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The problem with polling believing your own lies

By: ThingsComeUndone Thursday November 8, 2012 11:37 am

First Desire why do they want to believe their own lies

Reasons change desire Remains the same is a statement that bests describes modern polling Nate Silver excepted of course.

The Republicans, the Washington Media etc would all love to believe that America is a Center Right country and what they the 1% want is actually what the majority wants.

Why do they want this? Because if the majority of Americans do want what they want then they won’t feel guilty about being rich. Not that there is anything wrong with being rich.

But there is something wrong with being rich at the expense of others. The bank baiilout saved the 1%  but the banking crisis cost millions of jobs and caused home prices to crash for the rest of us and we have yet to get any Freakin Help!

The 1% want to assuage their guilt and fear over our anger over this by claiming that they are actually helping us, never mind the rich have been getting richer and the poor poorer since Reagan with a small break during the Clinton years.


Next reasons why the GOP and Washington Media lies failed this time


If you repeat something often enough every acts likes its true and responds accordingly at least until its shown to be false in a big public way. This is why the Tea Baggers could claim a mandate because the Media reported that they had huge crowds and public support. The Media kept on acting like the Tea Baggers mattered even when   “ the tea party is “less popular than much maligned groups like ‘atheists’ and ‘Muslims.’”


The Media and the Republicans kept on insisting that America is a Center Right Nation and that Obama needs to compromise with the Tea Bagger House of Representatives and Centerist Senators like Joe Lieberman to get things done. Never mind that Congress has had historically low approval ratings for the last few years. These numbers low poll numbers began not coincidentally after Congress started blocking Obama’s agenda


PRINCETON, NJ — Twenty-one percent of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing, higher than the 13% Gallup measured in September, and the highest rating in any month since May 2011. October 24, 2012

These facts were known for years before the election but ignored it is only now with Obama’s election that the GOP has to face publicly their biggest mistake which is believing their own lies.

If anything Obama’s biggest mistake was listening to and not standing up to the the Tea Baggers and the Media. Now then despite a historic unemployment rate no President after WW2  has ever been reelected with the Republicans lost because a majority of voters thought Mitt’s and the GOP’s ideas to fix unemployment were worse. One wonders what the vote totals would have been for Obama  if Karl Rove did not spend $103 million on this election.

Reason 2)   The GOP voter models thought that Obama won only because he was Black and that after the novelty wore off White voters would see just how wrong they were about Obama and rejoin the GOP in numbers enough to defeat Obama’s African American vote. Hispanic, Women, Gays, Younger Voters were all expected to be denied the vote, to turn around when faced with long voting lines and/or  be so stressed by the economy that they would ignore how the GOP hated Women, Gays, Hispanics etc and place their own economic welfare above others Rights

a)   Voters did not see how in hell that  that tax cuts for the rich would help Them get jobs.

b) The GOP thought that long voting lines in minority areas would depress voter turn out, instead it made people mad and enough to wait hours to vote.

The GOP thought that they could restrict the number of people voting with voter I.D laws, lies about wrong polling places, threats about voter fraud and going to jail etc. I wonder what voter turnout would have been without the GOP trying to Stop the Vote?



Reason 3) Garbage in Garbage out BradBlog’s concerns about voting machines stealing the election were laughed off by Washington Media types like Chuck Todd.  But Bush did steal the election in Florida and four years later in Ohio why should we expect this year to be different? Nobody thinks the GOP wanted to steal the election us 4 years ago with an economy about to collapse. However if you accept Chuck’s False Implied  Premise that those elections were not stolen then you cannot help but come to a false conclusion about what Minority voter turnout was for the last few elections.


4) ANONYMOUS Puts Karl Rove and American Cross Roads on Notice: We Are Watching You…Do Not Attempt To Rig The Election

Maybe just Maybe Anonymous kept Karl from stealing this election?




Will Free market forces stop natural gas fracking or will the 1% demand a tax break and loans from the government? 2

By: ThingsComeUndone Monday November 5, 2012 1:41 pm

$4 a MMBTU (million metric, or one million, BTU)  is the Break even point for fracking for Natural Gas.


