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Increased Word Usage in Society predicts coming social change and points out the Left’s mistakes.

By: ThingsComeUndone Tuesday May 21, 2013 7:24 am

“A study by Jean M. Twenge, W. Keith Campbell and Brittany Gentile found that between 1960 and 2008 individualistic words and phrases increasingly overshadowed communal words and phrases.

That is to say, over those 48 years, words and phrases like “personalized,” “self,” “standout,” “unique,” “I come first” and “I can do it myself” were used more frequently. Communal words and phrases like “community,” “collective,” “tribe,” “share,” “united,” “band together” and “common good” receded.”

But the GOP hates the 60′s they love family values but they also all love Greed which ok they won’t admit they love greed in public now instead  they use code phrases like  ”tax cuts to the rich create jobs”  and “class warfare”.  They all love to considered self made men Mitt ,Cheney, Bush, Ron and Rand Paul.
Logically just how can you be a self made man and still talk about family values? They hate the phrase “you did not build that ” the hate the phrase “crony capitalism” They hate giving Washington “Our tax money” the unspoken phrase that follows is “Washington then gives our money to black people who will just use the money to buy drugs”.  Personally I can’t think of anything Obama has done to give money to anyone he just wants to cut SS aid to the poor etc all to pay for the Bush tax cuts and more war. But when has truth ever stopped the GOP from using a good PR line?

“The second element of the story is demoralization. A study by Pelin Kesebir and Selin Kesebir found that general moral terms like “virtue,” “decency” and “conscience” were used less frequently over the course of the 20th century. Words associated with moral excellence, like “honesty,” “patience” and “compassion” were used much less frequently.”


“Conservatives sometimes argue that if we could just reduce government to the size it was back in, say, the 1950s, then America would be vibrant and free again. But the underlying sociology and moral culture is just not there anymore. Government could be smaller when the social fabric was more tightly knit, but small government will have different and more cataclysmic effects today when it is not.”

Words reflect culture but the culture of the Right is anti moral, anti family.

While the Left has made words like preferences more popular Sexual Preference comes to mind we have dropped the ball on helping the family as we let wages drop thus making it harder to start a family.
Bobo seems confused about the link he points out between words, culture and morals.
What is interesting is that the words changed before Reagan made living standards drop for the average worker. Yes the negative changes for the American worker were starting in the 60′s and 70′s but they were full blown in the 80′s and noticed in the 80′s. Rising crime rates, Divorce, rates rising everything Reagan ran against were huge issues in the 80′s the decline of the American worker  wages and living standard was ignored because we had a Shock Doctrine event of the economy collapsing. Cutting back on workers wages was the cure just as today cutting taxes for the rich is the cure. Cutting living standards for workers was the big goal then now its cutting government spending for the poor, education anything not War or tax cut for the rich related.
Words use in a sense pre staged the coming changes in culture and morals before the change was noticed in society.
A decline in family life does seems to pre stage a drop in morals. After all lower wages for workers makes it harder to start a family. Lower Wages for workers does force people into lives of crime. Just look at crime in America vs the EU nations that help the poor the most.
I would have to do allot more research on the 60-70′s to confirm this but just think of the implications!
Word use predicts change in society. At what level does word use have to increase before change in society becomes a given?
Given the internet has changed things we can all write now but not that many people read? The internet might have as an example a 1,000 blog posts about National Healthcare read by 100,000 people ( I am just making up numbers)  but these posts don’t carry the weight of a few mentions on the 10 o clock news and 50 newspaper mentions in the 60′s due to the tv news’s and newspaper’s bigger audience back then. But those 1,000 blog posts would increase the word usage count more than the word usage count in the 60′s.
Trying to factor the real word usage count pre internet and post internet  is way beyond my abilities.


  1. “Liberals sometimes argue that our main problems come from the top: a self-dealing elite, the oligarchic bankers. But the evidence suggests that individualism and demoralization are pervasive up and down society, and may be even more pervasive at the bottom. Liberals also sometimes talk as if our problems are fundamentally economic, and can be addressed politically, through redistribution. But maybe the root of the problem is also cultural. The social and moral trends swamp the proposed redistributive remedies.”

