The Story the MSM missed the Tea Bagger movement is failing. The last Tea Bagger protest with Nation Wide estimates of crowd size reported by the media showed that the size of the Tea Bagger protests were down more than 2/3 compared with the first one.
The size of Yesterday’s Tea Bagger Protest Nation wide…well thats anyone’s guess.

As of 4:35 Friday I still can’t find any National Crowd estimates I looked at Google News, Koz, HuffPost, FiveThirtyeight, FDL, even Dave at Crooks and Liars doesn’t have an article yet on the size of the Tea Bagger protest and this is Tax Day their biggest Hate Holiday. If the Tea Bagger anti Tax Movement can’t rally the troops today then whats up?

The first Protest Tea bagger protest the Wiki said had 268,00 – 311,460 two other nation wide protests followed according to wiki but no numbers were reported.

Then 75,000 to tens of thousands show up for the next protest but we already have reason to doubt the high estimates because Fox News faked a photo of the crowd size as the Daily Show reported

But even if we accept the high number 75,000 is more than 2/3 less than the 268,000 the Tea Baggers had in turnout when they first appeared.

By way of comparison the Immigrant Rights March had 500,000 in L.A alone.

The largest national turnout of protests occurred on April 10, 2006, in 102 cities across the country. Some of the largest demonstration was in Los Angeles with an estimated crowd of about 500,000,[1][2] 350,000-500,000 in Dallas[3][dead link] and around 300,000 in Chicago.

April 1: Thousands rallied at the Oklahoma state capital in Oklahoma City.[citation needed]
April 1: 10,000 marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to Foley Square in New York City.
April 6: Hundreds of Aurora, Illinois students left school to march downtown to protest.
April 8: Several hundred people rally at Chicano Park in San Diego.[23]
April 9: Demonstrations in several cities across the United States, including:
350,000-500,000 marched to City Hall in Dallas.[citation needed]
50,000 marched in San Diego from Balboa Park, through downtown to the County Administration Building.[24
6,000 protested in Des Moines, Iowa at Nollen Plaza in support of comprehensive immigration reform.[25], April 9
April 10: Demonstrations were staged in many cities and towns across the United States;
Atlanta, Georgia, at least 50,000 people rallied both for and against amnesty.
Boston, Massachusetts, approximately 2,000 demonstrators march from Boston Common to Copley Square.[26]
Charleston, South Carolina, at least 4,000 people gathered and protested the inability of lawmakers to agree on legislation that would lead to citizenship.[27][dead link]
Fort Myers, Florida, an estimated 75,000 people took part in "The Great March" which affected traffic in nearby areas of the march. The stream of protesters was at least a mile long at times.[28][dead link]
Las Vegas, Nevada, a well organized march of approximately 3,000 people was held. Protesters marched two miles from Jaycee Park to the Federal Courthouse during the first day of the Clark Country Spring Break, waving Mexican and American flags alike. They protested in favor of amnesty.[citation needed]
New York City, between 70,000 and 125,000 people demonstrated in front of City Hall. Senators Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer spoke at the rally. Neither called for amnesty, though many of the crowd’s signs and chants did.[29]
Oakland, California, an estimated 10,000 people took part in the demonstration.[30][dead link]
Salt Lake City, Utah, a unity rally was held at the City-County Building; there were an estimated 15,000 protesters.[31][dead link]
San Antonio, Texas, an estimated 18,000 people marched from Milam Park to the Federal Building in downtown.[citation needed]
San Jose, California, an estimated 25,000 demonstrators marched several miles from King and Story to city hall. Highway access to US 101 and I-680 was closed, causing significant traffic backups.[32][dead link]
Seattle, Washington, between 15,000 and 25,000 marched to a rally at the federal building where speakers in support of the demonstrators, such as Mayor Greg Nickels and County Executive Ron Sims spoke. Just five thousand were expected.[33]
April 11: Several protests occurred in Nevada.
In Las Vegas, Nevada, a rally with an estimated minimum of 300+ was held at the Cashman Center; several important opposition figures showed up, such as Jim Gilchrist, the Nevada Secretary of State, local radio host Mark Edwards, and numerous state Minuteman Project branches to protest against amnesty.[34][dead link]
In Carson City, Nevada, an estimated 200 students walked out of class, rallying in front of the Governor’s Mansion.[35]
In Reno, Nevada, between 2,000 to 4,000 protesters marched through the downtown area, from the University of Nevada, Reno campus to the Bruce R. Thompson Federal Building, and continued to a designated spot near the Meadowood Mall. Traffic was held and diverted along South Virginia Street during the march.
April 13: Students from several Woodburn, Oregon (a town with a large Hispanic community) schools marched out of class.[36][dead link]
April 19: Students from various Denver high schools and middle schools walked out of class and marched to the capitol.[37]
April 27: Approximately 200 volunteers and supporters built a 6 foot high, quarter mile section of barbed wire fencing along the Mexico and United States border to send a clear message to Americans and leaders in Washington regarding the lack of security at our borders.[38][dead link]
April 28: Nuestro Himno, a Spanish language rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, is played simultaneously on about 500 Spanish language radio stations across the country. President Bush denounced the effort saying the National Anthem should be sung in English[39][dead link]