In the last two weeks, prices of natural gas have lost nearly 12%, off just under 50 cents in December futures. On the lows today, my objective at $3.50 was achieved.

November 5, 2012

I find it interesting that Stock Market investors are making money betting against higher Natural Gas Prices. I find it very interesting that all the talking heads on the business channels were confident last year that natural gas producers would cut production for natural gas and therefore prices would go up.

No industry can make a profit if prices are below the break even point.

Never mind that a record melting of the Arctic Ice cap this year might mean another warm winter and that would cut demand for natural gas prices again.

Long term prospects for the industry are horrible everyone is fracking now and liquid natural gas prices for export will likely drop like a stone for decades.


On Wednesday Exxon Chief Executive Rex Tillerson broke from the previous company line that it wasn’t being hurt by natural gas prices, admitting that the Irving, Texas-based firm is among those hurting from the price slump.

“We are all losing our shirts today.” Mr. Tillerson said in a talk before the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. “We’re making no money. It’s all in the red.”

His comments mark a departure from remarks made earlier this year on how lower natural-gas prices hadn’t yet hurt the company because of its operational efficiency and low production costs. June 27, 2012,

 And the hope for higher Natural Gas prices gets worse!

Shale gas in China is an energy resource yet untapped, but is seen as having large potential.[1] China has set its companies a target of producing 30 billion cubic meters a year from shale, equivalent to almost half the country’s gas consumption in 2008

In January last year, the US Energy Information Administration estimated that India held 38 trillion cubic feet of proven natural gas reserves.

That was good enough for the needs of the nation for 29 years

Poland will produce “several” billion cubic meters of gas from shale rock by 2020, Treasury Minister Mikolaj Budzanowski said in July. The country’s recoverable shale-gas reserves amount to as much as 768 billion cubic meters, the Polish Geological Institute said in March.

Ukraine is heating up as well. TNK-BP Holding, a joint venture of BPBP.LN -0.90%PLC and a group of Russian investors, plans to invest $1.8 billion in shale projects at a half-dozen sites around Ukraine. In June, Italy’s Eni SpA E -1.21% paid an undisclosed amount for a stake in Ukraine-based LLC Westgasinvest, which holds about 1,500 square miles of land with potential shale-gas reserves. And ChevronCorp., CVX +0.74% which has acquired more than 6,250 square miles of potential shale gas leases in Central Europe since 2009, says it is working with Ukraine to negotiate a production-sharing agreement.


Our geological estimates show that Lithuania can hold 480 billion cubic meters (bcm) of shale gas reserves, with recoverable reserves at 120 bcm,” he added.

Business daily Verslo Zinios reported that Chevron Global Energy had bought 50 percent of Lithuania-registered oil company LL Investicijos, which holds a license to prospect for oil and gas at the 2,400 square kilometer Rietavas field.

All of these countries can beat American labor costs to extract natural gas. That means that Exon Mobile’s investment in shale gas in America is loosing money and will likely loose even more money in the future .


Shale gas development, an activity that scarcely existed 10 years ago, is a U.S. success story that supports more than one million American jobs and generates billions of dollars in government revenues, 09/20/2012|

However any industry as we have seen from the bank bailout that supports 1 million jobs and brings the government revenue is not likely to be allowed to fail even if it is loosing money.

Talk about exports of Liquid Natural Gas making Shale Gas wells more profitable in the future  are a dream given all of the shale gas expected to be drilled internationally.

Japan now has 2 nuclear plants going and is building huge wind mills to provide more power Japan’s Nuclear plants being offline was the reason why Liquid Natural Gas prices were so high this year as Japan gets more power online from Nuclear and Wind sources demand for liquid  Natural Gas should drop short term. Another warm winter will make Natural Gas Prices short term.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Chesapeake has raised $6.4 billion since 2007 by signing oil and gas production deals with a number of banks. Those deals are essentially debts that Chesapeake must repay with oil and natural gas. The Journal said the full cost of meeting those obligations over the next 10 years wasn’t disclosed.


Exxon’s $26 billion acquisition of XTO Energy

Exxon, Chesapeake and the banks loaning Chesapeake will need a bailout. Even Exxon can’t buy a company for $26 Billion then lose money on it for years.