    Us liberals  were too busy fighting for Women, Minority and Gay Rights battles we still have not won but we are certainly better than we were in  the 60′s. However  we neglected helping the average worker who’s standard of living has declined.
    The GOP it seems have won over the White voters most effected by this change by playing divide and conquer games.
    It seems from the data that we must help the average worker’s standard of living again.
    Not because we want to win more elections because by helping the average worker more we certainly can win more elections.
    We are already wining elections with more Women Minority and Gay voters and demographic changes suggest we will only win more elections if we continue as we are.
    Nope we need to work more helping workers raise their standard of living because its the right thing to do.
    Not that we neglect Women, Minority and Gay rights instead we need to work more and link helping everyone to helping Women, Minorities and Gays.
    As far as morals are concerned people who have good paying jobs tend to steal less. People who are moral can afford to get married and raise a family. We can’t expect people who don’t have enough money to raise a family to just give up sex. The book ” A Modest Proposal ” shows that even in 100% Catholic Ireland with people starving people did not give up having sex. They just abandoned their babies on the roadside because they could not take care of their babies.
    We can point out that if you are rich enough not too worry about the law its easy to steal, look at Enron look at the bank collapse how many of them are even doing Prison time?
    The possibility of unlimited wealth and the protection from the law it buys attracts psychopaths like moths to a flame so remove the flame. Redistribute the wealth.
    Look at Rush, Newt, Senator Vitter, Mark Sanford unlimited wealth makes it easier to leave your wife and or family.
    Its one thing if you don’t get married because you can’t support a family and you can’t control your sexual urges. It can be argued that people who work low wage jobs and are Very not likely to ever be able to afford a family have no incentive to wait.
    But psychopaths who already have a wife and family and a very comfortable life just what is their excuse?
    Even before the banking crisis money not cheating was the biggest cause for arguments in a marriage.
    Cheaters are not all psychopaths far from it and sometimes two people just make a mistake and get married but they are not cheaters or psychopaths.
    Its the lack of money that is the biggest reason married people argue. So if you want a more moral society we need a more just society. We will always have cheaters and psychopaths we do not want a society that makes it easier to be a cheater or psychopath.


Why is Obama apologizing for the IRS?

By: ThingsComeUndone Sunday May 19, 2013 8:45 am

Why is Obama vowing to investigate the IRS? Why he apologizing? Just what did the IRS do wrong? The GOP is already talking about Impeachment.


“This is just getting started,” he tells me. “Finally, people get it. This is a lot bigger than just one person. This a whole effort by the administration, across the board, to squelch their opponents, to shut them up, and, finally, they’ve done it in a way that will allow us to call attention to it nationwide.”

McConnell is open to the idea of a special prosecutor, but he hasn’t decided whether to ask for an appointment. “We will have to see how things develop,” he says. “But, finally, they overstepped in a way people can identify with. Everybody knows the power of the IRS, and it’s about time they, in effect, got caught in a way that the American public fully understands.”


Yes, these bozos in the branch office shouldn’t have done it. That’s why the IRS made them stop, and had an investigation, and apologized, and why heads are probably going to roll and then some.

The Left it seems is also buying the GOP charge that the IRS did something wrong. Just why does the Left continue to Pavlov Dog  buy the GOP’s take on Fake Scandals when ever they appear and defend Obama when what is clearly needed is an attack.

After all  Tea Party groups hate taxes I can’t think of any reason why a group that hates paying taxes would be investigated more when they try and get tax exempt status./s
After all


It’s important to review why the Tea Party groups were petitioning the I.R.S. anyway. They were seeking approval to operate under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. This would require them to be “social welfare,” not political, operations. There are significant advantages to being a 501(c)(4). These groups don’t pay taxes; they don’t have to disclose their donors—unlike traditional political organizations, such as political-action committees. In return for the tax advantage and the secrecy, the 501(c)(4) organizations must refrain from traditional partisan political activity, like endorsing candidates.

My bold The Tea Party is a group that wants to give Tax Breaks to the Rich and increase Military Spending they plan to pay for this by cutting Social Security, Medicare and every government program that helps the poor. They want old people to eat cat food but the IRS is wrong to investigate the Tea Party because they suspect that the Tea Party is not a group promotes Social Welfare?

The Tea Party is an Anti Social Welfare group they hate Welfare they said so!

