WASHINGTON — From the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, conservative broadcaster Glenn Beck told a crowd of tens of thousands of people Saturday that the U.S. has too long "wandered in darkness


Mar-21-2010 21:53

Today, over 500,000 people converged on Washington D.C. to call on President Obama and the Congress to pass immigration reform.


Tens of thousands as reported in the Press is not a crowd over 50,000. Much less a crowd of 500,000 but the Press Never gives Immigrant Rights Marchers half the coverage they give the Tea Baggers

50,000 is one tenth of 500,000 Glen claims to represent a Majority of America but does he really? Not all Hispanics support Immigrants Rights but they still got a crowd in March Ten times as big as Glen has.

Immigrants however are a minority so if Glen can’t match our numbers then his claim of representing a majority of Americans flies out the window.

The Racist Press cannot justify based on numbers all the coverage they give Glen and the Tea Baggers.

Imagine the Size of the Immigrant Rights Marches or the Million Man march if we got the same amount of Press Coverage. People who take the trouble to go to Protests Vote, so far Glen and the Tea Baggers have numbers a comic book convention might look down on.

I have a dream of an America where Mexicans don’t have to worry if they leave home without their Driver’s License without fear of being deported in Arizona!

I have a Dream where people stop blaming Mexicans going to the emergency room for free medical treatment as the reason why they don’t have healthcare.
Would you prefer we all just die? Other countries with high immigrant populations give everyone even Immigrants Free Healthcare why can’t we? Oh right Tax Cuts for the rich are so important to stimulate the economy as the Bush years have shown us/s.

I have a Dream of an America where everyone is paid the same wage for the same job and Dark People are not herded into the hard jobs as Glen Beck and friends say that because you are willing to work the boss won’t pay us enough to do the same job.

I dream of an America where Dark People don’t get the hard jobs as the Racists look on and applaud and the Majority says nothing.

I dream of an America where Farm Workers and everyone gets overtime pay!