Why does China get to find out what is the secret of Fracking Fluid but the EPA is not allowed to know?

By: ThingsComeUndone Monday November 5, 2012 11:26 am


Why does China get to find out what is the secret of Fracking Fluid but the EPA is not allowed to know?

In November 2009, US President Barack Obama agreed to share US gas-shale technology with China, and to promote US investment in Chinese shale-gas development.[4] Given widespread interest among international oil companies to invest in shale gas extraction in China, it is possible that shale gas could account for as much as 5% of the nation’s gas production by 2020.[5]

According to a GAO report:

[T]he EPA is often unable to evaluate alleged water contamination because investigators lack information about the water quality before the fracking occurred.

As Mother Jones reports:

The Environmental Protection Agency cannot regulate fracking in order to protect groundwater, because in 2005 Congress exempted fracking from the Safe Drinking Water Act, which controls how industries inject substances underground.

The gas companies get to keep the chemicals dumped during fracking underground a secret because they are worried about other companies stealing their trade secret fracking fluid formulas.

This Secret Fracking Fluid recipe is so secret even the American EPA can’t know what it is, so it must be super valuable right?  However China, a country that on a regular basis steals our high tech trade secrets, is allowed to know? Doesn’t telling a country that on a regular basis steals our high tech secrets defeat the whole purpose of keeping the secret of fracking fluid a secret? This makes no sense whats so ever.

So why can’t the EPA and the American people know what’s in it? Unless of course the whole argument that Fracking Fluid is a trade secret was not really about protecting a trade secret but rather about avoiding lawsuits about fracking fluid contaminating the water table.

Arctic Sea ice melting it worse than we thought

By: ThingsComeUndone Thursday October 18, 2012 12:18 pm

Yes Arctic Sea ice is at record lows never seen before.

Yes the experts have been wrong about how fast would Global Warming happen every year since I was in High School and their projections are always getting updated and worse. But take a look at this newest Prediction.


Peter Wadhams, who leads the Polar Ocean Physics Group at the University of Cambridge, has predicted since 2008 that the Arctic ice could be gone in summer by 2015. He now believes there’s a chance that it could happen even sooner.

If the North Pole Melts completely water absorbs more than 90% of the sun’s heat ice however reflects 80-90% of the sun’s heat. During the summer the North Pole gets several weeks of 24 hour daylight this will increase global warming.


In June, the Arctic ice cap covers around 2% of the Earth’s surface – around 11 million square kilometers of Arctic ice cap out of a total of 510 million square kilometers of Earth’s land and oceans. And that 2% of the Earth’s surface, for a period of roughly two months, receives more solar energy per day than even the sunniest areas on the equator.

Analyzing this, Peter Wadhams of the Global Oceans Physics Program at Cambridge calculates that the loss of the Arctic ice throughout the summer would have a warming effect roughly equivalent to all human activity to date. That is to say, with the ice gone in summer, the planet would have an additional heating effect just as large as the heating effect of all human CO2 and other greenhouse gasses to date.

 The sea bed beneath the shallower parts of the Arctic Ocean holds anywhere up to another 10 trillion tons of carbon trapped in a semi-frozen state called methane hydrates.

By contrast, all human CO2 emissions over the last century amount to only 1.1 trillion tons of carbon. The permafrost carbon, alone, could exceed the effect of all human burning of fossil fuels. The Arctic Sea bed deposits are close to ten times all carbon humans have released. What’s worse is that much of that carbon will end up released as methane (CH4) instead of carbon dioxide (CO2).

A molecule of methane absorbs traps roughly a hundred times as much heat as a molecule of carbon dioxide. Fortunately, methane degrades quickly in the atmosphere, lasting on average for around 10 years before being converted into CO2, which can last for a hundred years or more. Even so, over the course of a century, a molecule of methane released today will have 25 to 30 times the heating impact of a molecule of CO2 released today.

If even 10% of the northern permafrost’s buried carbon were released as methane, it would have a heating effect over the next decade equivalent to ten times all human greenhouse emissions to date, and over the next century equivalent to roughly four times all human greenhouse emissions to date.