Next point how many times did we read during the election that a GOP candidate was endorsed by the Tea Party? A five minute Google search turned this up given the huge number of Tea Bagger groups I can understand  why the IRS took so long to investigate the Tea Party. strives to list here only candidates with true Tea Party support. We will be updating the endorsed candidates on this page on a regular basis throughout the 2013-2014 election cycle, so check back here often to see who’s new.

Posted May 15, 2013

The Tea Party is still endorsing candidates I found this yesterday so then the IRS has evidence that the Tea Party is breaking the law but Obama and the Left both think the IRS’s investigation should stop?

Are we the Left who forced Joe Lieberman to not seek reelection, who cost Judy Miller her job at the New York Times! who the GOP calls mean everytime we do something effective? or are we Blue Dog Surrendercrats?

According to the survey, which was conducted Friday and Saturday, 53% of Americans say they approve of the job the president is doing, with 45% saying they disapprove. The president’s approval rating was at 51% in CNN’s last poll, which was conducted in early April.

The latest polling shows that Obama has gained 2 points in the polls despite these scandals. Remember the Monica scandal the GOP pushed that scandal to an impeachment trial and we ended up winning the House! Newt the prime pusher for impeachment lost his job when his own sex scandal came out.

We can use this issue to push for an investigation of all political groups getting tax exempt status!

Harold Washington the first Black Mayor of Chicago grew in popularity when the White Democratic Aldermen put all city business to a stop just like the GOP has stopped Obama from getting anything done.

We have two Historical examples we have higher Presidential Poll numbers and soon I expect lower poll numbers for Congress to come out.

Posted: 01/07/2013
The Tea Party is more unpopular than ever before, according to a Rasmussen poll released Monday, with just three in 10 voters holding favorable views of the movement. Half of respondents said they view the party unfavorably.

The movement is now widely seen by the public as declining, according to the Rasmussen poll — 56 percent of voters said the Tea Party became less influential over the past year, and just 8 percent said they identified as part of the Tea Party movement.

I am sure this scandal will boost the Tea Party’s popularity but to what 15% ? 25%?. But if we fight Our base will be energized and turn out.

Now is not the time to apologize now is the Time to Fight. Now is the time to lead!


What will it take to Pierce the GOP’s Reality Bubble?

By: ThingsComeUndone Saturday May 18, 2013 6:22 am


    The “greatest scandal since Watergate” is turning out to be a big snooze as far as Americans are concerned. A Gallup poll released Thursday revealed that Americans are paying little attention to “Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi!” or the IRS audits of the Tea Party Idiots:

    The amount of attention Americans are paying to the IRS and the Benghazi situations is well below the average for news stories Gallup has tracked over the years. This overall lack of attention is due in part to Democrats’ and, to a lesser degree, independents’ lack of interest, which stands in sharp contrast to the significantly above-average attention among Republicans.

    First not everyone who follows these stories is  a GOPer and shares the GOP take  about it. That should be noted.


    “Most Americans agree that both of these situations are serious enough to warrant continuing investigation, with little difference in views of the two — 74% for the IRS matter and 69% for Benghazi.”

    Just because I believe we should investigate more does not mean I share the GOP take on these stories if anything I think the GOP should investigate everyone who applies for tax exempt status more. I do think on  Benghazi that GOP votes to cut funding for security should be investigated more.

     Many of us are following these stories because we don’t like the GOP and want to keep track about their latest attempt to bring Obama down.

    Some in the GOP are worried that this scandal will end up like the Monica scandal that reelected Clinton and gave the Dems control of the House.
    Some GOPers based on the majority of coverage on tv I have seen  would seem to indicate that the majority of the GOP has not learned anything since the 80′s and Newt.
    Which brings up another point the GOP has not had a new idea since the 80′s. Why?
    It was thought by many myself included that the GOP after Obama was elected the first time and again after he was reelected that the GOP would realize their IDEAS! are the problem.

     still. The GOP seems to think that their ideas are not the Problem and that people vote for Obama because of tribalism.   At best we can get the GOPers to admit that yes they ran lousy candidates but they seem to think their Presidential  candidates problems were caused because their candidates were not conservative enough.