May 1: The "Great American Boycott" takes place across the United States and at a few locations abroad.
An estimated 400,000 marched in Chicago, according to police, though organizers pegged the total at closer to 700,000[citation needed]
The boycott was said to have had "little economic impact" in Arizona
Modesto, California saw close to 10,000 people marching in the streets, possibly the largest assembly of people in the city’s history. Major city streets were shut down as a direct result.[40]
Over 15,000 protesters were reported in Santa Barbara, California.[41][dead link]
Some supporters have hailed this as "the most important boycott since the days of the civil rights movement".[42]
Approximately 20,000 marched in the Bay Area of California.[43]
A California newspaper reported that an altercation took place between police and protesters.[44]
Local news estimates that 3,000+ people marched from Jaycee Park in Las Vegas, Nevada; some local businesses suffered but the majority of businesses felt no financial impact.[45][dead link]

I am not even going to try and add up these numbers and just like the Tea Baggers we had several unreported smaller marches.

But these are facts that Fox News and the MainStream Media will never report. Why the Media loves reporting *falling down laughing* Growing Resentment against Obama fueling the Popular Tea Bag Movement.

Now then despite not having 24/7 Fox news coverage and use of the Fox News’s website the Immigrants cause is more popular than the Tea baggers just based on sheer numbers.

But what else do these numbers tell us? Solai has one good explanation.

solai April 16th, 2010 at 4:23 am
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It’s got to be kind of hard to see the calm black president speak and square that with the rhetoric they hear from Rush, Hannity etc. Or, maybe they did their taxes and they’re getting a sizable refund.

What else does this news tell us?

It tells us that the Tea Bagger’s declining crowd size is so small the Main Stream Media won’t even give us National Estimates because it would wreck their whole Tea Bagger Movement is growing theme that they have tried to brainwash us with for months, a year?

The group both we and the GOP thought was the GOP’s most energized voters isn’t that energized. Elections are about turnout so if the GOP can’t get their base out on tax day it stands to reason they won’t show on election day.

It also tells us that Fox News can’t motivate their viewers despite a 24/7 all Tea Bagger campaign for months, a year?
And it tells us that the 18% of the country support the Tea Baggers poll is Funkier than my feet and I have had smokers smoking and drinking all night ask me to put my shoes back on.

This changes everything that we thought we knew about the upcoming election and begs the question just how bad a campaigner did Rahm pick to lose Ted’s seat?

Every Pollster should be changing their estimates of Dem losses in November.
It looks like the November election will be a race to the bottom just whose side has the least energized voters.
The GOP’s election strategy of being the Party of No seems to have failed.