If the North Pole is ice free in the summer then the frozen methane on the ocean’s floor that is already melting will start melting at a faster rate pretty soon we maybe asking if Global Warming continues will the earth be to hot for humans in 100 years.




Fuel cells another example of why we need more government

By: ThingsComeUndone Thursday October 18, 2012 11:08 am

We have several new fuel cell technologies that will be described below.  Our private enterprise system is not exploiting these new technologies why invest money for a bigger payday later on when you can do nothing and keep collecting money now seems to be the big three car makers attitude.

Since Private Enterprise or Capitalism is inherently lazy the Tucker car,  the way the big three ignored fuel injection, fought against air bags, hybrid cars, GM killing the electric car all come to mind of examples of just the  big three car makers being lazy since they won’t do the job Government must step in now.

Because we can’t afford not to be the first to have large scale production of fuel cell cars when oil prices are sky high and likely to go even higher in the future. Imagine if Japan or the EU begins large scale production of Fuel cell cars before we do just how many automotive jobs would be lost?

First Government must test all the new cheaper non-platinum catalysts for fuel cells and see what is cheapest, provides the most power,  the longest fuel cell life and is easiest to manufacture.

Second we need to set a government standard for fuel cells so economies of scale can be realized. No more having independent parts makers make parts for a GM car then have to shut down and retool to make the same part just a different size for Ford and then do the same thing for Chrysler, Toyota etc. If all new cars are using fuel cells then the size can be standardized and adjusted only for the size of the car.

Third we need hydrogen refueling stations and plants to separate hydrogen from water.

Below is a list of links of new fuel cell tech

Fuel Cells cost too much you say?
Albuquerque’s Verge Fund is betting $1 million on a new catalyst for hydrogen fuel cells that could cut production costs by ten fold or more.
Pajarito’s technology is based on breakthroughs at the University of New Mexico, Michigan State University and Los Alamos National Laboratories. All three have developed non-platinum catalysts that include polymer and metals, such as iron and cobalt, to initiate the chemical reactions that make hydrogen fuel cells work 
If production costs get just as low as the cost of current car engines then the cost of making fuel cell cars should not be a problem.

But what about the cost of Fuel also hydrogen has storage issues  ( you can’t compress enough hydrogen to fit in your gas tank to drive far). Not a problem! Hydrnol is a molecule that when added to hydrogen makes hydrogen inert in your gas tank and lets you compress hydrogen more! Hydrnol is also
–Cost Effective with Oil at

According to the International Monetary Fund, a $10-a-barrel increase in the price of oil reduces U.S. GDP growth by 0.5 percentage points.


Crude Oil and Commodity Prices
October, Thursday 18 2012 – 14:04:45
WTI Crude Oil


We can increase GDP more than a full percentage point if we go hydrogen!

To build a business model for line haul, coast-to-coast, zero emission big rig trucking — there are three major obstacles to overcome. Hydrnol is the solution to two of those obstacles.”

The first obstacle is getting a meaningful amount of hydrogen on board the truck.  Current commercially viable technologies limit that amount to approximately 40 KG of compressed hydrogen, which effectively limits the range to a maximum of 400 miles in drayage applications. Hydrnol solves this problem by allowing Vision’s trucks to carry 110 KG of hydrogen in an easy to handle liquid format, thereby providing up to 1,100 miles in drayage application or a 650 mile range at highway speeds.
Since Hydrnol is an easy-to-handle liquid, an infrastructure roll-out utilizing existing fueling equipment is very straightforward. Installing Hydrnol storage and dispensing infrastructure at an existing truck stop is estimated at $200,000 to $300,000 per station. Therefore, a 300 station, nationwide Hydrnol infrastructure rollout, accessing 13.2% of the U.S. transportation fuel marketplace can be completed for less than $100 million.