  • The GOP seems to be in Cognitive Dissonance mode still  never mind that we lost control of the House to Tea Baggers because the voters for Obama did not show up since they were disappointed in Obama especially on creating jobs and fixing the economy. The Tea Baggers I recall ran on fixing the economy and creating jobs as priority number one.
    However in the Presidential election that followed the Voters had a clear choice about the economy and jobs and they rejected the Tea Baggers and  Mitt.
    Say what you want about Mitt  and Ryan but as a Hedgefunder Mitt was the best Real World example of the GOP vision of the economy.
    Ryan was the best GOPer to explain the GOP idea that cutting Social Security and giving the rich tax cuts would stimulate the economy.
    When faced with a clear choice voters who were disappointed with Obama were scared of Mitt and Ryan.

     The Argument that Mitt and McCain were not conservative enough is proven false because the GOP lost many Senate races because their Senate candidates were crazy conservative.

  •     Heck they were so conservative they hurt Mitt who tried his best to run away from them but not offend the GOP’s crazy voters.
    ”    Obama Catholic Voters vs McCain 54, 45 Obama Catholic voters  vs Mitt 50, 48.”
    When the GOP is to conservative for Catholic voters and or maybe Catholic voters feel that GOP economic  ideas suck so bad that Catholic voters feel economy trumps morals the GOP has a problem.
    Yes I know the GOP thinks Hispanic voters voted Tribe more than ideas and we swung the Catholic vote which is probably true.
    However being Mexican let me state that yes Hispanics can be racist too and if anything we just like Chris Rock feel safer seeing a White Guy walking down the street than a African American.
    We are also much more conservative on moral issues than White Catholic voters which the GOP seems to think that not being moral/conservative enough is why they lost.
    Even the GOP I don’t think can argue that Mitt and Ryan were not conservative enough on economic issues.
    Which leads me to my next question just what will it take to pierce their the GOP’s reality bubble?

Is global warming killing the Fracking Industry? Are Banks killing the fracking industry?

By: ThingsComeUndone Wednesday January 16, 2013 11:04 am


The problem Despite all the tv commercials about how many jobs fracking is creating the truth is that the number of producing Fracked Natural gas wells have declined by more than 50%.


According to Baker Hughes, the number of drilling rigs engaged in natural gas drilling has dropped from 936 one year ago to 422, for the week ended October 12, 2012.


Why is the question water maybe one reason several already drilled and  producing Fracked wells have been abandoned.

Fracking requires a huge amount of water many already fracked Natural gas wells need to be reFracked in order to keep producing Natural gas and refracking means more water is needed.


Drilling a typical Chesapeake

Barnett deep shale gas well requires approximately 250,000

gallons of water.

Water is also used in hydraulic fracturing, where a mixture

of water and sand is injected into the deep shale at a high

pressure to create small cracks in the rock which allow gas

to flow. Hydraulically fracturing a typical Chesapeake

Barnett horizontal deep shale gas well requires an average of

2.5 million gallons per well.

Notice in the map below just how much of America is experiencing a drought. you can’t frack if you don’t have the water.

US Drought Monitor, January 8, 2013

     Another factor in the drop in fracking is the banks that loaned the frackers money  are forcing the frackers to sell natural gas below cost and driving them out of business.


Big companies like Chesapeake and lesser-known outfits like Quicksilver Resources andExco Resources were able to supercharge their growth with the global financing, transforming the face of energy in this country. In all, the top 50 oil and gas companies raised and spent an annual average of $126 billion over the last six years on drilling, land acquisition and other capital costs within the United States, double their capital spending as of 2005, according to an analysis by Ernst & Young.

Now the gas companies are committed to spending far more to produce gas than they can earn selling it. Their stock prices and debt ratings have been hammered.

 My bold Exxon Mobile is losing its shirt Fracking, Chesapeake Energy had to refinance its loans recently the smaller players in the fracking game I fear have lost the title to their wells.  After all for every dollar you spend fracking you lose more than a dollar at today’s prices.

Berman claims that prices $8.68 or higher per million Btu are needed for profitability ofHaynesville Shale, and nearly as high prices are needed to justify drilling other US shale plays. The current US price is about $3.50 per million

Fracking wastes millions of gallons of water and we are in a drought.

Fracking losses money at today’s prices. When prices are low production should be allowed to drop until  demand drives up prices to a point where production makes money!

Our banks the efficient allocators of capital that they are/s

are acting like loan sharks and demanding that they get paid now even if it means the Frackers go under.

