The Chinese are going to bid for the contract to build the U.S. high speed rail system. "China has built 4,000 miles (6,500 kilometers) of high-speed rail for its own train system and President Barack Obama issued a pledge in November with his Chinese counterpart, Hu Jintao, to cooperate in developing the technology.

"We are organizing relevant companies to participate in bidding for U.S. high-speed railways," Wang Zhiguo, a deputy railways minister, told a news conference."

China Wants US Rail Project

OK, we won’t discuss why the president made that statement to the Chinese (considering the amount of intellectual property that has probably been sucked up by the well-organized hacking operations in China over the past several years, I’m not sure we really have to "cooperate" in order to develop the technology since they’ve probably stolen it electronically already, but I digress), but I’d like to offer a suggestion to anyone looking for a reason to write their Congress critters:

1) The Chinese have not awarded a non-Chinese company any contracts for any of their big infrastructure projects. Not wind energy, not high speed rail, not roads, nuthin. Remember – they have national industrial policy and it is NOT to give any other country’s companies any opportunities in China. As a matter of fact, U.S. wind energy companies who tried to participate in the bidding for that system complain that the Chinese gave contracts to companies that were created expressly for the purpose of bidding – that were brand new, had no experience or technology in wind energy to offer, but had the one thing that counted: they were Chinese.

2) If we give the Chinese the contract for this – not only with U.S. taxpayer dollars leave the country, but we have no guarantee that anything will be built here. Shipped here, certainly but not built here.

3) This will probably be the biggest (and perhaps the last) big rail project that the U.S. will ever see. We have companies in this country in that business, whether it’s for rail engines, rail cars, or steel.
US Companies Want In On Rail

Some of the companies are like GE, which builds locomotives and already is ramping up to build a new engine that can reach high rates of speed. We have rail car companies (some U.S.-owned; some like Alstom and Bombardier which are French-owned) which already are building and also ramping up. If the United States is ever going to save its industrial (and, shall we also point out, union-supported middle class jobs) infrastructure, this project is the cornerstone. The Chinese don’t need this project – they are already building rail systems in places such as Turkey. We actually do need this project and we need to support the advancement of U.S. industrial infrastructure to do it.

So, I’m writing to Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, and my Congressman – how about you?