Water provides an ideal source of pure hydrogen — abundant and free of harmful greenhouse gas byproducts. The electrolysis of water, or splitting water (H2O) into oxygen (O2) and hydrogen (H2), requires external electricity and an efficient catalyst to break chemical bonds while shifting around protons and electrons. To justify the effort, the amount of energy put into the reaction must be as small as possible while still exceeding the minimum required by thermodynamics, a figure associated with what is called overpotential.
The new catalyst performs nearly as well as platinum, achieving electrocatalytic activity and stability unmatched by any other non-noble metal compounds. “The production process is both simple and scalable,” Muckerman said, “making nickel-molybdenum-nitride appropriate for wide industrial applications.”
While this catalyst does not represent a complete solution to the challenge of creating affordable hydrogen gas, it does offer a major reduction in the cost of essential equipment.


If Germany is to meet its ambitious goals of getting a third of its electricity from renewable energy by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050, it must find a way to store huge quantities of electricity in order to make up for the intermittency of renewable energy.

Siemens says it has just the technology: electrolyzer plants, each the size of a large warehouse, that split water to make hydrogen gas. The hydrogen could be used when the wind isn’t blowing to generate electricity in gas-fired power plants, or it could be used to fuel cars.

We can use wind power like the Germans do to store hydrogen to run fuel cells.  We can build the new  cheaper non-platinum fuel cells and do what the Germans are doing now cheaper. When you factor in the costs of pollution on health. The cost of global warming and the cost of our wars for oil then Hydrogen Fuel cells are much cheaper than oil. Current estimates on the costs of fuel cells do not factor in these costs.

In a groundbreaking article to be released this month in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Dr. Paul Epstein, associate director of the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School, details the economic, health and environmental costs associated with each stage in the life cycle of coal — extraction, transportation, processing, and combustion.  These costs, between a third to over half a trillion dollars annually, are directly passed on to the public.

1/3 of a trillion dollars a year is a lot of money with fuel cells the only by product is water, clean water if millions of American cars start emitting clean water from their tailpipes places with lots of rain like Portland OR will get even rainer. Places like Death Valley will stop being deserts if there is a major road near by. Plants will grow better and millions will live longer lives thus making funding of Social Security a bigger issue next election.

In October 2011, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said the government will spend at least 1 trillion yen ($13 billion

$ 13 billion is a of money if America has a nuclear disaster like Japan all that money will come from tax payers.

The most recent major report on these costs come from Brown University in the form of the Costs of War project,[1] which said the total for wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan is at least $3.2-4 trillion.[2

_War#U.S._  war_co

I remember when Bush sold us on the war with Iraq and people were saying war with Iraq would lower oil prices with hydrogen fuel cells we would not be dependent on oil anymore we would never need to start a war for oil.


Do we really have a National debt problem? Hell yes we are not spending enough!

By: ThingsComeUndone Tuesday October 16, 2012 8:23 am

Mitt wants to cut government spending, even as he increases military spending just to give the rich a tax cut.  Obama seems open to the idea of cutting Social Security but not giving the rich a tax cut because both parties agree  the National Debt is just too damm big.

Both Parties and the News Media in deciding that the National Debt is to big betray their lack of education ( obviously they did not go to public school) Historically the National Debt was bigger during the Great Depression and WW2  in fact we increased long term government spending during the Great Depression and WW2 and the result was the best economy America ever had!

debt held by the public as a share of GDP peaked just after World War II (113% of GDP in 1945), but then fell over the next 30 years.
At the end of September 2012, debt held by the public was approximately $11.311 trillion or about 72% of GDP.

So then despite dealing with  the largest National Debt as a percent of GDP ever FDR had better unemployment numbers than Obama has now.

In  1932 we had a 24.2% unemployment a year before FDR took office. 20.1% unemployment in 1935 2 years into FDR’s Presidency FDR had a 3.1 % drop in unemployment.
Obama had 15.1% U-6 unemployment rate right when he took office and now has as of Sept a 14.7% U-6 unemployment rate resulting in a .4% drop since he took office.

It seems obvious then that  Obama must spend like FDR to create jobs like FDR. There is no Real World evidence that cutting taxes on the rich and  cutting Government Regulations on business will create jobs. If anything the Bush years have shown us jobs drop when you do these things.

FDR also created Social Security, Crop Subsidy payments, Rural Electrification etc all of these were long term costs that we had to keep paying even after we stopped spending money on WW 2 but still the National Debt dropped, unemployment dropped and wages rose.