Fracking will not make America an energy exporter

Our shale gas resources, however, while much ballyhooed in the press, are far less certain. We may now have a 100-year supply of gas in America, as suggested by recent reports. . . or we may not. The U.S. consumes 24 tcf of gas per year. Currently, we only have an 11-year supply on the books: 273 tcf classified as “proved reserves,” meaning gas that is commercially producible at a 10 percent discount rate. Beyond that, there are only “probable,” “possible,” and “speculative” resources, where the gas has not yet actually been discovered, or proved to be economically recoverable. Even where we are sure that the resources exist, we do not know how much of is technically recoverable until we produce it. And as I noted two weeks ago, in the EIA’s Low Case shale gas estimate, the U.S. could become a net gas importer by 2035.

But loans made to Fracking Comapnies Liquid Natural Gas plants, ports, ships, Natural gas Pipelines etc very well might bankrupt our banks.




More Prime Numbers

By: ThingsComeUndone Monday December 10, 2012 11:28 am

My first theory about Prime Numbers was that every Prime divided by the number 3 to the third decimal point ends in a repeating decimal of either .333 or .666 except of course the number 3. This was explained in my post

The problem with that theory I later realized was what I call False Primes which are numbers that are not Prime that when divided by the number 3 also end in a repeating decimal of .333 or .666.

Problem solved as far as odd numbers are concerned some numbers that end in the number 5 when divided by the number 3 also end in a repeating decimal ending in .333 or .666. However numbers ending in 5 are not Prime so I now ignore them.

Next Problem there is an other cause of odd numbers that are not Prime the other source of False Prime numbers are the squares of Prime Numbers starting at the number 7 and going up ( why that is I don’t know )


and numbers that are the result of a Prime Number 7 and above and a Prime number larger than it. Examples


7*7 = 49,    49/3 = 16.333


7*11 = 77,  77/3 = 25.333


7*15 = 105   Multiple of 5 it won’t be Prime anyway


7*17 =  119,  119/3 = 39.666


Since the next Prime to be squared would be 11 and 11 squared is 121 and is larger than 100 then by removing the numbers 49, 77, we can then find any Prime number below 100 just by multiplying any of the remaining odd numbers by 3 and seeing if they end in a repeating decimal.


So if you just want to find out if one number is Prime below 100 this method saves time compared to the Sieve of Eratosthenes.


My second theory of finding Prime Numbers was on this post.

I tried to use a chart to show it but for some reason the chart did not come out like I typed it when I posted here is the theory without the chart.

The numbers 1 and 2 are assumed to be Prime however once we get to the number 3 and multiply it by itself we find that the numbers inbetween 3 and 9 are Prime. Then we multiply those numbers by 3 and by themselves to find more Prime Numbers ( for some reason the number 9 must be included even though it is not a Prime Number to make this system work why I don’t know.

examples below

3 * 3= 9 the odd numbers inbetween 3 and 9 are the prime numbers 5 and 7



3 * 5= 15 the  odd numbers inbetween 9 and 15 are the prime numbers 11 and 13


3 * 7= 21 the odd numbers in between 15 and 21   are the prime numbers 17, and 19


