fox News to use Megyn as a woman to say mean things about both Hilary and or Senator Warren that a Man just can’t say.

Why would any tv anchor risk their own potential future earnings by unnecessarily alienating a growing demo in favor of a shrinking demo? Why would a tv anchor bring back guests who lie about and spread hate about potential viewers unless spreading Hate was more important to them than the truth?

Why would any advertiser advertise on fact free, hate tv, unless they also supported hate when there is a declining audience with declining purchasing power even without advertiser boycotts.  


California 100% Green energy by 2050 1,000 of jobs, billions saved in healthcare costs

By: ThingsComeUndone Friday August 1, 2014 4:46 am

Stanford University has a new study showing that

My Bold It takes money to make money Tax Cuts did not create jobs when the economy was good, tax cuts don’t create jobs when the economy is bad as we have found out. Deregulation of the banks and housing market gave us the Housing Bubble and the bank bailout, deregulation of the airline industry gave us the joke ” How do you make a small fortune investing in the airlines?….start investing with a large fortune.

We need to invest in jobs not just to create make work which is all investing in the defense industry is since we never get any cash from our wars that pays for the cost of our wars.

We need to invest in ideas that will pay us back the money we spent to create jobs PLUS CREATE A PROFIT!  Not all profit is direct money in your hands but it still counts as money just what about about profit is so hard to understand for Congress and Banks?

Do you see anyone making similar claims about Fracking for Natural Gas nope Fracked Gas can’t even make a profit unless like last winter we have record cold. Now Obama is trying to fast track the building of Liquid Natural Gas ports even though by the time those ports are built America will likely be a net importer of Natural Gas yet Fracking gets tons of loans from the banks and Green Energy gets crumbs Efficient Allocators of Capital my @ss Parasites trying to keep us dependent because they sell what we depend on.


Maybe if we hurry we could build a  new Liquid Natural Gas port in 5 years just in time

All these new Natural Gas plants got financing from the banks notice how much more Natural Gas plants were financed by the banks than Solar and Wind.  The banks know that except for this winter Natural Gas has been sold below the Break Even Point needed to make a profit.

California is the State most likely to go 100% Green Power by building all these new Natural Gas Plants the banks and the Power industry hope to eliminate the need for Green Power but once Demand for Fracked  Natural Gas exceeds supply they will say we have no choice but to import pricey foreign Natural Gas until we can build Green Power after we pay the power companies to shut down their new Natural Gas power plants.

Since nobody will want to do that since if we don’t the power companies and the companies that Frack Natural Gas will default on their loans and destroy the banks Green Power won’t be implemented in California as quickly as 2050.

Funny by deregulating the Banks we have made them much more dependent on bank bailouts and we also made us much more dependent on them because now they are to big to fail and they know that, they use that to squeeze money out of us. By deregulating the Banks we have made the banks Parasites and fed them on ourselves.


Giving Candy Bars to Violent Criminals

By: ThingsComeUndone Tuesday July 29, 2014 6:43 am

Order the Book ” The Psychopath Whisperer” from the library yes the name is goofy.  Skip to page 218 where the book describes a program for kids who were kicked out of 2 juvenile detention facilities (kid’s Prisons ) for being too violent.

       Instead of even more punishment they did a rewards system stuff as small as candy bars for good behavior to letting them play video games in their cell. Why because some people do not respond to fear as a motivator for learning many if not all these people are psychopaths. I have not finished the book I hope they clear that question up.

   Anyway If you try and punish Psychopaths they get angry and do more stuff to incur punishment which forces the guards to become even more brutal. Rewards not punishment works for the most violent also the State of Wisconsin tracked these kids they were more than 50% less likely to commit another crime than the normal kid prisoners who were not in the program. Remember these kids were the worse of the worse. Also the kids not in the program killed 16 people in a 4 year period after they got out of prison. The kids in the program killed not a single person again despite having been kicked out of at least  2 juvenile detention facilities (kid’s Prisons ) for being too violent.

Once again the Left is right about an issue. We were right about the wars, we were right about deregulating the economy creating a housing bubble and a banking crisis.  Anyway read the book its a great read.

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses … Unless They’re Hispanic!

By: ThingsComeUndone Monday July 14, 2014 6:35 am
Street stencil of a police beating

Obama’s administration sends kids home to face violence abroad … and ignores it here.

Everyone knows that outside the Statue of Liberty there is a sign which says in part:

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door! –Emma Lazarus, “The New Colossus

Everyone has heard about the thousands of Immigrant children fleeing violence in places like Honduras which incidentally gets millions in military aid from America had a coup recently but managed to keep the aid money flowing by hiring lobbyists with ties to John McCain and to Hillary Clinton (read the Comments at the link)

You would think with all the money we gave Honduras they would not have a homicide rate of

homicide rate, over 90 per 100,000. Which just to give you an idea, country number two is in the 60’s.

BUT Obama does not care about the Kids much less the US Aid money intended to keep the peace in Honduras obviously being wasted 

 according to President Barack Obama, the answer to this crisis is to send a message to children and their parents that they should not be sending their kids to America and ship them back home.

I notice that Obama is not even thinking about sending his kids back home to Chicago to play outside much less go to a public school even when they are back in Washington DC.

Boy, 17, shot dead blocks from Obama’s South Side home

July 01, 2014

Cornelius German, 15, was shot in the back near the Obama’s Kenwood home. Police suspect the young boy was affiliated with a street gang, but family members deny the claim.