So then I do not want to hear Mitt, Ryan or Obama talk about cutting SS or any government spending except military spending and more bank bailouts. FDR’s Keynesian plan to get the economy moving by having the Government spend money worked in the Real World Obama’s plan is like artificial vanilla in a cake close but does not get the job done. Mitt’s plan is artificial sugar in a cake tastes worse and gives you cancer.

We do not need Obama to backslide anymore on ideas that work in the  Real World because he wants to compromise, be bipartisan and have the Natioanl Press write gushing columns about how Serious Obama is about the National Debt.


The First thing we need to do is raise taxes on the rich to the levels FDR did if we are serious about creating jobs and not just saying stuff to get elected.

 During the war he pushed for even higher income tax rates for individuals (reaching a marginal tax rate of 91%) and corporations and a cap on high salaries for executives. He also issued Executive Order 9250 in October 1942, later to be rescinded by Congress, which raised the marginal tax rate for salaries exceeding $25,000 (after tax) to 100%, thereby limiting salaries to $25,000 (about $356,000 today)

If we look at the lowest tax states we notice that wages, poverty levels, life expectancy, education all lag the highest tax states. Unemployment is lower in the low tax states yes but just who would want lower pay, a shorter lifespan and bad schools for their kids just for a better chance to have a McJob?

Lower taxes on the rich do not result in a better society than the high tax states have. Also I think FDR’s idea about a cap on CEO pay idea should be tried out given FDR’s record of success in the Real World Economy creating good paying jobs we should at least try his idea.

Next step we increase government spending to create jobs good paying jobs creating stuff that we can expect a  good return to society from our investment.

Not all spending is created equal some spending will give us a good return on our money like spending on schools and healthcare. Some spending like the bank bailout  just keeps the banks gambling. Some spending like  Military spending has delivered what? exactly as an economic  benefit to America? Lower oil Prices? a stable Middle East? Has the trillions spent on war in Iraq and Afghanistan created any net gain in jobs in America?

Yes there are many jobs making weapons but when we look at all the money spent on war and then we look at how long we have been spending money on war we notice that we have less jobs per capita  at lower wages than we did before we started spending money on  the wars.

In the Real World we look at the big picture and Greater and Less than, less jobs despite trillions in war spending means War Spending does not always create more jobs.

Next to be smart about spending we need more government regulation to create jobs and not less for example food regulations save money in the Real World.


United States
In the United States, using FoodNet data from 2000–2007, the CDCP estimated there were 47.8 million foodborne illnesses (16,000 cases for 100,000 inhabitants): [39]

127,839 were hospitalized (43 per 100,000 inhabitants);
3,037 people died (1.0 per 100,000 inhabitants.).
In France, for 750,000 cases (1,210 per 100,000 inhabitants):

70,000 people consulted in the emergency department of an hospital (113 per 100,000 inhabitants.);
113,000 people were hospitalized (24 per 100,000 inhabitants);
400 people died (0.9 per 100,000 inhabitants).

Your odds of getting food poisoning and going to the hospital are almost double in low food regulation America rather than high food regulation France but once you get to the hospital your thankfully only a tenth of a percent more likely to die in America than France. Still nearly twice the hospitalization rate means twice the health care expenses and healthcare in America is much more expensive than France.

Next we need more government regulation of the workplace not less to create jobs.

In the EU, for instance, 150 million workdays are lost each year due to work accidents, and the insurance costs to be borne by industry add up to 20 billion. And American businesses spend US$170.9 billion a year on costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses.–en/index.htm

The EU has tons more worker safety regulations than America does Obama and the GOP both call Government regulation job killers. So lets look at the math  $20 billion vs 170.9 billion for an as of  2010  EU population of about 501.26 million people. America in contrast has 311 million people, but we have over 8 times the cost of workplace safety injuries?  WTF!!!  Someone pays for these injuries, the lost time at work, etc whether it is private insurance or the government somebody always pays and in a  closed system in the end that person is all of us.