5 * 5 =  25 odd numbers inbetween 21 and 25 that are Prime 23


3 * 9 = 27 the odd numbers inbetween 25 and 27 are 0


3 * 11 = 33 odd numbers inbetween 27 and 33 are 31


5 * 7 = 35 odd numbers inbetween 33 and 35 that are Prime 0


3 * 13 = 39 odd numbers inbetween 35 and 39 that are Prime 37


5 * 9 = 45 odd numbers inbetween 39 and 45 that are Prime 41 and 43


7 * 7 = 49 odd numbers inbetween 45 and 49 that are Prime 47


3 * 17 = 51 odd numbers inbetween 49 and 51 that are Prime 0


5 * 11 = 55 odd numbers inbetween 51 and 55 that are Prime 53


3 * 19 = 57 odd numbers inbetween 55 and 57 that are Prime 0


9 * 7 = 63 odd numbers inbetween 57  and 63  that are Prime 59, 61


5 *13 = 65 odd numbers inbetween 63 and 65 that are Prime 0


23 * 3 = 69 odd numbers inbetween 65 and 69 that are Prime 67


5 * 15 = 75 odd numbers inbetween 69 and 75 that are Prime 71, 73


7 * 11 = 77 odd numbers inbetween 75 and 77 that are Prime  0


9 * 9 = 81 odd numbers inbetween 77 and 81 that are Prime 79


5 * 17 =  85 odd numbers inbetween 81 and 85 that are Prime 83


29 * 3 = 87 odd numbers inbetween 85 and 87 that are Prime 0


7 *13 = 91  odd numbers inbetween 87 and 91 that are Prime 89


31 * 3 = 93 odd numbers inbetween 91 and 93 that are Prime 0


5 * 19 = 95 odd numbers inbetween 93 and 95 that are Prime 0


33 * 3 = 99 odd numbers inbetween 95 and 99 that are Prime 97


This method has a few draw backs notice below that after you multiply 5 by itself you don’t them multiply 7 by itself instead  3 * 9 gives you the smaller number that you need to find the next Primes but there is no way of knowing that ahead of time without first multiplying all the numbers realizing that fact and then place the numbers in order of smallest answer first sequentially later then looking for the odd numbers inbetween.

7 * 7 would 5 * 5 =  25 odd numbers inbetween 21 and 25 that are Prime 23


3 * 9 = 27 the odd numbers inbetween 25 and 27 are 0


3 * 11 = 33 odd numbers inbetween 27 and 33 are 31


25 equations to find all the Primes to 100 is not bad. But not as good as my first theory now that it has been reworked.


In my research on Primes finding out the answer when two Primes have been multiplied together has been mentioned in the comments of my posts perhaps because they want to break RSA encryption.

My new methods to solve Prime numbers might be only slightly faster than current ones a computer would be needed to test this however as far as solving whether 2 prime numbers were multiplied  together goes this might help them.

My first method uses dividing any Number by 3 to find Prime numbers any number ending in  .333 or .666.

it is important to remember that any time  we add 2 even numbers together we get an even number examples

2 + 2 = 4,     8 + 6 = 14

any time we add to odd numbers we get

3 + 1 = 4, 7 + 9 = 16

however any time an odd and an even number is added together we get an odd number

5 + 4 = 9,                  7 + 3 = 10

We get similar results when we Multiply 2 Prime numbers that end in .666 when divided by 3 together like 5 and 11 and you get a number that ends in .333

5 / 3 = 1.666      11 / 3 = 3.666

5 * 11 = 55,

55 / 3 = 18.333

Multiply 2 Primes  that end in .333 when divided by 3 together like 7 and 13 and you get a number that ends in .333

7 / 3 = 2.333,        13 / 3 = 4.333

7 * 13 = 91

91 / 3 = 30.333


Multiply 2 Primes that end in .333 and .666 and you get

7 * 11 = 77

77 / 3 = 25.666

If one wanted to crack a code based on two Prime Numbers being multiplied together and we knew what the result of those two Prime Numbers was then ussing this method we could cut the work to find that number by 50%.

I think the NSA might want to offer me a new computer with the latest in virus protection/s.   I am now working on a new theory to further reduce the work to find the multiples of two Prime numbers i don’t know if it will pan out.

Even better they can offer me a job:)

The problem with polling believing your own lies

By: ThingsComeUndone Thursday November 8, 2012 11:37 am

First Desire why do they want to believe their own lies

Reasons change desire Remains the same is a statement that bests describes modern polling Nate Silver excepted of course.

The Republicans, the Washington Media etc would all love to believe that America is a Center Right country and what they the 1% want is actually what the majority wants.

Why do they want this? Because if the majority of Americans do want what they want then they won’t feel guilty about being rich. Not that there is anything wrong with being rich.

But there is something wrong with being rich at the expense of others. The bank baiilout saved the 1%  but the banking crisis cost millions of jobs and caused home prices to crash for the rest of us and we have yet to get any Freakin Help!

The 1% want to assuage their guilt and fear over our anger over this by claiming that they are actually helping us, never mind the rich have been getting richer and the poor poorer since Reagan with a small break during the Clinton years.


Next reasons why the GOP and Washington Media lies failed this time


If you repeat something often enough every acts likes its true and responds accordingly at least until its shown to be false in a big public way. This is why the Tea Baggers could claim a mandate because the Media reported that they had huge crowds and public support. The Media kept on acting like the Tea Baggers mattered even when   “ the tea party is “less popular than much maligned groups like ‘atheists’ and ‘Muslims.’”


