Early voting here in the Peach State is proceeding at an impressive rate. Early voting has been open since September 27th, with only one early voting site open in each county. Today is the first day of the “second phase” (my term) of early voting, when some counties open the rest of their early voting sites for this last week of early voting.

Cobb County (part of the Atlanta metro area) moved from one to five early voting sites, and I went to the one at the East Cobb Government Center. Voting began at 8:00 and by the time I got into line at 8:30, there were at least 400 people ahead of me, and possibly more. The line made a strange loop back into the side parking lot before it came back out in front of the building and down the grassy area between the street and the parking lot, so I did not get a good view of exactly how many were ahead of me.

The sheriff’s department was not only controlling traffic for those crossing the street from parking at the church or post office, they were also working to manage the line. They seemed a bit