Next we need to save money not settling on Obamacare or going a step backward with Mitt’s plan we need the savings only National Healthcare and drug price controls can bring.

the United States spent more on health care per capita ($7,146), and more on health care as percentage of its GDP (15.2%), than any other nation in 2008.
On March 1, 2010, billionaire investor Warren Buffett said that the high costs paid by U.S. companies for their employees’ health care put them at a competitive disadvantage. He compared the roughly 17% of GDP spent by the U.S. on health care with the 9% of GDP spent by much of the rest of the world, noted that the U.S. has fewer doctors and nurses per person, and said, “[t]hat kind of a cost, compared with the rest of the world, is like a tapeworm eating at our economic body.”[50]

Imagine if we had National Healthcare, and drug price controls  an  8% increase in GDP that is now spent on healthcare could be spent by consumers to boost the economy and create jobs!

First we identify the problem rich guys want to pay less taxes and want to cut government spending even Social Security to do it.

Next we identify the lies they try and use to sell us their plan. Tax cuts will create jobs! More Military spending will create jobs!

Then we offer a solution based on what FDR did in a much worse economy. FDR’s solution worked we point out better than Obama’s ideas have in similar points in their Presidencies. As an aside we point out that Mitt’s ideas have never worked in the Real World.

Description of the Problem, debate/ knocking down GOP talking points, Solution to problem. Now then how can we get Lefty Ideas a mention in the corporate media.

Social Darwinism or My Brothers Keeper what strategy works best in the Real World?

By: ThingsComeUndone Wednesday September 12, 2012 12:47 pm

My theory is that the states that gave Senator John McCain his biggest margin of victory are the states where Conservative ideas about government are practiced the most at the local level. The States that gave President Obama his biggest margin of victory are the states that practice Lefty ideas the most at the local level.


McCain’s biggest margin of victory states   Obama’s biggest margin of victory states

Oklahoma 65.65                                      Hawaii 71.85

Wyoming 64.78                                       Vermont 67.44

Utah 62.58                                               Rhode Island 63.13

Idaho 61.53                                             New York 62.88

Alabama 60.32                                        Delaware 61.94

Alaska 59.42                                          Illinois 61.92

Arkansas 58.72                                       Maryland 61.92

Louisiana 58.56                                       Massachusetts 61.80

Kentucky 57.40                                       California 61.01

Tennessee 56.90                                    Connecticut 60.59,_2008


By Conservative ideas I mean Social Darwinism ( Everyone should try to rise themselves up by their bootstraps and those who can’t get left behind). Although as I will show later in another diary that  Conservatives talk a great game but in reality just  want government checks.


By Lefty Ideas I mean exactly what that Commie Sandal Wearing long Haired Socialist JC said


That Commie Socialist Left Jesus Christ once said

That which you do onto others is that which You do onto Me



Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:

35 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:

36 Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.

37 Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink?

38 When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee?

39 Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee?

40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

42 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink:

43 I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.

44 Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?

45 Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.

46 And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.


Now then economic theories are all fun to argue about but how do these theories work in the Real World?

Now then how do these states rate as far as income?

States ranked by median household income

45 Oklahoma Red  $41,664           5 Hawaii Blue $64,098

19 Wyoming Red $52,664              20 Vermont Blue $51,618

14 Utah Red $55,117                     16 Rhode Island Blue $54,119

37 Idaho Red $44,926                    15 New York Blue $54,659

46 Alabama Red $40,489               10 Delaware Blue $56,860

4 Alaska Red $66,953                     17 Illinois Blue $53,966

48 Arkansas Red $37,823               1 Maryland Blue $69,272

41 Louisiana Red $42,492               6 Massachusetts Blue $64,081

47 Kentucky Red $40,072                9 California Blue $58,931

44 Tennessee Red $41,725              3 Connecticut Blue $67,034


Notice the top ten Red States have 6 members in the 10 lowest median household income club and one member of the top ten highest median household income club.


The top ten blue states however have 5 members in the top ten highest median household income club and no members in the 10 lowest median household income club.


Conclusion helping your neighbor is actually helping yourself in the long run. This is a fact that JC should have mentioned in the Bible. But it takes Science and Statistics for us to prove why we should help each other as the Bible says.

It should be noted that while Social Darwinism claims that it is a science there is no Real World proof that it works quite the contrary.