The Media and the Republicans kept on insisting that America is a Center Right Nation and that Obama needs to compromise with the Tea Bagger House of Representatives and Centerist Senators like Joe Lieberman to get things done. Never mind that Congress has had historically low approval ratings for the last few years. These numbers low poll numbers began not coincidentally after Congress started blocking Obama’s agenda


PRINCETON, NJ — Twenty-one percent of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing, higher than the 13% Gallup measured in September, and the highest rating in any month since May 2011. October 24, 2012

These facts were known for years before the election but ignored it is only now with Obama’s election that the GOP has to face publicly their biggest mistake which is believing their own lies.

If anything Obama’s biggest mistake was listening to and not standing up to the the Tea Baggers and the Media. Now then despite a historic unemployment rate no President after WW2  has ever been reelected with the Republicans lost because a majority of voters thought Mitt’s and the GOP’s ideas to fix unemployment were worse. One wonders what the vote totals would have been for Obama  if Karl Rove did not spend $103 million on this election.

Reason 2)   The GOP voter models thought that Obama won only because he was Black and that after the novelty wore off White voters would see just how wrong they were about Obama and rejoin the GOP in numbers enough to defeat Obama’s African American vote. Hispanic, Women, Gays, Younger Voters were all expected to be denied the vote, to turn around when faced with long voting lines and/or  be so stressed by the economy that they would ignore how the GOP hated Women, Gays, Hispanics etc and place their own economic welfare above others Rights

a)   Voters did not see how in hell that  that tax cuts for the rich would help Them get jobs.

b) The GOP thought that long voting lines in minority areas would depress voter turn out, instead it made people mad and enough to wait hours to vote.

The GOP thought that they could restrict the number of people voting with voter I.D laws, lies about wrong polling places, threats about voter fraud and going to jail etc. I wonder what voter turnout would have been without the GOP trying to Stop the Vote?



Reason 3) Garbage in Garbage out BradBlog’s concerns about voting machines stealing the election were laughed off by Washington Media types like Chuck Todd.  But Bush did steal the election in Florida and four years later in Ohio why should we expect this year to be different? Nobody thinks the GOP wanted to steal the election us 4 years ago with an economy about to collapse. However if you accept Chuck’s False Implied  Premise that those elections were not stolen then you cannot help but come to a false conclusion about what Minority voter turnout was for the last few elections.


4) ANONYMOUS Puts Karl Rove and American Cross Roads on Notice: We Are Watching You…Do Not Attempt To Rig The Election

Maybe just Maybe Anonymous kept Karl from stealing this election?



Will Free market forces stop natural gas fracking or will the 1% demand a tax break and loans from the government? 2

By: ThingsComeUndone Monday November 5, 2012 1:41 pm

$4 a MMBTU (million metric, or one million, BTU)  is the Break even point for fracking for Natural Gas.


In the last two weeks, prices of natural gas have lost nearly 12%, off just under 50 cents in December futures. On the lows today, my objective at $3.50 was achieved.

November 5, 2012

I find it interesting that Stock Market investors are making money betting against higher Natural Gas Prices. I find it very interesting that all the talking heads on the business channels were confident last year that natural gas producers would cut production for natural gas and therefore prices would go up.

No industry can make a profit if prices are below the break even point.

Never mind that a record melting of the Arctic Ice cap this year might mean another warm winter and that would cut demand for natural gas prices again.

Long term prospects for the industry are horrible everyone is fracking now and liquid natural gas prices for export will likely drop like a stone for decades.


On Wednesday Exxon Chief Executive Rex Tillerson broke from the previous company line that it wasn’t being hurt by natural gas prices, admitting that the Irving, Texas-based firm is among those hurting from the price slump.

“We are all losing our shirts today.” Mr. Tillerson said in a talk before the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. “We’re making no money. It’s all in the red.”

His comments mark a departure from remarks made earlier this year on how lower natural-gas prices hadn’t yet hurt the company because of its operational efficiency and low production costs. June 27, 2012,

 And the hope for higher Natural Gas prices gets worse!

Shale gas in China is an energy resource yet untapped, but is seen as having large potential.[1] China has set its companies a target of producing 30 billion cubic meters a year from shale, equivalent to almost half the country’s gas consumption in 2008

In January last year, the US Energy Information Administration estimated that India held 38 trillion cubic feet of proven natural gas reserves.