From New York Daily News:

August 31, 2012 CHICAGO (CBS) – A teenage boy was shot about a block from President Obama’s home, in the second such incident in the past week.
The 17-year-old boy was shot in the leg and buttock

From CBS Chicago:

Chicago Girl Who Performed at Obama’s Inauguration Killed in Shooting
Honor student and majorette Hadiya Pendleton, 15, was gunned down in a shooting barely a mile from President Obama’s Chicago home.

And more from Time.

I decided to stop searching for more examples because nobody reads long posts but you get the idea.

I am quite peeved that Obama thinks parents should send not send their kids away from violent neighborhoods to America because of the violence and because I suspect this crisis could hurt Hillary whose State Dept supported the coup in Honduras.

Unless of course those parents were sending their kids to live in Obama’s neighborhood. Did anyone else notice crime started to go up after Mayor Rahm of Chicago spent a ton of cash providing police security for the NATO summit in Chicago and Crime has yet to go down since?

Bain Capital’s New Junk Bonds, the Canary in the Coal Mine?

By: ThingsComeUndone Saturday May 31, 2014 8:27 am
Canary in a Coal Mine

Canary in a Coal Mine

I check on Clear Channel‘s Debt every now and then because buying Clear Channel was one of Mitt’s biggest Mistakes. If Clear Channel goes under Rush gets off the air and Mitt’s dreams of the Presidency vanish. As expected I found more bad news.

Clear Channel   “May 23, 2014″ “has debt that’s 12 times its earnings and a credit rating that implies a default is a virtual certainty, it was still able to more than double the offering to $850 million.”

So instead of retiring old debt like a healthy company would, Clear Channel is refinancing and borrowing more than twice as much as before despite all of its Rush Limbaugh-related problems drying up their adverting revenue stream.  Just how you ask can one to sell High-Risk and Low-Rewards bonds when advertisers are fleeing Rush, Clear Channel and Hate Radio like the plague? Simple, the Fed has kept interest rates so low that you have to buy junk just to get any sort of return and Pension funds, for example, need constant returns.

When Helicopter Ben Bernanke said he would throw money from helicopters to create liquidity for debt to get the credit markets moving he really never thought this through. It’s obvious now though that the companies that were the very same bad investments that caused the banking crisis would, of course, be the very same companies that would have debt that would be made liquid and sold, in this case as bonds.

Clear Channel was the poster boy of a bad risk even before Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a Slut and wrecked Clear Channel’s business model, such as it was.

 NEWSER) – The two private-equity firms set to buy Clear Channel sued the group of banks they had engaged to fund the deal, the Wall Street Journal reports. Joined by Clear Channel, Bain Capital and Thomas H. Lee Partners accused the consortium—including Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, and Wachovia—of breaching contract by attempting to back out of the deal amid the tanking credit market.

Bain Capital had to sue its own banks because the banks providing the financing to buy Clear Channel thought the deal to buy Clear Channel was a bad idea, many of these same banks had mathematical models that predicted that American housing would continue going up forever. (Physics People have a similar concept called perpetual motion that uses the same Imaginary Math to make the idea work, but only the Tin Foil Hat Physics crowd uses Imaginary Math.)

Regardless of their math skills, the same Bankers who brought us the financial crisis, the same bankers who then sold Mortgage debt that they did ,not even having title to, thought that Bain Capital buying Clear Channel was a bad idea….that should tell you just how big a Fuck Up this was, the Banks thought it was a bad idea and had to be sued to continue the Deal!  So much for trusting the Wisdom of free markets.

Further reading about Clear Channel’s debt led me to a discovery I did not expect though. Clear Channel’s Junk Bond debt is new-improved-worse-than-ever junk bond debt.  Its a Covenant bond and even the Bank of England is worried. When banks worry about financial bonds not being regulated enough I pay attention! and pray. Forbes:

The Bank of England is understood to be keeping an eye on the proliferation of covenant-lite loans and high-yield bonds, as part of its surveillance of several asset classes where bubbles could be forming.

Covenant-lite loans and high-yield bonds are well-established as lightning rods for anxiety around overheating financial risk. As financing instruments, they both carry a relatively high degree of risk but offer lenders little in the way of controls, effectively leaving investors with no influence over decision-making if the company in question were to run into a spell of weak trading.

This type of Financing could very well be the Next Financial Bubble to Burst and Clear Channel then is the Canary in the Coal Mine.

Want more reason to be worried? The amount of New Junk Bond debt or Covenant bonds is growing despite all the hype about both Wall Street and the real economy getting better. Bloomberg News:

Offerings of such debt over that period accounted for 19.3 percent of total junk-bond sales through April, said Mark Scioscia, an analyst at the New York-based ratings firm. Three years ago, the riskier debt made up 5.9 percent of the total.

If the Stock Market and the Real Economy were both Really doing well one would expect the amount of Junk Bond debt or  Covenant bonds to decrease rather than more than Triple in three years. No?  DEAD CANARY!

Cornstarch Replaces Cyanide in Gold Mining

By: ThingsComeUndone Saturday May 17, 2014 8:54 am


‘The elimination of cyanide from the gold industry is of the utmost importance environmentally,’ chemistry Professor Fraser Stoddart said in a university release Tuesday. ‘We have replaced nasty reagents with a cheap, biologically friendly material derived from starch.’

The new method does create alkali metal salt waste but that is relatively environmentally benign compared with waste from conventional methods that include toxic cyanide salts and gases, the researchers said.

The new process also can be used to extract gold from consumer electronic waste, they said. UPI Science News

I know this is nonpolitical news but from an environmental standpoint this is huge.