Mexican Drug Gang Zetas trained at the School for the America’s

By: ThingsComeUndone Friday August 24, 2012 1:29 pm

The Zetas, hired assassins for the Gulf Cartel, feature 31 ex-soldiers once part of an elite division of the Mexican army – the Special Air Mobile Force Group. At least one-third of this battalion’s deserters was trained at the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Ga., according to documents from the Mexican secretary of defense.

Why should we care

MEXICO CITY — A split in the leadership of Mexico’s violent Zetas cartel has led to the rise of Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, a man so feared that one rival has called for a grand alliance to confront a gang chief blamed for a new round of bloodshed in the country’s once relatively tranquil central states.

When ever there is a split in the gangs there is a gang war with even more death.


The new data, released this week by Mexico’s statistics and geography institute, show that 27,199 people were killed in Mexico last year — or 24 homicides per 100,000 people. The rate in 2007 was 8 per 100,000. Last year it was 23 per 100,000.

Mexico still compares favorably to a number of other Latin American countries that have also been destabilized by drug cartels and gang violence. In 2010, Honduras suffered 82.1 homicides per 100,000 residents. In Colombia that year, the homicide rate stood at 33.4 per 100,000,

I expect these numbers to go up.

But…but the drug war is worth it if we give up the drug war America will be filled with cheap cocaine.


$177.26. That is the retail price, according to Drug Enforcement Administration data, of one gram of pure cocaine from your typical local pusher. That is 74 percent cheaper than it was 30 years ago.

A 74% reduction in price means the drug war is a success? Maybe its time to declare”Mission Accomplished ” and go back home.

Despite cutting Social Security and Medicare because we lacked the money in the budget Obama found $25 billion dollars for the war on drugs.

In 2010 Obama spent $15.5 billion thats a $14.5 billion increase for a government policy  who’s stated goal of stopping drugs has actually decreased the price of drugs 74%.


The incarceration rate in the United States of America is the highest in the world. As of 2009, the incarceration rate was 743 per 100,000 of national population (0.743%).[2] In comparison, Russia had the second highest, at 577 per 100,000,

One cannot help but wonder if the real purpose of the drug war is to keep African Americans and Hispanics from voting and to make politicians rich by investing in the private prison industry. The Private Prison Industry spends about $45 million a year lobbying just for stricter immigration laws.

A decade ago, just 10 percent of the beds in the nation’s civil detention system were in private facilities with little federal oversight. Now, about half the beds are part of a sprawling, private system, largely controlled by just three companies: Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), The GEO Group, and Management and Training Corp.

CCA was on the verge of bankruptcy in 2000… last year, the company reaped $162 million in net income. Federal contracts made up 43 percent of its total revenues, in part thanks to rising immigrant detention.

GEO, which cites the immigration agency as its largest client, saw its net income jump from $16.9 million to $78.6 million since 2000.

Buying Congress and the WH seems to be a very good investment strategy.


On a side note look at the murder rate for the countries below with the exception of Venezuela who’s numbers I think are spiked by the CIA spreading cash to destabilize the government. Lefty countries in South America tend to have lower murder rates than Countries that accept American Military and or Anti Drug money and weapons.

I might crunch the numbers in a later post but it seems they have better economies too.

UNODC murder rates most recent year (full table here)
Country Rate Count Region Subregion
 Venezuela 45.1
 Cuba 5.0 5
 Haiti 6.9 6
 Dominican Republic 25.0 2513


 United States 4.2 12996 Americas Northern America
 Argentina 3.4 1360 Americas South America
 Bolivia 8.9 884 Americas South America
 Brazil 21.0 40974 Americas South America
 Chile 3.2 541 Americas South America
 Colombia 33.4 15459+


 Belize 41.4 129 Americas Central America
 Costa Rica 11.3 527 Americas Central America
 El Salvador 69.2 4308 Americas Central America
 Guatemala 38.5 5681 Americas Central America
 Honduras 91.6 7104 Americas Central America
 Mexico 22.7 25757+ Americas Central America
 Nicaragua 13.6 785 Americas Central America
 Panama 21.6 759