That was good enough for the needs of the nation for 29 years

Poland will produce “several” billion cubic meters of gas from shale rock by 2020, Treasury Minister Mikolaj Budzanowski said in July. The country’s recoverable shale-gas reserves amount to as much as 768 billion cubic meters, the Polish Geological Institute said in March.

Ukraine is heating up as well. TNK-BP Holding, a joint venture of BPBP.LN -0.90%PLC and a group of Russian investors, plans to invest $1.8 billion in shale projects at a half-dozen sites around Ukraine. In June, Italy’s Eni SpA E -1.21% paid an undisclosed amount for a stake in Ukraine-based LLC Westgasinvest, which holds about 1,500 square miles of land with potential shale-gas reserves. And ChevronCorp., CVX +0.74% which has acquired more than 6,250 square miles of potential shale gas leases in Central Europe since 2009, says it is working with Ukraine to negotiate a production-sharing agreement.


Our geological estimates show that Lithuania can hold 480 billion cubic meters (bcm) of shale gas reserves, with recoverable reserves at 120 bcm,” he added.

Business daily Verslo Zinios reported that Chevron Global Energy had bought 50 percent of Lithuania-registered oil company LL Investicijos, which holds a license to prospect for oil and gas at the 2,400 square kilometer Rietavas field.

All of these countries can beat American labor costs to extract natural gas. That means that Exon Mobile’s investment in shale gas in America is loosing money and will likely loose even more money in the future .


Shale gas development, an activity that scarcely existed 10 years ago, is a U.S. success story that supports more than one million American jobs and generates billions of dollars in government revenues, 09/20/2012|

However any industry as we have seen from the bank bailout that supports 1 million jobs and brings the government revenue is not likely to be allowed to fail even if it is loosing money.

Talk about exports of Liquid Natural Gas making Shale Gas wells more profitable in the future  are a dream given all of the shale gas expected to be drilled internationally.

Japan now has 2 nuclear plants going and is building huge wind mills to provide more power Japan’s Nuclear plants being offline was the reason why Liquid Natural Gas prices were so high this year as Japan gets more power online from Nuclear and Wind sources demand for liquid  Natural Gas should drop short term. Another warm winter will make Natural Gas Prices short term.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Chesapeake has raised $6.4 billion since 2007 by signing oil and gas production deals with a number of banks. Those deals are essentially debts that Chesapeake must repay with oil and natural gas. The Journal said the full cost of meeting those obligations over the next 10 years wasn’t disclosed.


Exxon’s $26 billion acquisition of XTO Energy

Exxon, Chesapeake and the banks loaning Chesapeake will need a bailout. Even Exxon can’t buy a company for $26 Billion then lose money on it for years.

Why does China get to find out what is the secret of Fracking Fluid but the EPA is not allowed to know?

By: ThingsComeUndone Monday November 5, 2012 11:26 am


Why does China get to find out what is the secret of Fracking Fluid but the EPA is not allowed to know?

In November 2009, US President Barack Obama agreed to share US gas-shale technology with China, and to promote US investment in Chinese shale-gas development.[4] Given widespread interest among international oil companies to invest in shale gas extraction in China, it is possible that shale gas could account for as much as 5% of the nation’s gas production by 2020.[5]

According to a GAO report:

[T]he EPA is often unable to evaluate alleged water contamination because investigators lack information about the water quality before the fracking occurred.

As Mother Jones reports:

The Environmental Protection Agency cannot regulate fracking in order to protect groundwater, because in 2005 Congress exempted fracking from the Safe Drinking Water Act, which controls how industries inject substances underground.

The gas companies get to keep the chemicals dumped during fracking underground a secret because they are worried about other companies stealing their trade secret fracking fluid formulas.

This Secret Fracking Fluid recipe is so secret even the American EPA can’t know what it is, so it must be super valuable right?  However China, a country that on a regular basis steals our high tech trade secrets, is allowed to know? Doesn’t telling a country that on a regular basis steals our high tech secrets defeat the whole purpose of keeping the secret of fracking fluid a secret? This makes no sense whats so ever.

So why can’t the EPA and the American people know what’s in it? Unless of course the whole argument that Fracking Fluid is a trade secret was not really about protecting a trade secret but rather about avoiding lawsuits about fracking fluid contaminating the water table.